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Збірка містить дидактичні матеріали на англійській мові про свята у США та Великобританії, такі як: Christmas Day, New Year, St.Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, St.Patrick's Day, April Fool's Day, Earth Day, Easter, Pancake Day, Father's Day, Thanksgiving Day, Columbus Day, Halloween. Крім текстів та інформації, до збірки включені цікаві завдання, кросворди, вірші, пісні.
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Easter     Easter    Eastc Botvin 0.0.

Holidays in USA-



                    l .     Christmas Day

                    2.      New Year

3.                     St. Valentine's Day

4.                     Mother's Day

5.                     St. Patrick's Day

6.                     April Fool's Day

7.                     Earth Day

8.                     Easter

9.                     Pancake Day

10.             Iced Tea Day l l . Father's Day

12.             Teacher's Day

13.             Columbus Day

14.             Halloween

Christmas in Great Britain

Christmas Day, December 23, is pjobab]y mast     holiday in Great Britain. It is a family holiday. Traditionally all relatives ancl friends give each other presents. So, before Christmas al] the dcpartmcjjt store and shops are crowded, es•epybcxly is choosing a pns.cnt.

In general, people get prepared for this holiday s•ery carefully. decorate their houses in the ttadflicmal way. Chrisoms trees arc set up in houscs€ in streets and churches, They are always de:ccvated with fairy lights, angels and small toys. In addition, little packets with nuts, candies and special biscuits are hung on the tree, Presents are put around the and artificial afrosL» is scattered Over the branches.

Germans are believed to be the first to use the Chrislrnas tree in their celebrations and Martin Luther was the first place a Star on the top of the tree. star replVsentS the Star appeared Over the stable in which Christ was Ex•rn.

In Great Britain, the Christmas trec became popular hilc Queen Victoria nrlcd the country.

Besides the Christmas    holly and mistletoe are used 10 decorate the house. Branches Of holly are put up behind pictures and mistletoe is hung Over doors, SO the young        a chance to kiss the girls under it, plucking each tinie a red      from the mistletoe. IL is said that the girl who            not kissed under it at Christmas not get married that year.

On the eve of Christmas children hang their stockings, so that Santa Claus         put presents into them: oranges, sweets, nuts and if the child didnh behave properly Santa Claus can pul there a p of coal as punishment.

Santa Claus got his name fmm a man known as St, Nicolas who lived in the fourth century, He gave his wealth to the and

Often to children. After he died, the Dutch brought this legend to colonial America. Soon the Dutch name Sinter Klaus became Santa Claus.

Carol singing is an essential partofChristmas. No church or sch,cxtl is without its caml service. Carols may bc traditional or with some variations Ihat express dlITcrcnt feelings. Carols used for the first tinne during Christmas in the fifteenth century.

Usually children come around in the evening to the front doors and sLafl singing cauls and  live in these houses give children candies, nuts, pies           so on, to thank them for carol singing

A typical Christmas lunch includes turkey with cranbero• sauce and pudding Evety young woman in cach household helps to stir the Christmas pudding, if she wishes to be married thatsear Usually acoin ortsvo are hidden inside the pudding ancl pan ofthc fun is to see          finds it.

After the lunch they go to the sitting room to listen to the Christmas spzcch of the Queen, shown on TV.

Cbriswas Crossv.ord


1 Jingle

            4 Send a Christmas         

5. Mr. Claus.

7. Stingy old man-

10. Animals that pull the sleigh.

2. 3. 4.





Something to put at the top of the tree.

It covers your window.


It hangs above the f 'replace

Egg A Christmas drinkSanta's helper.

The presents are under the

Letter to Sa.*a

bear Santa Claus,

Christmas is coming and am looking forward to your visit.

This year* would like many things for Christmas: First of all,

As well,


I have been a good  this year, so think deserve these presents. Three good things I have done are;




When you come down the chimney* please look in the kitchen.

I am going to leave and on the table for you to have. Thank you Santa, I am very excited.



Did you find?

* Something you wear. Sornething you drink

Somethirg you drive

Something you breathe.

Something to put on the tree. A number. * A planet.

A subject in school.

*A month of the year. What a teacher does.

Someone who paints.

A plate where you sit.

A place where you drive.

A place where you go up. Another word for clever. The opposite Of stand,

Mix milk in your coffee.

Three of your Senses. A small river,

A group of athletes.

Bonus: Can you find four verbs With both past and present tenses?


Can you v«ite your own Christmas songs using the rhythm af ather songs?

Ring, Rinqv Ring the Bens to the tune Of vROW, ROW, ROW Your Boat"

Ring, ring, ring the bells,

Ring them loud and clear.

Tell the people everw.'here

That Christmas time is near. Silent Night

Silent night, Holy night,

All is calm, All is bright.

Round        Virgin, motlter and child,

Holy Infant so tender and mild,

Sleep in heavenly peace,

Sleep in heavenly peace,

Twinkle Twinkle Christmas Star to the tune Of VTwinkle, Twinkle, Little Star" Twinkle, Christmas star, Tell the world the Savior's born..

By your glowing light so strong,

Wise men made their journey long, Til they found where Christ did lay, In a manger filled With hay.

We Wish You A Merrv Christmas

We 9Äsh you a merry Christmas, We             you a merry Christmas, We wish you a. Christmas, And a happy newc year!

Good tidings we bring to you and your king,

Caod tidings for Chrisbnas and far all the nev.' year.

Christrnas Bingo (Sheet C)


Christanas Bingo (Sheet C)


Christmas  name is


Find and color the Christrrmas objects

Christrnas Find!

Find and color the Christmas objects

Blew Year in Great Britain

In Wales, the back door releases the Old Year ot the first stroke of midnight: it then locked •to keep the luck int and ot the last stroke the New Year is let in at the front.

If is commonw be iieved that Yee" s Ooy is less important in England thon It is true in the southern and eastern ptr•tS Of the country- However, even there, the welcom re Of the New Year is growing in popularity. particularly among younger people who prefer to spend Gristmos with kin, but rew Year With friends. Year i s parties go all night through.

The mast famous places of festivities ore Piccadilly Circus end Trafalgar Square in London where crowds of people greet the Year With the linkedarm sirging of 'Old Long Syne". kissirp total strorgers, blowing Bhistles and automobile horns and shootiræ firecrackers. January 1st 's not a public holiday in England.

