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Educational System in Great Britain

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Презентація уроку на тему: Educational System in Great Britain.Презентація розкриває систему освіти у Великій Брітанії.
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Educational System in Great Britain Prepared by Konova Zoya Kyiv 2018

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In Britain, education is compulsory for all children aged between 5 and 16 years. Many stay at school until 18 years old and then go to university.

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Children's education in England is normally divided into two separate stages. They begin with primary education at the age of five and this usually lasts until they are eleven. Then they move to, there they stay until they secondary school reach sixteen, seventeen or eighteen years of age.

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Primary schools (5 - 11 year olds)In the UK, the first level of education is known as primary education. There are usually located close to the child's home. Children tend to be with the same group throughout the day, and one teacher has responsibility for most of the work they do.

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Secondary schools (11 - 16 year olds)Most children transfer at the age of 11 - usually to their nearest secondary school, though the law allows parents in England and Wales to express preferences for other schools too.

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Types of Schools in Britain. There are two different types of school:state schoolsprivate schoolsppt_x

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State Schools. There are schools run by the Government. These schools are known as State Schools and parents do not pay. They are financed by public funds, which means that the money comes from the national and local taxes.

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State schools are divided into the following types: Grammar schools Technical schools Modern schools Comprehensive schools

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Private schools. All students at private schools must pay. Typical fees for 2011 at a private boarding school in Britain are £24,000 per year (inclusive of accommodation and meals). The fees at private schools are exactly the same for British students as for overseas students.

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The most famous public schools are Eton, Harrow and Winchester.

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Universities and Colleges in Great Britain Education in Great Britain, considered one of the best in the world. Superb Colleges and Universities, where the choice of courses is almost unlimited. From Mathematics to Medicine. There are over 90 universities in GB.

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The Best U. K. Universities. University of Cambridge. University of Oxford. University of Birmingham. University of Manchester. University of Leeds. Durham University. University of Edinburgh. University of Warwick. University College London. University of Southampton

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Sourses: http://ppt4web.ru/anglijjskijj-jazyk/educational-system-in-great-britain.html. Thank you for your attention!

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