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​Дидактичний матеріал"MUSIC IN OUR LIFE"

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To develop students' speaking skills maintaining free discussion; to reinforce their grammar habits of using phrases like "So do I" and "Neither do I" as responses showing their similar attitude, action or state in comparison with what a conversation partner has said.

Age: 12-14
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Картинки по запросу musical instruments clipart                         -Are you fond of music?

– Yes, I am.

-So am I.

-Do you listen to music while you are doing lessons?

-Yes, I do                                       - So do I /But I don’t

(No, I don’t                                           - Neither do I.)                               

Картинки по запросу headphones or earbuds clipart                     -Do you listen to music on your  iPod, iPhone,   mobile phone, MP3 player, tablet,computer, CD player or on radio?

 - I listen to  music on my ...

-So do I /But I don’t. I listen on my …

Картинки по запросу music clipartКартинки по запросу headphones and earbuds clipart                 -Do you use headphones or ear buds while listening?                                           –I use …                                                       -So … I /But I … . I use…     

- Do you download music from the Internet?   - Yes, I …                                                                    - So… I.  (No, I…

-Neither… I.)    






- What’s your favourite music style?

- My favourite music  style  is  Hip Hop/ Rap/ Pop Jazz/Reggae|/Rock/ Techno/ folk / classical /heavy metal/... music. What about yours?

- My favourite music style is…


                         -Why do you like to listen to this music?

- I like it because it is melodious /lovely/

energetic /rhythmic. What about you?

- I like it because it is..


                     - What style affects your nerves?

- … affects my nerves. What about you?

- As for me, it is hard to listen to …

-Can you play any musical instrument?                            - Yes, I can. I can play the…/                                -So … I /But I can’t.                                                            

(No, I cannot.                            –Neither … I.)

  Картинки по запросу musical instruments clipart                         -What musical instrument would you like to play?

-I would like to play the… What about you?

-I would like to play the…


Похожее изображение                     -Can you sing well?                                              - Yes, I … - So… I. / But I …      (No, I…-Neither… I.)                                                                             

- What’s your favourite song? -My favourite song is …


-Do you sing in a choir or in a group?   - Yes, I…                                  - So… I. / But I …                              (No, I … .                         -Neither… I.)

                               -Do you dance to music?                        - Yes, I …                                          - So… I. / But I …                             

(No, I … .                                         -Neither… I.)                                  

-Who is your favourite singer?

- My favourite singer is…  When I’m in a sad mood I listen to his/her songs and feel much better. What about yours?


                                             - My favourite singer is…   He/She has a lovely /strong / pleasant / voice.

- What is your favourite band?  Похожее изображение

-My favourite band is “…”.What about yours? - One of my   favourite bands is…

                    -Where do they come from?

-They come from … What kind of music does your favourite group play?

-They play … music.

Похожее изображение   - What language do they (does this band) sing in?

-They sing in …

-Why do you like this group?                             When I listen to their songs  I feel delight, pleasure and a sense of happiness…  

-Why do you like this band?                                                                - Their songs make me feel cheerful, happy, relaxed, delightful...                   

-Have you ever been to your favourites concert?Картинки по запросу concert clipart  I have never been to their concert but I watched it on TV/in the Internet./I have been… What about you?

- I…

- Which is more important to you, music or watching  films?

-As for me. it is more important for me to… What about you?

-What music do your parents prefer to  listen to?


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