Граматичний матеріал. Present Continuous Passive Voice

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Матеріал призначений для допомоги учителям при підготовці до уроку. Завдяки цим карткам можна поглибити ЗУН учнів з гграматики.
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Вправа 1. Rewrite the sentences in passive voice.

1. Sheila is drinking a cup of tea. - A cup of tea is being drunk by Sheila.

  1. My father is washing the car. – 
  2. Farmer Joe is milking the cows.
  3. She is taking a picture of him. - 
  4. I am writing a poem.
  5. We are not playing football.  
  6. He is not wearing a tie. -
  7. Is she preparing the party? - 
  8. Are they talking about the meeting?
  9.         Is she watering the flowers? 

Вправа 2. Put the following sentences into passive voice. (present continuous passive)

  1. The cat is tearing the new book.The new book is being torn by the cat?
  2. Is the agent chasing the criminal?
  3. We are collecting the stamps at the moment.
  4. They are washing my car now.
  5. Mr. Barber is handing out the exam papers.
  6. Who is checking the passports?
  7. GPS is calculating the route to your destination.
  8. He is writing a letter.
  9. She is collecting the books.
  10. We are using a different camera.
  11. They are doing some exercises.
  12. They are showing both films.
  13. We are buying a cake for birthday.
  14. He is writing a report at the moment.

Вправа 3. Put the following sentences into passive voice. (present continuous passive)

  1. They are buying a new house in our town.
  2. They are repairing this car.
  3. The family is waiting for you now.
  4. They are fixing my piano at the moment.
  5. What books are people reading this year?
  6. Are they sending a postcard for you?
  7. We are writing a new book.
  8. Mrs Brown is making the bed.
  9. The robot is washing the clothes.
  10. We are doing an exercise.
  11. She is painting a picture.
  12. Mother is cooking dinner.
  13. Father is reading a newspaper.
  14. Grandmother is knitting a sweater.
  15. Wife is reading a letter from her husband.
  16. Mother is reading a fairy-tale for her son.
  17. She is putting a book on the shelf.

Вправа 4. Put the following sentences into passive voice. (present continuous passive)

  1. They are discussing a difficult question.
  2. She is asking her students at the lesson.
  3. The students are doing a project.
  4. They are repairing a new building.
  5. The workers are building a new shop.
  6. He is looking for his glasses.
  7. She is washing the dishes now.
  8. He is writing a composition.
  9. They are counting money.
  10. They are painting on the wall.
  11. The children are singing a Spanish song.
  12. That man is repairing a car.
  13. My mother is cleaning kitchen.
  14. Factories are making a paper from the wood.
  15. She is reporting a weather forecast for tomorrow.
  16. My mother is driving me to school.
  17. They are feeding the cows.
  18. The people are electing the president.

Вправа 5. Put the following sentences into passive voice. (present continuous passive)

  1. My father is buying a new flat.
  2. The chef is cooking food in the restaurant.
  3. The teacher is solving the problem.
  4. A tourist is visiting Spain at the moment.
  5. The dog is eating my dinner.
  6. Jimmy is feeding the pigeon.
  7. The children are answering the question.
  8. The postman is delivering the letter.
  9. The man is driving a car.
  10. The cat is chasing the mouse.
  11. My mom is reading an interesting book.
  12. The postman is bringing the letter.
  13. I am picking the apples in the garden.
  14. The doctor is visiting patients now.
  15. Peter is asking a lot of questions about the race.

Вправа 6. Put the following sentences into passive voice. (present continuous passive)

  1. My cat is catching the fish.
  2. They are keeping the books in the bookcase.
  3. He is opening the door.
  4. We are setting the table.
  5. She is spending a lot of money.
  6. I am drawing a picture.
  7. She is wearing a blouse.
  8. You are not writing a letter.
  9. He is not opening the book.
  10. She is doing an English exercise.
  11. The police officer is catching a thief.
  12. I am picking a bouquet of flowers for my mum.
  13. They are wearing blue shoes.
  14. She is biking a pie.
  15. He is painting the door.
  16. Men are driving trains.
  17. Teacher is checking the test.
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