In Scotland. b•kw Years celebration the greatest festival of the year. where it even hos a specigl name. Hogtngnciy Nobody, however i can successfully explain where this word comes from. After midnight people visit their friends. They carry cakes and spiced ale to wv$h their hosts good year

first visitor, must       o special present — piece of cool — to wish good luck end warmth to the house.           is an Old Scottish custom. The tradition is celled First Footing i

T.e Erg11Sh pray for a young i healthy/ handson•'iei and dark haired mole to be their first vas•tor Of the Year. However. watnon, blonde. or o red colored person is nat welcome for the day. os they are considered to brig bad luck for the entire year

The first footer Olso bring o loaf of white bread y. salt or holy mistletoe with him. then it is considered to be a sign Of a good luck and prosperity for the rest Of the year. On he must place the coal on the fire. put the loaf on the table. and pour glass f or the head of the house. oll normolly without speakirg or being spoken to until he wishes everyone Heppy Year", He may also carry o silver coin to wish wealth.

Are these statements True or False? Begin your phrase with; I quite agree with you; I disagree with you on the point.

1. NEwYeor'sDoy is the most impartont holiday in England

2, The. most famous places of festivities       Piccadilly Circus and Trafalgar SqUOt•e in London 3. In             aritain, New Years celebration is the greatest festivel Of the  it has a special             Hogmanay„

4. first vvS'tor€ nu$t brirg a special present a Piece Of coal to Wl$h good luck gnd warmth to the house,

5, A p ece of coal is symbol of        Year's Day.

6. TO            silver com means to ush health.

7 The English pray for youngi healthy,  and dork haired male to be their f•rst visitor Of the New Year.

B. 'First Footing' is en Anericcn tradition,


                           How many words can you make Out Of Happy           Year?


Did you find?

 delicious fruit.

A small green vegetable.

 bearis foot.

A horse's lunch,

The apposite of there, The opposite of far.

A bird that lays eggs

Your sister's son

A short sleep during the day

Something to write with

Something to cook with.

Something to hear with.

Bonus: Can you find three words that begin questions?

* 8bYÅes

What hangs from the roof and rhymes with bicycle?

What's a small piece of snow that rhymes with cake?

What do you do that rhymes w'th me? What do you wear that rhymes with loves?

What falls from the sky and rhymes with glow?

What covers your window and rhymes wth lost?

What's a winter month that rhymes w'th remember?

What do you fight with that rhymes with hall?

What do you do that rhymes with wa"t?

What's another word for snowstorm that rhymes '"th lizard?

What makes you warm that rhymes with hire?

What do you skate on that rhymes with nice?

Play this game in the group of three or four. Throw the dice €count the squares and go forward If you land on o square with a question, answer it If you land on a Square with a fir tree, do a special task given on the "fir tree" cards,

12                                      11                               10

What present Did you get last New Year Holiday?


7 What is the best present you have ever got on New

Year holiday?


Do you believe thal Santa brings presents?



What size fir tree do you prefer to have at home? wh ?

13 Name three things you like doing on New Year Eve.


Name three


reasons why

Do you go

you like

to school

New Year



the l 't of




If you were a

What is your


fir tree

favourite New Year


where would

dish?Who cooks in


you prefer to be at New

your family?


Year nightt in the wood or in the house? Why?








Who usually gives presents to you for New Year?

2 1 When do we celebrate A New Year Holiday?

Who do you usually send New Year cards to? why?

January? Why?



Do you like to celebrate New Year at home with your family or at your friend's ?

Who decorates a fir tree in your family?



"Fir tree" cards


Mime a present you got last year

Mime Santa Claus carring a heaw sack with presents

Tell your friend a New Year poem you like

Make up word combinations and put them down

New Year     

Solve the riddle;

Santa Claus

Takes presents out of it. What's this?

Guess the word:

We send New Year

TO our relatives and friends wishing

New Year

Say a tongue twister:

For New Year a New Year boy gave me a New Year

Newspaper with news and New Year poems

Find word combinations a )Claus 2Santa    b)year

3. New      c)holiday

4. New Year d) tree

Year party for your friends time, place.

ses at your party.

St . Valentines Day "l love you" in various languages

Define the language of the following phrases and match them

                         1.0bicham te                   Ukrainian

2.Je t'aimeJapanese


4. Ti amoBulgarian 5Suki desuItalian

6.Te AdorGreek

7.              Ya tebe kohayuRomanian

8.              Te quiero German

9.              Toi yeu em

10.R"n dy garudi

1 1 *Ich liebe dich

Valentine's Day


Valentine's Day is celebrated on February the 14 as a festival Of romance and affection. People send greeting cards called "valentines* to their sweethearts, friends and members of ther families.

Many valentines have romantic poems, others are humorous. But almost all valentines ask "Be My Valentine". This may mean be my friend ar be my love or be my companion.

Valentines often show a cupid with an arrow -Cupid, also called Eros, was the ancient Roman gad Of love,

Valentine's day is  holiday; SCh001S and banks are open as USUaI, Merchants sell valentines an         s and dances. All the decorations are bright red, an

d       hearts and ce ebrate the r friends and parents

earts, spouses and es boxes Of candy,

Its or messages placed by people in Clove, Both men rts know how much they love thenm On Valentine's 'a long, One very famous song is called

with friends and family. It has become traditional for many couples to become engag on this day Also, famous couples are remembered. Some of them are Romeo and Juliet, Caesar and Cleopatra. This is a happy day because it is specially dedicated to celebrate love, affection and friendship,


Valentine's ()ay comes on the feast Of two different Christian saints narned Valentine. But the way that Valentine's Day is celebrated has nalhing 10 do with the lives 01 the saints.

This celebration comes from an ancient Roman festival called 'Lupercalia* which took place th every February 15 T his Festival honored Juno, the Roman aoddess of women and marriage, and Pan the god Of Nature. It was also believed     birds choose their mates on this date. Valentine's Day became very popular in the United Slates in the 1800s.

Answer the questions

1,When is St *Valentine i s celebrated?

2.How do people celebrate this holiday?

3,1s St. Valentine legal holiday ?

4. Who was the ancient gad of love?

5.What do merchants sell?

6,What are the most populat gifts on Valentine's Day?

7.What famous couples do you remember? 8*Where does this celebration corne frorn?

9,Who did this festival honour?

I O.Why is Valentine's Day so popular?

The Language of Love

I They arc madly ill lovecach other

                        2.1 le's head over                love.

3 Do you believe in love at fißt

4.01te t"Oiitaiitic SLIiiitijer evetiiitg when wc wcrc walking in the park proposed me. 5 Whet1Jim asked me to merry him I wasthe moon.

G.Love makes the world

7 We mel on a blind

8.011 our fifth date he asked toe to and we got          .A month latcr we got married.

9.ßeauty is only skill the question means fto ask someone to merry you'

  13.when I was at school I had a oush        our chemistry teacher.

