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«Hello, Europe!» День Європи — свято відзначається в країнах Європейського Союзу 9 травня

Про матеріал


My native land,

The land of wonders,

Of autumn rains

And summer thunders.

The greenest hills

And magic lakes,

The tender breeze,

Romantic dales. = Дивуючa земля)

Amazing land –

My dear Ukraine.

Перегляд файлу

Картинки по запросу EU Ukraine                      

                  «Hello, Europe

День Європи — свято, що відзначається в країнах Європейського Союзу 9 травня,

                             а також офіційно в Україні щорічно у третю суботу травня з 2003 р.

The Objectives.

Practical: to extend and refresh students’ knowledge of the vocabulary on the  topic “ Europe”; to develop  speaking skills, practising the material of the lesson in the natural way; to improve listening and reading skills.

Developing: to develop students’ attention, memory and logical way of  thinking; to promote students’ curiosity; to motivate students’ spontaneous speech;

Upbringing: to provide students with the information about the European  countries; to stimulate students to learn more about the European Union.

Equipment and visual aids: CD, DVD, pictures of the world’s capitals, the map of the World,

                                                 bread and salt on the embroidered towel, projects, video.

Form: meeting

Картинки по запросу EU                                              Procedure:

I. Introduction

   1. Greeting (1min)

T.: Good morning boys and girls! Nice to meet you.                                                                    

Ps.: Good morning teacher! Nice to see you too.                                                                         

T.: Take your seats. Well, as for me I feel like million dollars :)   What about you ? How are you?                                                                                                                               P1: Very well, thank you.                                                                                                              

P2: Amazing, thanks.                                                                                                                      

T.: How is life?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        P2: On the top of the world                                                                                                             

T.: What’s the news?                                                                                                                     

P1: No news, good news.

  2. Warming-up (2min)

Картинки по запросу EU UkraineT.: I’m glad to hear that everybody is fine and ready to work. Let’s start the class. I  wish all of you good luck and success at the lesson. But your success in life depends greatly on your ability to be in a good mood, be happy and to give a compliment to other people. Give the compliment to             your friend. ( Students make up the dialogues).

           Dialogue 1

P1: You look great today!

P2: Thanks a lot. And you look  perfect, too.

P1: Thank you.

            Dialogue 2

P5: You look cute today!

P6: How kind it was of you. And you look excellent!

P5: Very much obliged.

T.: So, I hope that our work at the lesson will be useful, interesting and successful.

     And such a nice weather outside will help us.

     3. Weather forecast “ Weather in Ukraine” (2min)

T.: By the way,  - What season is it now?                                                                                                                             - What are spring months?    - Is it cold or warm today?                                                                                                            - Is it foggy and dull?            - What is the temperature?   

- What colour is the sky?       - Is it raining cats and dogs now? 

- Is the weather changeable in spring? - Do you like today’s weather?     

T: Do you know any spring holidays?

Ps: Yes, we do. They’re Mother’s Day, Easter, Victory Day, Day of Europe…

T.: Brilliant! You’ve pointed so many spring holidays.

II. The main part of the lesson  

     1. Aim presentation (2min)

T.: Today I’d like you to get acquainted with one more holiday. Look at the board, please. Here you can see some pictures of the world’s capitals. Can you guess what holiday it is?

P1: I think, it’s Europe Day, which is celebrated on May 9.

T.: I quite agree with you. So, at our today’s lesson we’ll speak about European  countries and their cooperation with Ukraine; work at improving listening, speaking and reading skills and, of course, we’re going to travel around old  beautiful Europe…

                        ( Mobile phone rings).

T.: - Excuse me, my dear friends. Hello!

      - Is that you, Jane? Glad to hear you.

      - What? Do the representatives of the European Union want to visit us?

      - That’s great! We’ll be happy to see them.

      - Bye, see you soon.

