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Завдання "Артикль. Найбільш уживані випадки"

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 Underline the proper article

1. Apples / The apples are good for you.

2. Look at the apples / apples on that tree! They are very large.

3. Women / The women are often better teachers than men / the men.

4. In Britain coffee / the coffee is more expensive than tea / the tea.

5. We had a very nice meal in that restaurant. Cheese / the cheese was especially good.

6. They got married but marriage / the marriage wasn’t successful.

7. I know someone who wrote a book about life / the life of Gandhi.

8. Life / The life would be very difficult without electricity / the electricity.

9. Skiing / The skiing is my favourite sport but I also like swimming / the swimming.

10. Second World War / The  Second World War ebded in 1945.

11. Do you know people / the people who live next door?

12. Are you interested in art / the art or architecture / the architecture?

13. All books / all the books on the top shelf belong to me.

14. Don’t stay in that hotel. Beds / The beds are very uncomfortable.

15. I hate violence / the violence.

16. Two of the biggest problems facing our society are crime / the crime and unemployment / the unemployment.

17. I like working with people / the people.

18. I like people / the people I work with.

19. I love flowers / the flowers.

20. Doctors / The doctors are paid more than teachers / the teachers.

21. Crime / The crime is a problem in most big cities.

22. Do you like football / the football?

23. Do you collect stamps / the stamps?

24. I like your garden. Flowers / the flowers are beautiful.

25. Children / The children learn a lot from playing.

26. We took children / the children to zoo / the zoo.

27. Salt / the salt is used to flavor food.

28. Can you pass salt / the salt, please?

29. I often listen to music / the music.

30. Film / The film wasn’t very good, but I liked music / the music.

31. All students / the students in class / the class like their teacher.

32. Are English people / the English people friendly?

33. Are English people / the English people you know friendly?

34. Do you like coffee / the coffee?

35. Did you like coffee / the coffee we had with our meal last night?

36. When was telephone / the telephone invented?

37. Many people were killed in plane / the plane crash.

38. Every English child / the English child knows story / the story of Robin Hood.

39. What is longest / the longest river in the World?

40. I like music / the music.

41. Did you follow advice / the advice I gave you yesterday?

42. One can notice that weather / the weather influences people’s mood.

43. Water / The water is necessary for life / the life.

44. Water / The water in this river is very cold.

45. Pass me bread / the bread, please.

46. Waiter / The waiter brought some tea / the tea and coffee / the coffee. I drank tea / the tea. Coffee / The coffee was hot.

47. Iron / The iron discovered by this expedition is of a high quality.

48. This is best / the best wine I’ve ever drunk.

49. Browns / The Browns live in London.

50. Where is a key / the key?

51. I saw man / a man in the street. A man / The man was smoking.

52. That is a student / the student I saw in a library / the library yesterday.

53. What a / the fine day!

54. A teacher / The teacher must be competent.

55. When we entered Room 415 a teacher / the teacher was already there.

56. Dinner / the dinner you cooked was great!

57. When did you have dinner / the dinner?

58. I will never forget an evening / the evening he saw her for first / the first time.

59. Winter / The winter was extremely cold.

60. Winter / The winter is a coldest / the coldest season of a year.

61. Our academic year is over in June / the June.

62. We have no classes on Saturday / the Saturday.

63. She is learning to play a violin / the violin.

64. A sky / The sky is covered with clouds and a sun / the sun is shining.

65. I often listen to radio / the radio.

66. She always has breakfast / the breakfast at seven o’clock.

67. Write your name at a top / the top of the page.

68. My flat is on a second / the second floor.

69. A beginning / the beginning of a film / the film was not very interesting.

70. Who is a President / the President of United States / the United States?

71. He’s tired. He’s going to bed / the bed.

72. We are staying at Hilton (Hotel) / the Hilton (Hotel).

73. My friend lives in Shevchenko / the Shevchenko Street.

74. I have been to north / the north of Italy / the Italy / but not to south / the south.

75. Are you interested in history / the history?

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