1 A—Accorditng to a popular British superstition . the bride should wear *sottjetliing Old. sotttetlting something borrowed ,sontetluins blue'

15.A inarriage ceremony is called a

IG.Nly grandparents Itave been married for 30 years They are cclcbrating theiranniversary on Saturday.

                                                        17.S1te used to be love with Titu but          she is ill love witli Iris

    19.All you need is            (the Beatles}.

20.And they lived happilyaftcn


Violets arc bluc

Honey is sweet

And so are you.

22 "the English for "KOxäHFt•i•

23.1 invited          hotne to rueet       parents          tny titother tookher immediately.

24.Evcrybody knows thc story              Rontco and Juliet.

25„.St.VajelJti1te ts I)ay is celebrated on the       Of

2G.The op1h3site of •no'

2             season of love

28.               -Geeen is sometimes called Britain's wedding capiti

29.At first everything went well but slowly they grew End they spilt up.

30 love you" •l love you

31.Wetve been goingWilh one another for Ihree weeks.

32. 1 dream about you Every 'light

Be my Valentine

                                                                       And hold me          

   33 To tell you the              1 don't like Jane's new boyfriend.

1 don't understand whal she sees ill him

34 nne English for "meAOBH5i MiCAL4bP

Mother's Day

Many           of the world celebrate their own Mother's Day at different times throughout the year but mostly in spring: March or May, This wonderful holiday is celebrated to hanaur mothers and to show how they are loved by their children.

The story of Mother's Day

The earliest Mother's day celebrations date back to the spring celebrations Of ancient Greece in honour Of Rhea, the Mother Of the Gods, During the 1         England celebrated a day called

"Mothering Sunday" to hanaur the mothers of England.

During the time many of the poor in England worked as servants for the wealthy. As most jobs were located far from their houses, the servants lived at the houses Of their employers. On Mothering Sunday the servants had the day Off and were encouraged to return home and spend the day with their mothers A special cake called the mothering cake, was often brought along to prov'de a festive touch,

In the United States Mather's Day was first suggested in 1872 by Julia Ward Howe (who wrote the words to the Battle hymn of the Republic) as a day dedicated to peace. Ms. Howe held organized Mather's Day meeting in Boston every year. President Woodrow Wilson in 1914, made the official announcement proclaiming Mother's Day as a national holiday that was to b. held each year on the 2nd Sunday Of

Maymile many countries of the world celebrate their own Mothers Day at different times throughout the year, there are sorne countries such as Denmark, Finland, Italy, Turkey, Australia and Belgium which also celebrate Mothers day on the second Sunday Of May

Their families honor mothers by dining out. giving flowers, sending cards, giving gifts, and visits. Additionally, it is reported to be ane Of the busiest days Of the year for telephone calls,

The celebration of Mother's Day should be every day. They are the ones who nurture        teach us, protect us, and make us feel that we matter. Mothers are people in our lives who are most responsible far the way we grow and nature. If you are a mother and are reading this, please accept a special thank you for the part you play in each of our lives


I , Mother's ()ay is celebrated in America on theA. 5th

Sunday in March 8. third Sunday in June C. first Of July D. second Sunday in May

2Woo is responsible for making Mother's Day a national holiday in


A. President Lincoln B, Anna Jarvis C, Julia Ward Howe D, President Wilson 3 Which of the following is NOT true?

A.  Mother's Day is celebrated at the same time all over the world,

B.   Mothers play a special part in our lives,

C The celebration Of Mother's Day should be everyday

b. England celebrated Mothering Sunday in the seventeenth century

4, Vhat the author's purpose Of this writing?A. entertain a. persuade C, inform D, none of these

5, Anna Jarvis lived in

A, England B, Philadelphia

C, Michigan D. Florida

Mothers are honored by their families on Mother's Day by

A. dining out a. cards

C. flowers D. all of these

6, Vfr.o was the Mother of the gods in ancient Greece?

A. Anna B, Julia Ward Howe C, Virginia DL Rhea

7. What state became the first state to adopt a formal holiday to

recognize mothers?

A. Georgia B, West Virginia

C. Pennsylvania California




Find the words Of the things moms like from the bottom in the mom word search grid, The words can be forwards or backwards, vertical, horizontal, or diagonal

Circle each letter separately, but keep in mind that letters in each word may be used in more thon one word. When the mom word search puzzle is complete, read the remaining letters left to right, top to bottom, to learn an interesting fact about moms.

Things Mom Likes

Word Search Puzzle






















G N N s





M w

                                         O H                      1

J E  A


                       M s N C H     



           oc                           oc

What I know about my Mom

My mom is years old and has hair.

My mom is the best at but she's not very good at

My mom always says

She loves to cook

Her favorite thing to do with me is

When my mom is happy, she

My mom thinks I am

My mom and I like to


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Is 9


 12},  gold',

 HApA/  Do you Enow St Patrick's Day SaintPafricks Day Traditionafcustoms?

frad7tronaCcustomsfor the ceCe6ration of the day are important to give meaning and joy to fife.

2 Cfioose tfie ansovev out of two andfilTin the gaps. Tfyou cfioose the right ansnver you wilCget to know St 'Patrick 's 'Day traditionaCcustoms„

 *After church go to tfiepub to drink -

'St Patrick 'spot         1B) 'sjug

2.0Vear__ etnffem in fionour Of St *Patrick.

a) agreen ribbon andshamrock              white ribbon anda shamrock

a shamrock which fias been worn on the day--anddrink to the heaftfi of acc

a)tfie Cast grass 6)thefivst grass

4„picfe {fie drownedshamrock Oftfie grass put it yourforefend" b) on sfi01,iCder 5„Ciive_to yourfriends

a)vomantic cards b)treats andgifts

6:Using a burn! stick make a cross (fie steeve Of____

a)your neighbor who you Gave            row with

b)eacfi member of thefamily


St Patricks Day b) before St IPa&ricfe's *Dcty

8.:Men ShouCdmake a cross of a twig sallow andput it

a)above the door b) in the garden

9,I'/eavmg tfie-------- is a sym60CofJveCanffsfavmCands

a)                   6)green


The of is O" rememær b'hat we are other 364 of yearu

Amerean hwnorist MarR On•aln


April 1st is no ordinary doy. It is a day when you have to watch every Step you make. don't make one wrong move and most of oll trust no one! This        is celled April Fool's bey.