T.: As you heard, children, my friend Jane, together with the representatives of the European Union, is going to come to our lesson. Let’s meet our guests, tell  them about Ukraine and, of course, ask about their countries because I think that every educated person should know not only her native land, but also be interested in history, culture and traditions of other countries.  

2. Welcome to Ukraine! ( monological speaking) (3min) 

( Someone is knocking at the door. Students take bread and salt on the embroidered towel. In a minute students dressed in the traditional costumes of England, Germany and France enter the classroom. Ukrainian boy and girl greet them. Slide show. Students speak, while video presentation is going on).

Картинки по запросу EUP1: Welcome to Ukraine!                        

P2: We’d like to invite you to visit our state!

P1: Ukraine is an undiscovered treasure,

      To visit it is great pleasure.

      It’s a beautiful and fantastic country

      That gives all people its hospitality and bounty.

P2: Visitors can spend their holidays in Ukraine

      And see its beautiful sights again.

      Get to know its history and culture,

      Visiting  monuments, churches and structures.

P3: Some of the remarkable places to see

      With great pleasure you’ll agree.

       They are Kyiv, Odesa, Lviv, Chernivtsi,

       The Crimea, the Carpathians and the Black See.

P4: You can enjoy some of the finest dishes

       And for sure you’ll think for many wishes

       You will enjoy your visit to Ukraine

       And come back again and again.                                                                               

 ( Guests from Europe try some bread and salt).

3. Hello from Europe! (monological speaking) (8min)

( Guests speak, while video presentations about their countries are going on).

Guest from Germany: Hello dear friends! My name’s Peter and I’m from 

                                    Germany. Our capital is Berlin. It’s population is over 1mln

                                    inhabitants. Germans are disciplined and hard-working. We

                                    love our Motherland and our capital. 

Guest from France: Hi! I’m Patricia and I’m from France. It’s the biggest country

                                in Western Europe. About 58mln people live in it. First of all, 

                                France is the centre of the world fashion and art. It’s famous   

                                for it’s charming buildings, French perfumes, beautiful castles,

                                wines and tasty food. The capital of my country is Paris.

                                Welcome to France!

Guest from England: Good old England…Brave Scotland, with its charming

                                   music… Beautiful Ireland… Mysterious Wales…Great

                                   Britain – the country with rich traditions, beautiful famous

                                   sights, British Royal family, outstanding writers: Robert

                                   Burns, George Gordon Byron, William Shakespeare…

( A boy and a girl come to the middle of the classroom. The girl sits.

Похожее изображение****** The boy is reciting William Shakespeare’s sonnet in English.


****** After that the girl does the same but in Ukrainian).

                              From fairest creatures we desire increase,
                              That thereby beauty's rose might never die,
                               But as the riper should by time decease,
                               His tender heir might bear his memory:
                               But thou contracted to thine own bright eyes,
                               Feed'st thy light's flame with self-substantial fuel,
                               Making a famine where abundance lies,
                               Thy self thy foe, to thy sweet self too cruel:
                               Thou that art now the world's fresh ornament,
                                And only herald to the gaudy spring,
                                Within thine own bud buriest thy content,
                                And tender churl mak'st waste in niggarding:

                                Pity the world, or else this glutton be,
                                To eat the world's due, by the grave and thee.

                                  Ми прагнем, щоб краса потомство мала,

                                  Щоб цвіт її ніколи не зачах,

                                  Щоб квітнула троянда нетривала,

                                  Все наново постаючи в бруньках.

                                  А ти, закоханий у власну вроду,

                                  Її годуєш полумям своїм,

                                  Розвалюєш – скажи, кому на шкоду? –

                                  Душі своєї багатющий дім.

                                  Ти, хто весні сьогодні пишна пара,

                                   Пригноблюєш весняне почуття,

                                   Як той багатий, та нещасний скнара,

                                   Змарновуєш на вбогості життя.

                                   Світ пожалій, не зводь красу до гробу,

                                   Віддай природі борг – свою подобу!

