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A Contest Devoted to St. Valentine's Day

Про матеріал
Конкурс, присвячений дню святого Валентина доцільно проводити під час тижня іноземної мови. Проведення цього конкурсу сприяє підвищенню інтересу до вивчення іноземної мови, розвитку навичок говоріння,повторенню і закріпленню раніше вивченої лексики, розширенню словникового запасу.
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          A contest devoted to st. valentine’s day

                   A party devoted to St. Valentine’s Day

Мета заходу:

  • Ознайомити учнів із звичаями країни, мова якої вивчається;
  • Розвивати соціокультурну компетенцію учнів з використанням матеріалу, пов’язаного зі святами та традиціями Великобританії;
  • Розвивати творчі здібності та естетичне сприйняття навколишнього світу;
  • Виховувати інтерес до вивчення традицій англомовних країн.


Compere: I’ll introduce you the participants of our party, the students of our school who love this holiday. So meet… . And I also want to introduce our honourable jury who will judge today’s contests… . So we are ready for the first contest. Attention please.

                        (Music sounds.)

             Contest 1. How Will You Know Your Sweetheart?

Compere: For this contest we have prepared a piece of paper and a pen for every couple. Now you have to answer some questions. If the boy answers orally, the girl should write her answer and vice versa. If the answers coincide, the couple will get one point. So let’s start.

Possible questions.

For boys

  1. What’s her mother’s name?
  2. What’s her favourite season?
  3. What’s her favourite flower?
  4. What’s her hobby?
  5. What’s her favourite film?
  6. Can she play any musical instrument?

For girls

1. What’s his father’s name?

2. What is his favourite dish?

3. What’s his favourite number?

4. What food does he hate?

5. What’s his favourite subject?

6. Can he swim?


     Contest 2 . I Understand My Darling By The Gesture

The girls receive the envelopes with some tasks: e.g.

  1. I want to dance.
  2. Present me flowers.
  3. I’d like an ice-cream.
  4. I’d go to the cinema. Etc.

They must show this task with the help of gestures and the boys will have to guess. Every correct answer – one point.

(Song “Yesterday”)

Compere: While the jury the counting the total score of each couple, I’d like to announce the last contest.


                   Contest 3.  What’s The Way Out?

   (The couples are sitting with their backs to each other.)

Compare: I give every couple the cards with the numbers 1, 2, 3. These are numbers of answers. You will have to choose only one. If the numbers of the bot and the girl coincide the couple will receive 1 point.

  1. The boy has invited his girl to the date for the first time. What will he suggest?
  1. Going to the theatre.
  2. Visiting a café.
  3. Going for a walk.
  1. The girl is going to the date for the first time, While leaving home she will tell her parents:
  1. She has a date with a boyfriend.
  2. She goes for a walk with her friend.
  3. She goes to the library to prepare for the test.
  1. Going to the date with the girl the boy:
  1. Will ask his parents for money.
  2. Won’t ask his parents for money, he’ll keep the change after doing shopping;
  3. Won’t take money at all’ he is not going to treat her;


  1. Passing the confectionary shop the girl sees her favourite cakes. She:
  1. Asks her boyfriend to buy her these cakes;
  2. Buys cakes for her money;
  3. Goes away as if nothing has attracted her.


  1. The boy invited the girl to the café, but the price turned out to be higher that he expected, and he doesn’t have enough money to pay for dinner. He:
  1. Suggests paying each for oneself;
  2. Goes out, calls up his friend and ask him to come and bring some money;
  3. Excuses for misunderstanding and borrows money from the girl.
  1. Passing the cinema the young couple reads that a comedy is on in one of the cinemas, and good western is on in another cinema. The girl:
  1. suggests watching a comedy;
  2. overcoming her feelings suggests watching a western;
  3. suggests casting lots.
  1. Going to the first date the boy;
  1. Will buy a big red rose for his girlfriend;
  2. Will buy a little bunch of field flowers;
  3. Won’t buy flowers at all.

Compare: And now we shall choose the best couple. While jury are counting are points, I’d like to present you with little souvenirs.

Compare : Attention please! The jury will tell us the results of the game.

(The couple gets a diploma in the shape of a heart. The boy who has won get the qualification: “The gentleman of the new time”, and the title “The knight of the girl’s hearts”. The girl gets the qualification “The princess of the new time” and the title “The princess of the new time” and the title “The girl who breaks the hearts”.)

Compere: Our party is over. Bur remember – Love is one of the best feelings. It is unique and eternal as our life. It rules the world, it makes the world go round. It’s beyond the age and time. So let’s love and be loved by others. And our earth will become more beautiful and kinder.

(Song “My Bonnie”)





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