April Fool's Day 's a day when people play Jokes on each other. Some of the most common jokes ore "I-4ey„ your shoe is untvedi" and when they look at their shoes the person says "April Another is "I-4ey„ there's a spider behind your back- I '

In Latin April is Aperire- In France April Foors Day is nicknamed 'April Fish This is because Sometimes on April Fool i s boyi the children try to put o paper fish on the adults back and then they ask them if they See the Porsson d 'Affil


April Foors Day Originated back in med•evnl t•mes when the kings and queens had Jesters (jokers) to put them in o good mood, The Jesters wore o hat that had bells the end Of them, They carried a stick that hod Jester's head on it and the Jesters pretended to be its voice

On April 1st the jesters had day Off and the noblemen had to toke the jesters place. April first is my favorite d0ib one, because it is April Fools' and, two, because it is my birthday


April Fool's Day or All Fool's Day occurs on April The day is generally observed by playing o practical joke on "victim" who soon becomes known os an April Fool This custom is thought to have started in France durity the 16th century but the British are credited with bringing it to the IJSA.

The commonly accepted origin Of April Fool's Day involves changes in the calendar, At one tirne, the New Year celebration begon on March 25 and ended on April L Howevet% in 1582, King Charles IX adopted the Gregorian calendar and accepted the beginning of the new year as January 1. Those who refused to acknowledge the new dote or simply forgot received foolish gifts and invitations to nonexistent parties. The victim Of such c prank wcs known as a •poisscn d i avril" or 'April fish."

Prank•o trick which is played on someone to rneke them 100k silly.

Prankster Someone ploys tricks on people to make them look silly, Victim -Someone who has been nocked and fooled.


THE  His neighborsr the Wilson family Of Curnrnirtg, Georgia

Alan pulled off this prank perfectly. "He took a big wild nuishroom$" S. Wilson says. e anci spray-painted it bright red. Ttteri he secretly planted it in Our flower bed, It took cs two days to notice it, and, stunned by its beauty, we took; a picture and told the kids not to touch it, We were afraid it might be poisonous, When Nan's daughter came over and touched our kids got all upset. That's when Alan came over hee-hawing about the whole thing," THE REACTION:                all got a big laugh out of it--especially when we found out our ather neiolmbars got a blue one!"

THE PERPETRATOR: Nathan H. , age 14, of Chandler, Arizona,

THE VtCTtM: His monu Lynne, Talk about hair-raising' On April Lynne says, rqathan began complaining during dinner that his head was itching like crazy. "When looked at his scalp, I encountered the warSt case Of dandruff I'd ever seen.

Apparently, a friend had poured salt into his hair as a prank--an,d now my son was using that to poll a prank on mer

THE REACTION: I-vnne immediately instructed Nathan about the proper shampoo and

scrubbing method. Nathan listened for a few moments, then burst into laughter,

THE PERPETRATORS{ Barry and Kim L, of Sun Prairie, W.sconsin

THE VICTIMS: Their three kids

There'S a          drawback; to this trick: the perpetrator Suffers a ong with everybody else--but early risers should find               worth the 105t sleep, Barry sprang this one on his kids last April after they switched his sugar for salt the year before. knew the kids would be expecting something," says Barry, "SO here is what I did, AS usual, we got the three Children up for school, My wife and I were all ready for work, The           were a little        slow getting dressed, bot they all made it to the breakfast table in time to eat--at leastaccording to the clack, When breakfast was Over, I asked my daughter to open the               patio curtains, and when she did, her brothers and she saw a large sign that     read,      3

THE  "A definite family Kodak man-tent"

THE VICTIMS: Anybody trying to use the kitchen sink faucet

There are good reasons why this prank was cited by dozens of readers. It's harmless, extremely effective and a Snap to pull Off—in short, the quintessential April Fools' prank. The prankster need only find a rubber band, wait for a moment when the kitchen is empty, and then slip the rubber band over the sink sprayer handle so that it is stuck in the on position. Carefully aim the nozzle so that it sprays oot--onto anybody who turns on the faucet,    REACTIOr•u we victim need extra coffee to wake up

THE VICTIMS: Cynthia R, (now a mom herself) and her three siblings, of Pete/torough, Ontario, Canada

"On the night Of March 31st, my mother wa ted until we were all sound asleep in our separate rooms," Cynthia recalls.       some paint--and this is the part that still amazes us—she sneaked into each Of Our rooms and gently carried and placed each at LIS into the bed Of another.'

THE REACTION: *'In the morning, She reveled in our confusion. My brothers weren't too keen on the pink ruffles they had to endure!" THE VICTIMS: Adolts and kids were fair game.

We've all heard at—or tried—some form Of this Bart Simpson *trick' but we gat a chuckle Out this wild animal version nonetheless. TO pull it Off, Simply leave your victim a convincing-sounding message (either an paper ar an an answering machine) from a cenain "Mr. Lyon." who has called about an urgent matter la missed lunch date is good far extra laughs) and would like a return call as soon as possible, Mr. Lyon's number? The phone number for your local

THE REACTION: ane victim got this response; 'I'm sorry, Mr. Lyon is busy at the moment, Mr. Elephant can talk( though!"

                              THE VICTIM:          a dad

This trick Imas two variations. Letis start with the less comman ane. submitted

Michelle m, Of Sanford, Maine. simple needle and thread become aur tool for creating she says. •aur n•iSSion? Sew all Of DacfS underpants together. This Lis easy enoogh as it requires only a few stitches at the side seams. Then they are neatly folded and placed back in his drawer.'

THE REACTION: *It's fun watching him bite each pair off of the string with his teethr"

The second trick is just as good (as evidenced by the number Of readers Who Suggested it), even if the perpetrator might not get to see it in action, Just sew up the fly on a dean pair of underwear, make sure the victim drinks plenty of morning juice and coffee or tea, and wait. (This is especially effective if you know the victim uses larg4 public  like the ones found iri schools and office buildings.) The Challenging part; ensuring the victim selects the doctored pair in the rnnrnirtg.

THE REACTION: At best—total embarrassment. At worst-ave      even want to think about it.