T.: Dear guests, thank you so much for such  nice excursions.

4. Text “ The European Union” ( listening) (5min)

    a) pre- listening activity

T.: Children, our guests pronounced the word “ Europe” for a few times. Now say

      and write on the blackboard the words which you associate with “ Europe”.

             The European Union        27 countries              euro       



              cooperation                       Europe                 friendship


              democracy                             Eurovision                The European Council                                 

P1: I associate it with the word “Eurovision”.                                                        

P2: I associate it with the word “euro”.                                                                  

T.: Look at the blackboard and see what kind of spider gram your answers have  

     made. You have pointed many things which are really connected with Europe.

     b) while-listening activity

T.: Now listen to the text about the European Union and try to remember the 

      names of as many European countries as you can.

                                        The European Union

   The European Union (EU) is the organization that united several European countries. They want to cooperate more closely to each other. As a result they wish to save peace in Europe.

    In 1957 six countries wrote the pack about new economic association. Those countries were: Belgium, France, Western Germany, Italy, Luxemburg and Netherland. In 1998 this association included fifteen countries. The new of them were Great Britain, Spain, Finland, Irish Republic, Sweden, Denmark, Portugal, Greece and Austria.

   There is common market between these countries. It provides with free moving of money, goods, services and people without customs duty or other barriers on the borders. Today there is the common currency – euro – that makes easier different operations between the countries inside the EU. On the head of the EU are the Soviet of Ministers and the committee.

    The Soviet of Ministers consists of the ministers of the government from each country. It adopts the final decision in the political questions. the members of the committee decide different questions and make new laws. The members of the EU government are chosen through the voting in every country – member of the EU. This government discusses the suggestions of the committee.

   The Court of the EU looks for the fulfilment of the laws. The European Union headquarter is in Brussels in Belgium.

    The new members of this organization are Poland, Hungary, Romania, Czech and Slovakia…

T.: So, how many European countries have been mentioned in the text?

P1: 20…

Похожее изображение         c) post- listening activity

T.: Your next task is to finish the sentences in a quick, correct and witty way.      You may start.

Example: 1. The EU is the organization that …

                 2. In 1957 six countries …

                 3. In  1998 this association included …

                 4. The common market provides … 

                 5. Today there is the common currency …

                 6. The EU headquarter is in …

                 7. The new members of this organization are…  

T.: Lovely. You’ve been very quick and done a very good job.

5. Relaxation period (song) (2min)

T.: And now let’s have a little rest and sing Ruslana’s song “Wild Dancers” which

     helped her to won the first place in the Eurovision Contest in Turkey in 2004.

Похожее изображениеJust maybe I’m crazy,
The world spins round and round and round
shi-di-ri-di-duy, shi-di-ri-di-da-na
shi-di-ri-di-duy, shi-di-ri-di-da-na

I want you to want me as I dance
Round and round and round
shi-di-ri-di-duy, shi-di-ri-di-da-na
shi-di-ri-di-duy, shi-di-ri-di-da-na

Forever and ever go, go, go wild dancers!!

Day-na-day-na Wanna be loved
Day-na Gonna take my wild chances
Day-na-day-na Freedom above
Day-na-da-na-da I’m wild ‘n’ dancing


Inside you
My head spins round and round and round
shi-di-ri-di-duy, shi-di-ri-di-da-na
shi-di-ri-di-duy, shi-di-ri-di-da-na

I want you
To want me
So I dance round and round and round
Hey, shi-di-duy, shi-di-ri-di-da-na
Hey, shi-di-duy, shi-di-ri-di-da-na

Forever and ever
Go, go, go wild dancers!!

Day-na-day-na Wanna be loved
Day-na Gonna take my wild chances
Day-na-day-na Freedom above
Day-na-da-na-da I’m wild ‘n’ dancing


Dance forever, come and be mine,
Dance together, till the end of time
Dance together go, go, go wild dancers!!

