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Інтегрований урок "Adventures of Tom Sawyer"

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Урок розроблений за методикою CLIL - викладання різних предметів англійською мовою.
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An Integrated lesson: English & Foreign Literature (CLIL methodology).

Topic:  “Adventures of Tom Sawyer” by Mark Twain

Grade: 6

Aims: Students will recognize classic literature as a record of human experiences while reading Mark Twain’s The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. Students will work collaboratively, using a wide range of movement and theatre techniques, to discover an author’s process of creating a character, setting, conflict and plot. Students will connect their personal lives to the thoughts and struggles of the main characters through reflective journal topics and an end of the unit personal narrative.


Materials and resourses: 1. Composition books (all assignments are written in composition books) 2. Copies of The Adventures of Tom Sawyer 3. Reader’s Theatre examples 4. Theatre objects (drumstick, cloth, string, etc.)


 Objectives: 1. Students will develop questions and responses in small groups, and literature circles activities.  2. Students will define and identify literary terms .  3. Students will analyze characters, including their traits, motivations, conflict, and relationships and the changes they undergo throughout the course of a novel.  4. Students will define setting and discuss how setting impacts characters and conflict





I. Greeting

II.Warming up 1. What was your childhood like? What did you do for fun? What activities were you allowed to do? What activities were off limits? (Connection to Tom Sawyer’s daily activities).  2. Discuss a time you were blamed for something you didn’t do. How did the other person’s words make you feel?  (Connection to Tom blamed by Aunt Polly) 3. Did you ever run away, or threaten to run away, when you were little? What did you say? What did you do? (Connection to Tom, Huck and Joe running away to Jackson Island) 4. If homesickness were a colour what colour would it be? Find a colour within this classroom that symbolizes homesickness. (Connection/Perceptivity to Tom and Joe experiencing homesickness while away on Jackson Island). 

 III. Reading and dramatizing. Students will participate in activities to practice theatre view points, characterization, and plot sequences. These activities will require students to step out of their comfort zone and perform in front of their peers. 

 IV. Theatre Activity- This is not a stick: Students interact with certain materials on the floor as  a character from the novel (Tom Sawyer, Sid, Becky Thatcher, or Aunt Polly). 


Examples:  1. This is not a stick it is a paint brush

 2. This is not a stick it is a fishing pole

 3. This is not a stick it is a pirate sword

4. This is not a curtain it is a dress

5. This is not a curtain it is a cloud

V. Sensory Experience: Students will have heighten sensory experiences when given the opportunity to write or read outside. Since most of the novel takes place outdoors it is vital to give students the same opportunity to discover natural details about their immediate environment. 

 VI. Active Engagement- Students will be actively engaged in the unit through many different small group and whole class activities.  Examples:  1. Choices in final assessments (personal narrative, plot pop up books, character monologue)  2. Finding objects throughout the classroom, school, and outdoor environment to observe and interact with.  3. Choices in plot scenes to choreograph  4. Opportunity to participate in Theatre activities  

 VII.Activities (overview): 1. Whole class Found Theater activities- students will rotate to present how they think a character from the novel would interact with an object or another character. For example- if Tom Sawyer were asked to sit in his chair for 30 minutes how would he begin to act? 2. In small groups students will discuss how characters would interact with objects found in the classroom.  3. In small groups students will recreate a scene from the novel. 4. Students will be given a type of conflict (Man vs. Man, Man vs. Self, etc) and must create a scene with another classmate. 

Final Test

1.What is Mark Twain's real name?

A. Thomas Sawyer

B. Samuel Clemens

C. Huckleberry Finn


2. What type of literature does Mark Twain satirize in Tom Sawyer?


A. Graphic novel

B. Adventure

C. Melodrama

3. Who is Tom Sawyer's love interest in the book?

A. Amy Lawrence

B. Becky Thatcher

C. Mary Sawyer

4. Why do Tom and Huck go to the graveyard at midnight with a dead cat?

A. To cure warts

B. To see ghosts

C. To find buried treasure

5. Who murdered Dr. Robinson?

A. Muff Potter

B. Injun Joe

C. Huck Finn

6. Why does Tom run away to be a pirate?

A. He is angry

B. He gets into a fight with Becky

C. Aunt Polly kicks him out of the house



7. What does Becky do to get revenge on Tom?

A. Makes friends with Amy Lawrence

B. Invites him to a picnic

C. Pretends to like another boy

8. What "brave" and "noble" thing does Tom do to win Becky's affection anew?

A. Takes her punishment for tearing the book

B. Spurns Amy Lawrence

C. Gives her a brass knob

9. What do the boys do to get even with their professor, Mr. Dobbins?

A. Lower a dead cat onto the stage

B. Make noise during the final ceremony

C. Gild his bald head while he sleeps

10. Which is an example of "irony"?

A. Aunt Polly forgiving Tom for his sins

B. Tom receiving a Bible at Sunday School

C. Tom and Becky getting lost in the cave

11. Who does Huck Finn save from Injun Joe?

A. The Widow Douglas

B. Aunt Polly

C. Becky Thatcher



12. How is Muff Potter's name cleared at the trial?

A. Huckleberry Finn's testimony

B. Tom Sawyer's testimony

C. Luck


Who is the deaf and dumb Spaniard?


A. Injun Joe

B. Muff Potter

C. Joe Harper

14. How do Tom and Becky escape the cave?

A. Becky screams for help

B. Joe Harper saves them

C. Tom finds another entrance to the cave

15. What happens to Injun Joe at the end of the book?

A. He is found dead in the cave

B. He is captured and hanged

C. He escapes and no one sees him again

VII. Summing up. You worked well today. Your marks are good and excellent. I want you to remember that you should treat all the people with love and care, respect everybody and everything and you will be happy.

  VIII. Home Assignment. Create your own project. Homesickness in my town.

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