THE PERPETRATORS: Callie            12, her best friend Megat'% 12, and Calhe is Susan, Of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

THE vrCTIMS: Callie and Megan's classmates

Callie pulled this one on her class, with some help from her teacher, in honor at her birthday„ March 31. little before lunch," says Callie* *Mrs. Badger said we could hand Out the doughnuts. Mrs. Badger told the kids       to eat them until everyone got their food. A couple Of kids said the doughü"iutS were small. My friend Tracy thought they were homemade, Then the teacher said we could eat,            a sight to see! The boys shoved both of the doughnuts in their mouths, and the girls took small bites. Ttteri Megan and I announced that the doughnuts were play dough. • More Specifically, a barely edible homemade play dough,

THE REACTION:    the kids looked at us in horror and spit the doughnuts out. Megan and laughed and soon the rest Of the kids started laughing tae.' (Callie and Megan then handed Out the real doughnuts they'd brought,)

THE VICTIMS: His family

While Ken is, according to his sister Mary, an unusually elaborate prankster, one of his simplest tricks bVill work anywhere. Just superglue coins to the pavement. You'll need 10 find a spol thal is both heavily tratTvcked and suitable for gluing; a front sidewalk or driveway works well, though YOU may need to clean the surface to get the coins to stick. THE REACTION: Broken fingernails are not cut of question.





m9tter Yeu

   op               ho























the dry







     re                 ten







eartA day ceCeCtatcd OR ApriC 22,

                                                                       .7t Aag               OCC          tA0

                                        day           spcciaC day to Cook at       PCaaot

wAz1t eartA Day

sexator GayCord NeC$0* was tAe person wAo i"ftiatod tAc for tße protccti0A Of tAat        worCd wag d/tty tßat         o} ow pCMtg ami     wore dyi*tg. He woxdered WAY "orc pcopCc ware not tryl*9 to soCve tAesc proCC0"ß. He taCQed to otßar Cag%aQars and to tße dgcidod' tAat tac Prosidg*t   go comdry aad toCC pcopec a60gd tAese

Semitor Aad dec/dcd to a spociaC day to toacß avuyo*e aCout

He wrote Cattorg to aCC of tße eoCCogeg and spgciaC a60ut tAe specjae Jay Ae Aad

ApriC 223970, tao au ovu tAe cow.try madc pro*igeg to Reep tac evgryo*g got

Day Aag gproad wc med to worQ Oft ami tÆg ig on speciaC day to CooQ at tße pCanat aad wÆat

it groal? On porgo" Aad an idea and Rept worQikØ Gega* togctAor to $0Cve it.



ptotccti0ft Of                       

2.  Wßat wag tAe idea of Senior NeesoR?

3.  wß0E wag tAc          eartn AeCd?

f.Wßat do PaopCc aCC over tAc c0kRtry            to do?

work few pairs *Choose roles (on* is senator, the other is read our cards.

SOhtu0t N QC$O* so                        iritiate the

                                                                                                                                          have a                    +:.9


I eart the

tie box and


Easter is tfie Christianfestivafwhicfi commemorates the Resurrection ofJesus Christ on tfie tfiirdday after his Crucifixion-

The date of Taster •variesfrom year to year , but it is always cerebratedon a Sunday between 22 {March ancC25 ApriCaccording to (fie Gregorian

When. Taster comes

mask T. Read the text andovrite down the titfest given in the box, above each paragraph

Shrove Tuesda , Taster, IPaCm

The day tfiat commemorates the Resurrection ofJesus Christ on the thivöday after his Crucifixion is known as Easter. It is one oftfiepvincpaCfestivafs of [fie Christian cafendi;tr and its origins  to [fie beginning Of

Christianity. it is Eefievedtfia.t thisfestivaCis namedafter Tostve, the AngCo

-Saxon goddess ofspring andyertiCity whosefestival*vas commemoratedon

                        (fie       Of (fie VernaCTquinox.

The tenn Easter has been usedsince the S'i century The 'fate of Taster variesfrom year 10 year, it is cerebratedon a Sunday between 22 :Marcn and25 4pviC.1vfiiCe the m:est uses the Georgian calendar to calculate the dates, some eastern countries stilTuse tfie Julian caCenWar- So , they can cerebrate faster up to a month fater.


$Jfie run up to Taster is known as Cent

It begins Ott Ash 'Wednesdåy the ashes oftfiepaCnts usedon SUMdcty ave usecfto cross on (fie foreheadofthose  the church. rt Castsfor 40 dåys

$Jfie Tent' is derivedfrom the OCcfTngÜisfi for spring "Lenten "' lent is aperiodoffasting andsym60Cizes theforty dayfast ofJesus.

-Ash Wednesday comes after Shrove Tuesday„The name *Shrove' derives from the term "shrive the confession ofsins,jt is the day •wfien eggs anffat ave usedfor makingpancakes,Sot Shrove 'Tuesday is arso coifed*Pancake Day.

The finaCweek before Easter is known as YfoCy Week „Jt begins on Sunday ovfiicfi remembers the triumphaCentry ofJesus into JerusaCem,

Jesus arrived in JerusaCem [fie crowds

_pafms at fiisfeet to greet him and to sfiow their respect and trust to him.

flask 2.Xatcfi the words to definitions

 a)tfie soft greypowder that remains after something has been burnt

2.tfie CrucifixionE)One of the two times in a year

When night andday ave ofequafCemgth

3.Ash-c)the death ofChrist on the cross

4.Centd)cargepointedfeaves ofa tropicaCtree wfiicfi grows near the beaches

5Æquinox---e)the return ofJesus Christ to fife after fis death on the cross.

6. Confessron--j)ayeriodoffastmg.

7.Ta6ns..-gJWfien you tetrapriest or God

Sout the badthings you have done

flask 3 Compare faster datesfrom the text with the ones in your country yinWsimiCarities anddifferences

IWhat does Easter festival cornmernorcte ?

2Since what time has the term Easter been used?

3.What is Lent?

4What is Shrove Tuesday?

5-What does the name "Shrove Tuesday "come from?

6-When does HO y Week begin?

7„What do Christians commemorate on Holy Thursday?

Fzm»t3 Ezm»t3

Little Easter% the comedienne bunnv

Tried too hord at being funny

She Juggled and she dropped the eggs

They fell and smashed between her legs,

Poor Easter left the stage in shame

And thought that she night change her name€ gut then that bunny read this "This Sunday we need help real bad."

So Easter Bwtny kept her nome

And through the years has gained much farne, When Easter's Sunday comes each year. She delivers eggs and we all cheer.

—Grandpa Tucker

                               Why       We Give Easter Eggs?

The Easter eæ is very popular. While the colored cardboard ones and rich chocolate ones that we enjoy are quite recent in origin, the real egg, decorated with colors or gilt, has been a symbol of life and resurrection since pre-Christian spring celebrations. The ancient Greeks, Persians, end Chinese gave them as gifts at their spring festivals. The egg also appears in pagan mythology. where the Sun Bird is hatched from the World Egs& In some pagan customs, Heaven and Earth were thought to have been formed from two halves of an egg. As the egg was a symbol to early Christians Of Jesus'  il was Cell 10 be very appropriate and holy for the Easter celebrations. Even as early as the Middle Ages, people colored eges to give as gifs at Easter; Edward I's accounts for 1290 include the expense of purchasing hundreds of eggs to give to his household. In the 17th century, Pape Paul V blessed the humble egg in a prayer 10 be used. in England, Scotland. Ireland: "Bless, O Lord, we beseech Thec, this Thy creature of eggs, that it may become a wholesome sustenance to Thy faithful servants, eating in thankfulness to Thee, on account of the Resurrection of Our Lord. Forbidden during the fast of I-enl* eggs were reintroduced on Easter Sunday. bolli as parl of lhe celebrations and as gifts for family, friends, and servants.