Day-na-day-na Wanna be loved
Day-na Gonna take my wild chances
Day-na-day-na Freedom above
Day-na-da-na-da I’m wild ‘n’ dancing

T.: Good job. It was really cool!   

6. Contest “What do you know about Europe?” (4 min)

T.: And now we’ll see what do you know about European Countries.              

Contest 1.Let’s divide into two teams. Look at the screen and say what these people are:   

Картинки по запросу EU Ukraine                 Hans Christian Andersen                English poet

                 George Gordon Byron                    Italian singer

                 Alain Delon                                     Ukrainian writer

                 Luciano Pavarotti                            French actor

                 Ivan Franko                                     Danish writer

Contest 2. Which food is popular in these countries?  

                   Fish                                       France

                   Sauces                                   Italy

                   Yorkshire Pudding               Spain

                    Spaghetti                             Germany   

                    Sausages                              Great Britain

Contest 3.  Where are these sights situated?

                    Big Ben                                  Paris

                    Eiffel Tower                           Kyiv

                    Andriivska Church                 London

                    Coliseum                                Belgium

                    Mannekin-Pis                         Italy 

Contest 4.   Quiz

                    1. What is the official name of Great Britain?

                    2. What is the territory of Ukraine?

                     3. What is the main street in Berlin, Germany?

                     4. What river is the longest in Europe?

                     5. What is the population of France?

                     6. What is the capital of Belgium?

7. Project work (9min)

T.: (This is the last question in the quiz) Can you imagine your native town to be European in future?

 P1: Yes, I can. I believe that some day my native town will be really European. I dream to see it like that.

(Students are divided into 3 groups of 5. Each group presents its video project, giving comments on it).

Examples: I’d like my town to be clean and tidy.

                  I’d like to see many green plants in it.

                  I’d like to see friendly people in the streets.

                  I’d like to have rest in a beautiful park on the river banks.

                  I’d like my father to drive on a good motorway.

T.: You are right boys and girls. I consider that our beloved Ukraine and our native town  deserve to have better future because so many hard-working and talented people live here. And it’s our duty to make this dream come true. +               «MY NATIVE LAND»

My native land,

The land of wonders,

Of autumn rains

And summer thunders.

The greenest hills

And magic lakes,

The tender breeze,

                                     Romantic dales.          = Дивуючa земля)

Amazing land –

My dear Ukraine.

  • Complete this proverb: Speak about our nest                        

                                       bird    its     Every    likes    nest    own

                                         Кожний птах любить своє гніздо



                                   Ukraine                                         Europe

                                 First group                                 Second group

  • Results of the game. Every bird likes its own nest.

8. Saying “ Good - bye” (2min)

Guest from England: Oh, excuse us, please, but it’s time for us to go. Thank you for such a nice trip.    

P1: Thank you, dear guests, for visiting us! Remember that Ukraine is an amazing country, where you can find so many interesting places to admire and get to  know more about customs and traditions of its outstanding people.

P2: Spending holidays in our country, you’ll be able to see the fantastic nature of  the Carpathian and the Crimean Mountains, and the beauty of the Black Sea  and the Sea of Azov.

00(192)P3: We are proud of our country and want you to share our love. We are waiting  for you to come back and try our borsch and varenyky. Hope we’ll see you soon again. 

P4:                          My dear Ukraine,

                               Independent you live!

                               We hope again

                               And in future believe.

Guests:   Ukrainians are our friends. So, we are waiting for you in Eurolands! Good - bye!

III. The end of the meeting.   1. T.: So, our work is over Please? At home write an essay on the topic:

                                                           “ If I were a president of Ukraine, I would …                                       

2. Evaluation (1min)   Listening to the song @ watching video Europe - Walk The Earth (Official Video)


3. Summing up. (2min)  T.: Everybody was very active today. And we’ve done much work.

                                               Thank you for your excellent job. Good bye, boys and girls. See you next time. 


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