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English Party "Do You Know English Well ?"

Про матеріал

Позакласний захід з англійської мови для учнів 5 класу "Do You Know English Well?". Можна використати як урок-вікторину, як один із заходів під час проведення тижня англійської мови в школі, під час гурткової роботи з дітьми.

Перегляд файлу

     - Hello, dear friends, guests and participants. You are welcome to our competition. I`m glad to see you! Today we are having a competition “Brain Ring”, and each of you will take part in it.

During the competition our jury will count your points and put them down.

 It will be competition between two teams. The theme is “Do You  Know English Well ?” .

The motto is “ You can`t win if you do not begin”.

- Well, we must choose the jury. Today our jury is……

            - So, let’s start. Ready?

- And now let`s introduce the participants.  ( проходить конкурс «Представлення») .

1.  – OK. The first competition is « Who know the ABC best?» ( Завдання: потрібно швидко відгадати закодоване слово )

5, 14, 7, 12, 1, 14, 4 (England)

21, 11, 18, 1, 9, 14, 5 ( Ukraine)


2. Well, the next competition is «Remember and name»

(Завдання: дається тема, учні повинні назвати якомога більше слів з даної теми).


3.  – OK. The next competition is « Which word from the  list is superfluous?».

-   Red, blue, big, black

-   Ukraine, USA, President, Great Britain

-   Desk, chair, table, room

-    Juice, tea, milk, salad

-       Dress, boots, blouse, jeans

-      January, March, Sunday, September

4.  –Well, the next competition is «Pantomime». Your friend will show you some actions. Try to understand what he/she will do.  You will have 1 minute for discussion. Is it clear? Ok, let’s start!


( to read, to sleep, to write, to play football, to be in love, to sing, to dance, to fly, to swim, to run, to play volleyball, to have lunch, to smile, to jump)

  • OK. And now it`s time for the jury to sum up the results of our competition.


5.  The next competition is «Be Quick! State Holidays of Ukraine».

January, 1                       Easter

January, 7                        May Day

March, 8                         Victory Day

April/ May                      Constitution Day

May, 1                            Independence Day

May, 9                           New Year`s Day

June, 28                        Christmas

August, 24                     Women`s Day


6.  «Listening».

  • Listen to the text and draw a toy house. (кожна команда слухає текст двічі і малює малюнок)


7.  – OK. The next competition is  «The meaning of the words» . You must explain the meaning of each word.


Ukraine – a country, London – a capital of…, the Dnipro – a river, the dress – clothes, PT – a lesson, cheese – a food, Christmas – a holiday, Barrack Obama – a president, black – a colour , tennis – a kind of sport, the car – a transport, the pig -  an animal, father, mother and their children – a family, my mother and my father – parents, a rose – a flower, winter – a season.


8. - Ok. The next competition is « What country is it?»  Look at the screen, please, and name the country .


 9. – Well, and the last competition is « The Captain`s Competition».  ( Tests)

10.  « Riddles».  (for fans) (загадки для вболівальників)

  • Let`s guess riddles. Listen and guess.

 11.    «Proverbs and Sayings» (прислів`я та приказки)

  • Translate each of the proverb from English into Ukrainian.

 12.      « Wordpuzzle». (завдання – знайти 10 слів)

  • And now it`s time for the jury to sum up the results of our competition. Now let’s listen to the results.
  • So, the winner is…
  • I hope you have enjoyed the English party.  And you understand that you must study English. Thank you very much for taking an active part in our party.
  •  Best wishes to you.
  •  Good bye!















Підготувала вчитель англійської мови

Приймаченко Валентина Василівна





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