PagcaQe Day

Pancake Customs in the UK and Ireland

Tuesday the day before Ash Wednesday, is the last day before Christians begin fasting- People cook and eat pancakes . These are made from flour ,milk and eggs and fried in a hot pan.

In Britain in some town there is a tradition to hold pancake races on that day, People who take part in the pancake race , run along the street holding a fMng pan and throwing the pancake in the air. Those who drop the pancake , lose the race. People who watch them have great fun. sent'G*teGS


2.Lent is the period when Christians

o) eat tasty and rich food b)fost 3.The British cook and eat pancakes

a) at Ash Wednesday b) the doy before Ash Wednesday 4,Pancakes are made from

a)flour. milk and eggs b)flower nilk and eggs 5Poncokes ore

a)fried in o hot pan b)baked in an oven 6 During pancake races people

a)run eating a pancake from a pan b)run tossing a pancake in the pan 7„If participant of the races drops the pancake,

a)he loses the race b)he goes on runnirg without it the puZ2!e

cook pne91;es ho

Is the dot of Lent, from .qsh Wedne$d$•y to Easter Sundgy competit!otj Which people cot»pete to rut) %stest 9tJd

WMwut %ed.

choco'te V•stet ...on


Old Fashioned Breakfast Pancakes recipe

Preparation Time: 6 minutes I Cooking Time: 12 minutes

Pancakes are a great way to start any morning. Light, fluffy, and just sweet enough to satisfy everyone at the breakfast table, these easy to make classic pancakes are delicious and hearty, Top with syrup and fresh fruit for a decadent* filling, and wonderful breakfast.


1 c. flour

3 tsp baking powder

1 tsp salt

1 Tbsp white sugar

1 c. milk

I egg

3 Tbsp melted butter

Cooking oil, for frying in

Maple syrup, for topping (optional)

Fresh fruit, chopped, for topping (optional) Directions:

1- In large bowl, sift the flour, baking powder, salt and sugar. Set aside.

2.   In another bowl combine milk, egg, and melted butter. Whisk together. Add to dry ingredients and mix until smooth.

3.   This recipe yield approximately 6 medium-sized pancakes.


Today the IJSA consumes more iced tec than hot tea though iced tea is only slowly invading that bastion of tea drinking, the UK. Iced Tea Tay is celebrated on the 10th Of June,



Read the text and fill in the gaps with the words from the box.

Iced tea, merchant, fair. ice. teas, heat wave

Tea ________Richord Blechynden brought his goods to the 1904 World's in St

Louis -Unfortunately. none Of the visitors wanted to taste his hotbecause Of desperation he put  into his brewed tea and discovered which is very popular in America now.

Task 2Discuss the following questions:

*Have you ever tasted iced tea? If yes do you like it? Why? if no, would you like to taste it?

*What are advantages and disadvantages of iced teas?


Psychologist Rebecca Newton has researched and identified six different tea drinking postures to help people understand their colleagues and friends more effectively, To interpret the secret signals of staff an easy -to-use guide has been devised to help people get on with others at work.

Task 3. Imagine that you are a psychologist Read the descriptions Of tea drinking postures in the right column and find the proper person type given in the box. Write down the definitions in the left column of the table. The first example is done for you.

The listenet% the angry person, the confident one, the ossi the na one, the weak boss



Descri tion of tea drinkin


The gossip

Holds a cup tightly in one hand and keeps waving the other.  into             and at coll


Holds a cup in both hands and finds eye contact difficult .Pickir•g the side of c cup during one - to- one conversations and playirg with hair isa s cific si


Holds a cup in both hands a if warming them and keeps blowiry tea nervously. This is the kind of boss who is not comfortable in eh


Holds a cup close to head and uses as a tool to rrwke a point. Direct contact combined with Ins facis. Watch out!


Learns forward with c.i,æ close to chin in one hand Lots of flowing varied and relaxed gestures. Steady but relaxed eye contact and smilesu


Holds a cup in both hands and leans towards you and everyorøe else in turn. Posture shows  and sympathy for the whole



o you usua y think about when you drink tea?

12 finish

mg ne           you heard of and you never tasted iced tec .Tf you met o teo drinker, what would you ask him about tea?


about advav,tages and of

Lat oftu qt

A r: bust daova uavtr


WAat ig "e 'am OAS tea gavowed geåtA o/c o} derøanoO DO you CjQc to it? wayq WAat yow famiCy and


00 you have your            secret 01 tea? Will you

it?Who usually brews tea in your family?



                ever               tea with

What tea would prefer drink;      or with

A celebration in honour of all father

Task I Read the text

Father's day is a day of and celebration of Dad. It is the day not only to hot tour your father. but all mcn who have acted as a father figure in your lifc- whether as stepfathers, uncles, grandfathers. or elder hT01hers.

Blrs. John B. Dodd of Washington. fitst prot»sed the idea of a day e in 1909.A1rs,Oodd wanted a special day her father, Stuart. William Snt,att a Civil

War veteran, was widowed when his wife dicd in childbirth

Witli their sixth cliild. Mr. Smart             left to raise the newborn and his other five children by himself on a         fann in eastern Washington state .1t was after Mrs. Dodd became an adult she realized lhe slrenglh and selflessness her falher had shown ill raising his children as a single parent.

'Ill,e first Father's Oay was observed on June 19. 1910. In Spokane

IVashi118ton. At about the same timc in various towns and cities across Antet'ica other people were beginning to celebrate a •Father's Day. In 1924 President Calvin Coolidge supported the idea of a national Father's D/W. Finally ill 1966 President Lyndon Johnson signed a presidential proclamation declaring the 3 14 Sunday of June as Father's Day.

Task 21maginethAtyouareMrsJohn B. Dodd. Tell about your Dad Explainwhyyoudecidedto initiate. a special day to honour fathers. Ask the rest of the group about their fathers. Let them tell why they love their Dads Why arc they special for them?


