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WRITING the 9th form (the 1st term)

Про матеріал
Матеріал для контролю письма у 9 класі по темам "Навколишнє середовище" та "Наука і технічний прогрес" , Future Simple Passive Voice.
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                                                                  TEST 9

I.Translate the word combinations into Ukrainian.

1. Water pollution                             7. Portable

2. Recycling                                        8. Download

3. Endangered species                     9.  Keyboard

4. Nature Reserve                          10. Surf the Internet

5. Waste                                           11. Inventor

6. Throw away                                12. Sound signal

II.Choose the correct item to complete the sentences: which/where, that/what.

1.It’s the city in which/where the worst environmental problems in the country exist.

2.That/What they told us about Christmas in Ukraine.

3.Everything that/what I read about Ascania-Nova was interesting.

4.This is the place which/where archeological finds started.

5.Anything that/what he says is bound to be rubbish.

6.That’s the town which/where I was born.

III.Put the verbs in baskets in the Future Simple Passive.

1.Your feelings (to analyse) by sensors in your mobile phone.

2. Everything about you (to monitor).

3.The kitchen robot (to set up) to make your tea when you get up.

4.Solar panels (to build) into building materials to power your house.

5. Your food (to order) online by your fridge.

6.My daily menu (to optimise) to match my activities.

IV.Write  a composition about the protection of our planet(100 words).


До підручника
Англійська мова (9-й рік навчання) 9 клас (Несвіт А.М.)
27 грудня 2020
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