Історія мого села конспкт уроку

Про матеріал
  • 1.Повторення Ло теми і її активізація
  • - Now you'll try to match the words with their translations.

To be found село

A village засноване

A church церква

To be located розміщуватися

A monument триповерхова будівля

Thee stored building пам'ятник

Перегляд файлу


Урок  6

Історія мого села


  •                    Ознайомити учнів з історією заснування села;
  •                    Активізувати ЛО з теми;
  •                    Продовжувати формувати мовну і мовленнєву компетенцію учнів;
  •                    Формувати навички читання, письма, мовлення, аудіювання;
  •                    Розвивати пам'ять, логічне мислення, уяву, увагу, мовну здогадку учнів;
  •                    Поглиблювати знання учнів про особливості англійської мови.
  •                    Виховувати повагу до рідної місцевості, традицій.

Обладнання: комп’ютер, мультимедійна презентація, дидактичний матеріал з теми.


Хід уроку

I Introduction

1.Aim and greeting

- Good morning, children! Today we’ll travel to the past of our native village, we’ll know more about it’s history and foundation.

But first let’s check your homework.

2.Check on homework (учні за малюнком розповідають про село)

II Main Part

1.Warm up

a)phonetic drill

- Let’s read and pay attention to the sounds.

I love you deeply, dear land

Your hills and rivers, sand and strand

Your songs, your dances, lakes and seas

Your fish, your animals, birds and trees.

Now let’s speak about this poem . Please, answer for my questions using the beginning of the answers.

1.It is a beautiful poem, is not it?                                                      YES|NO

2. Do you like this poem ?                                                                 YES|NO

3. What is it about?                                                                             It is about…

4. Do you know any poems about native land.


2. Presentation the new words


  • A local
  • A resident
  • A settlement
  • To rename


Our village is very old. It is 340 years. It is situated 41 km from Novi Sanzhary and it is not far from Poltava and  Dnipropetrovs’k , and it is situated on picturesquare  bank of the Oril’ River. That is why it is green and ecological clean. The local old residents says that the settlement’s name came from a name of grass. From 1765 Nekhvoroscha is a part of Tsarychanskiy County. The village was renamed Aleksopol in 1785.

 In 1800 the old name come back again .

In 1923 Nekhvoroscanskyi Raion was founded. The population of district increase and in 1923 it was 68,476 people.  In 1962 Nekhvoroscanskyi Raion lost the status settlement of a district type.

Our village was beautiful any times of the year.



-Thank you very much. Now I’d like you to find some words in the text I’ll give them in Ukrainian and you find their English equivalent in the text.



-місцеві жителі

-Царичанський повіт

-Нехворощанський район



Find out if the statements are true or false

  1. Nekhvoroscha is the city of Poltavs’ka oblast’.
  2. It is a new village.
  3. Nekhvoroscha is situated on the both banks of the river Dnipro.
  4. It is situated 51 km from Novi Sanzhary.
  5. Our village is far from Poltava.
  6. Our village is Aleksopol’.
  7. In 1923 was founded Nekhvoroschanskyi Raion.
  8. In 1964 Nekhvoroschanskyi Raion was destroyed.

-Good for you. You are very attentive children. You have brilliant coped with my tasks.

Now I’d like you have a rest and play a little.


This is my right hand,

I'll raise it up high (Raise the right hand)

This is my left hand,

I'll touch the sky. (Raise the left hand)

Right hand, (Show the right palm)

Left hand, (Show the left palm)

Roll them around. (Roll hands around)

Left hand, (Show the left palm)

Right hand, (Show the right palm)

Turn around, turn around.


-Well, children! I have a letter from one American boy. He told there about his impressions after visiting our village. However this letter is not written form, it is a sound one. So, I’ll give you a special task-table, you should fill it while listening to this letter.

(учні слухають запис листа)

Додаток 1


Hello! mum  and dad, my sister and me spent 10 wonderful days in amusing village Nekhvoroscha.

We visited Vasyl’kivs’ka Fortress, Sviate Lake, the monument to Unknown Soldier and many other historical places.

My parents swam in the river. It’s name is Oril’. It is the cleanest one in Poltava Region.

I liked Nekhvoroscha very much . I hope to visit it again.






What did they see


-So, let’s check up your tables and know who is right.



-Let’s speak a little. Questions for  discussion:

  • Who has been to Nekhvoroscha?
  • What did you see there?
  • Is the Nekhvoroscha a small village or a city?
  • There is a beautiful park in the center of the village, isn’t it?
  • Do you like our village?
  • Are you proud of your village?

ІІІ. Заключна частина уроку


-Thank you for your answers. Well, my dears, I have a request. I’d like you write me any information about our village  in the form of a letter. I’ll give you my e-mail, if you have Internet-send me your letter.


My name is John. I’m from New York. Last April my

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