Teacher's Day in Ukraine is celebräed on the first Sunday in October each year. This obsen:ance is held in appreciation at teachers and other workers in the education sector across the country,


Many Ukrainians celebrate Teacher's Day with a range Of activities, such as concerts, presentation of flower bouquets. and public speeches addressed in recognition Of teachers and educational workers

In 1994, the Ukrainian president declared Teachers' Day as a professional holiday to thank workers in Ukraine's education sector. The day had been set to be annually celebrated on thefirst

Sunday in October. Many Other countries celebrate World Teachers' Day, which is also held in early October

When God created teachers

"When Godcreated teachers, Ofe gave us speciatfriends ro herp us understandMis worGtAnatruCy comprehend fife beauty and the wonder Ofeverytfiing •.ve see,

An/become betterperson

•With each discovery

'When Godcreatedteachers,

Ofe gave us speciaCguides

$0 snow us ways in wfiicfi to grow so lve ctmcfecide gfow to Cive andfiow to do

What's right insteadof•vrong, To readus so that •we can Ceaa'Indfearn how to be strong.

Why Goffcreatedteachers, Jn Yfis wisdom andYfis grace, was to fieCp us Ceorn to mafee •Ivor-lcf A Fetter, •wisevpface.

Teacher's Day

Board Game


Good luck!

a be a teacher? Why?

a teacher mean to you?


Do you agree or disagree: Teacher's day is a day for teachers to collect flowers and presents


Tell a compliment to your teacher


What is your idea of a perfect leaner?



Go forward three squares


What makes a good school?


person should a good teacher be?


you know if you were a teacher of English?

Why is Teacher's


Celebrated in autumn?


From your point of view, what is the best day for a teacher?


Describe a school of future



Go back three squares

Which lesson would you add to the timetable ?

Wh 19

would you exclude from the timetable?

What lessons are the most important for young people?


What is an ideal

School principal?


Continue "If I were a teacher I would... "


Is it possible to fall in love when you are at school?


hat woul you like to be, when you finish school?




Go forward three squares


Tell about your dream?



You have won!

Tell about the happiest day in your school life.


If you were a teacher, what

might your motto be?


of view, is homework necessary?

What qualities are most important

TO you in a teacher?


Columbus Day

Columbus day is celebrated in the

United States to honour Christopher Columbus's first voyage to America in 1492. In 1937 President Franklin Roosevelt proclaimed every October 12 as Columbus Day.

Since 1971, it has been celebrated on the second

Monday in October.

Happy Columbus Day

Taskl What do you know about Columbus day?

Columbus day is celebrated in the United States to honour Christopher Columbus's first voyage to America in 1492.

In 1972, a ceremony was held in New York paying tribute to

Christopher Columbus' Voyages


Columbus, and a monument was dedicated to him.Soon after that , the city of Washington was officially named the District of Columbia and it became the capital of the United States ,in 1892, a statue of Columbus was built at the beginning of Columbus Avenue in New York City.

The first celebration of the discovery of America was organized by the Italian population of New York City on October 12, 1866 to show admiration to their native son, a great explorer. In 1869, when Italians of San Francisco celebrated this date, they called it Columbus Day, Later more Italian Organizations in other cities held banquets, parades and dances on that date In 1937 , President Franklin Roosevelt proclaimed every October 12 as Columbus Day. Since 1971, it has been celebrated on the second Monday in October.

Task 2 Multiple choice

Columbus Day 's a special holiday all (1)  the Americas. Countries in North, Central and South America celebrate the anniversary of Christopher Columbus's arrival (2) the Americas on October the 12th, 1492. In the United States, the day is called Columbus Day; in many Latin American countries, it is (3)  as Dia de la Raza (Day of the Race).

The day is also celebrated in Spain, where people (4) it National Day% These hol"days are over two hundred years old and are a (5) part of many cultures. Not everyone is happy about these celebrations. Most indigenous cultures all across the Americas recognize the day as the start of the erosion of their cultures. The day for them represents the (6) ForexAW.com  of the'r land by Europeane

Christopher Columbus was an Italian (7) who lived in the fifteenth century. He believed that the earth was not flat, as most people (8)     at that time. He asked the Spanish queen, Isabelle, for financial help to sail around the world. He wanted to (9)        the Earth was round. He also bel'eved there was a "new world" full of spices and treasures. At that time, he thought that new world/ west of Italy, was India. On August 3, 1492, he (10)  west on his ship the Santa Maria. After two months he found land and called 't San Salvador. He thought it was India and the people he (11)        were Indians. That's why today, Caribbean islands are known as the West Ind es and native Americans were called American Indians. The "New World" is (12)        U.S.A

Put the correct words from this table into the article.

1.            (a) across   (b) crossing (c) crossed  (d) crosses

2.            (a) on        (b) In         (c) at (d)into

3.knew                                         (b) knownknowing                     (d) knows

4.callingcallercalled offcall


6.        (a) invade                (b) invasion            (c) invades             (d)nvaders

        (a) adventure            (b) adventurous (c) adventurer        (d) adventures

8.                                 think  (b) thinks    thought      (d) thoughtful

9.                                 proving improve proof prove sailed sailing sales  sails

11.       (a) meet     (b) meetings        (c) met up  (d) met

12.        (a) todays    (b) today       today's     (d) todays'

Task 3.Here are some answers. What are the questions?


-August 3, 1492

-The Nina and the Pinta


-San Salvador

•The Caribbean Islands

•Queen Isabella of Spain


-Because they were tired and sick.

-The title of Admiral of All the Ocean Seas'

Thanksgiving Day

Tucked between the two monster sired holidays Of Halloween and Christmas, Thanksgiving receives far less attention, Blit Thanksgiving is a velY Important holiday, especially in the busy lives of Americans. It is a time to kick back and relax, watch football game or go 10 a movie, and enjoy a huge feast. It's also time for us 10 give thanks to our God* for the things he has bestowed upon us and upon this great nation. There is no nation in the world that has more to be thankful for than us. Thanksgiving History:

The first Thanksgiving was celebrated between the Pilgrims and the Indians in 162LThat first feast was a three day affair. Life for the early settlers was difficult.

. The fall harvest was lime for celebration. Il was also a time of prayer, thanking God for good crop. The Pilgrims and the Indians created a huge feast including a wide variety ofanimals and fowl, as well as fillits and vegetables from the fall harvest. This early celebration was the start of today's holiday celebtation, Like then, we celebrate with a huge feast,

Today, most of us enjoy Turkey with "all the trimming". The "trimming" include a wide variety of foods that are a tradition for your family. Those traditional foods often replicate the foods at the first Thanksgiving feast. While others, are traditional ethnic or religious groups recipe, or a spwial food item that your family always serves at Thanksgiving dinner. Then. to top it off, pumpkin pies, apple pies, an even mince meat pies are bountiful around the table.

American Thanksgiving traditions revolve around a huge and lavish meal, usually with Turkey as the centerpiece, For those who do not like Turkey, a Roast or Prime Rib is common. As tradition has it in most families, special prayer of Illanks precedes Ille meal- In many homes, family members will each tnetlliotl something they are very thankful for.

Did you know? Potatoes were not patt ofthe first Thanksgiving. Irish immigrants had nol yet brought them to North America.

After the first Thanksgiving, the observance was sporadic and almost forgotten until the early 1800', Il was usually celebrated in late September or October, In 1941, Congress made it a national holiday and set the dale as the fourth T•hursday in November,


2. A large aconge vegetable.

6,               none Of the pilgrims' plantat•om

A great dinner for celebrating

9. The ship that brmghi the pilgrtms to North America.

The Season of Thanksgivire„

13. Where the pilgrims deported from.

14, A vegetable similar to a pumpkin,

15. Yellow vegetable that was grown by                      Americans.


1.    The governor of the

2.    The religious group that many of the pilgrims belorged to. 3- The American tribe that shored the f'rst Thanksgivirg feast.

4-    place where food is grown,

5-    The of the first rootive American who met the pi lgrims.

7. Bird eaten at Thanksgiving,

10 Oceon that the pilgrims erossed. 11, Tl"qe nationality Of the pilgrims.

O     SWE



P       o




g u r r g R



 Y A x z o



apple sauce

dinner roll

baked potatoes beet



mashed potatoes




pumpkin pie



corn on the cob

sweet potatoes





Thanks for All Things

Thanks for the fire,

That keeps me wa.rm€

Thanks for my family, Keep them from

Thanks for the corn

Cobs stacked in a heap,

Thanks for the squash,

And the crops that we reap,

Thanks for the gra nS,

Thefll feed us till sprirg.

Thanks for the cows„

And the milk that they bring.

Thanks for the stars,

And the sun and the moon.

Thanks for the

That's comity here soon.

Thanks for the rivers,

The lakes and the sees.

Thanks for the mountains. Covered in trees.

Thanks for oll life.

And last, but not least, Thanks for the

We'll have at our feast.

Write a paragraph or a poem on what you are thankful for.


Did you find?

Go fast.

Somethirg to open doors with.

Something on your finger.

Fuel for your car.

Painting and sculpting.

The home of clouds.

A kind Of transportation.



A war machine.

The opposite of floated.

Smelled bad.


Discussion Topics

What are you thankful for this Thanksgiving season?

Who are same of the people you are most thankful for? Lhy are you thankful?

Why should people take time to give thanks?

Today, many Americans celebrate Thanksgiving by fixing a huge meal. complete with turkey, stuffing. cranberry pumpkin pie. and all the works. But on ffat first Thanksgiving, diners hardly enjoyed Such rich foods. We call the customs that have developed around the holiday •tracfltions." How do you think these traditions came into existence? What Thanksgiving traditions would an American family have?

Tell    your family would celebrate Thanksgiving in America.

is it important for people to give thanks?

Thanksgiving is a special day set aside for giving thanks, But each person has things to be thankful for all year long. nthat are some ways you can show your thanks on days other than Thanksgiving?

*         00 you think the first Pilgrims would be pleased to see how Americans celebrate Thanksgiving today? Why or why not?

*         Some people have called Thanksgiving "Americås first holiday," Why might it have been given this title? 00 you believe this is an appropriate way to describe the hol'day? Why or why not?  If you are not originally from the United States, does your homeland have a holiday similar to Thanksgiving? If so, when is it celebrated? How is it like the American Thanksgiving? HOW' does it differ?

Let's be Thankful for this Day

to the tune of "Twinkle, Twink/e Little Stars"

Let's be thankful for this day, For our friends and our play.

Lets be thankful, let's be glad,

For our food and the things we have, Lets give thanks for you and me, And our home and family.


went trick-or-treating with my best friends and Our pillowcases were full Of candy, and it wcs getting late, so my friends wanted to go home.

wanted a few more chocolate bars so turned to my friends and said,

"Let's knock on a few more doors and then head for home."

They were worried because they thought it was already too late, "Let's go home now." they said to me. I told them not to worry because we could take a shortcut through the old forest.

so after a few more houses. I took my friends to the path that went through the forest We walked about 20 minutes, and then, suddenly, I felt very strange couldn$t remember the way! it was dark and foggy. We were lost. And to make matters worse it started to rain. And then, it started to pour. Lightning lit up the sky and thunder rang in our ears. We wandered around in the rain for over two hours, We were very wet and very cold, And then, at about midnight, I saw an old abandoned house on a hill,

think well have to spend the night in that old house and wait ti I morning," I said.

My friends didn't think it was a good idea, but they were cold and wet, so they agreed. We walked up the old wooden steps to the front door. The door creaked open and we went inside, sat down, and started to eat a chocolate bar, when


Reading Comprehension:

What is happening at the beginning of the story?

Why did the writer want to go to a few more houses?

Why didn't the writer worry because it wag getting late?

What happened in the forest?

What was the weather like in the forest?

Did the writer's friend think it was a good idea to stay in the house?

Why did the friends agree to stay at the house?

What did they do as soon as they went into the house?

Match the following words with their definition:





 A quicker way to get somewhere.

 co from place to place.

 Rain very hard.

 Empty with no one living there.

Finish writing the story using all the phrases in the box below-

A birt(?

Wovjd you ike

there are several simple tests ear" use •a deq.etlt'liae are a witch,

mav wish to consult your family hysician (not that theyll er


Unscramble these pumpkins to figure out the hidden message:

      18      11                 25

6 23 19                                             17 10 15 20                  


               16                                                          22

13                                              21                    24

What do monsters have for breakfast on Halloween morning?

1214 15

18              1923              24       25


A witch's pet that rhymes with rat: A scary thing that rhymes with toast:

A bony monster that rhymes with sun:

A monster that rhymes with wire:

A monster that rhymes with tummy: A funny person that rhymes with down:

What a witch rides that rhymes with room:

What kids say that rhymes with meat:

A scary pmpkin that rhymes with burn:

Where kids keep candy that rhymes with face:

A monster with stitches that rhymes with mine.

A person who steals treasure that rhymes with sit:

A skeleton's home that rhymes with slave:

Who makes a web and rhymes with wider:



3. A funny costume.

5, What do you wear on your face?

6.               •or-treat!

8. Scary thing that says boo.

10 koagted purnpkin

11.    Small black animal that can fly.

12.    Kids get lots Of this.


1 A monster with many bandages.

2-o - lantern

3 What do you wear on Halloween?

4. A woman with a pointy black hat A witch's pet.

9 spooky

Name that monster is a monster that changes

is a monster that ig made

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