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Конспект уроку по темі "Спорт"

Про матеріал

План-конспект уроку" Kinds of sport" рекомендований для використання при вивченні теми "Sport" у 6 класі і основний акцент зосереджено на особливостях популярних видів спорту британців і значенні занять спортом в їх житті (матеріали відео-фільму "Spotrs in Britain " з серії

"Word on the street" British Council).

Перегляд файлу

Popular British Sports and Games






    -     develop student’s speaking skills through the delivering mini presentation               and text based discussions;

  • enhance the socio-cultural competence of students when exploring the information about sport;
  • encourage students to express their opinion on the topic thus empowering them with the skills necessary for successful communication in real life situations;
  •  participate in common conversational exchange about sport;
  • to conduct  your own dialogue ideas changing the participants and the situations;
  • to identify the main ideas and details from the film for when watching it;
  • to demonstrate the important role of sport in our lives;
  • to systematize the knowledge of students on the theme "Sport";
  • to practice Present Simple Passive;
  • to develop attention, memory, ability to guess, the ability to self-evaluation;
  • to educate the desire for an active lifestyle.



  •  presentations;
  • Film «Popular British Sports» for watching;
  • hand-outs.







1. Warming up. Greeting.

           My dear friends!

 I am very glad to come into your friendly class,

And look into your clever eyes.

      I know: you are genius and talented.

      Let’s cross the swords of your opinions,

      And I hope you’ll help me to create our lesson today!

Look at the first slide:

 T: I am very glad and happy to see all of you today. Arrange the letters in the right order and you’ll get the topic of our lesson “ ROPST”. You are quite right! It’s sport.

 Today we’ll talk about POPULAR BRITISH SPORTS, different kinds of sports, what one should do to keep fit and what qualities a good sportsman should have.


- Which important international event are we following now? (slide 2)

-Yes, you right. Its Olympic Games in Korea.


2.Phonetic drill.

 Now lets practice some sounds: ( Phonetic Presentation 1)

3.Grammar Practice.

 Its  time to remember some kinds of sport equipment. (Presentation 2, Slide 13)

4.Listening comprehension.

 Do you like to guess?

So, I would like 3 pupils to come out to the blackboard. Have 3 pieces of chalk of different colours. Listen to me and circle the right kind of sport.

Now listen to some sporty episodes and guess the kind of sport. (Slide 3 )

5. Physical training break.

Listen to the text and clap your hands-if you hear any kind of sport and stamp your feet –if you hear the word SPORT.

 Presentation of the text “Sport in Our Life”


      People all over the world are fond of sports and games. Sport and physical exercises help us to keep fit and healthy. There are summer and winter kinds of sports. The most popular winter sports are skating, skiing and tobogganing. Some people greatly enjoy figure skating and ski-jumping. It’s so nice to go to the skating-rink or to the forest on a frosty sunny day!

     The most popular summer sports are swimming, cycling, boating and yachting. It’s so wonderful to breathe in the fresh air and enjoy watching nature!

      Children all over the world like to play indoor and outdoor games. Athletics, aerobics, gymnastics enjoy their great popularity among the girls. Many of them attended sports clubs and train in the gym. The boys go in for boxing, wrestling, football, tennis, basketball and track and field events.

      Everyone must do all he or she can to be healthy and to develop a strong character. “A sound mind in a sound body”, the old Latin proverb says.


3. Ask and Answer. Pair-work:

    1. What sports do you like?

    2. What sports do you do?

    3. What games do you like?

    4. Which sports do you watch on TV?

    5. What sports are you good at?

    6. Do you have any friend who doesn’t like sports?

6.Now you will watch a short film about British sports.

 Take the cards and be ready to get the necessary information: (Presentation 2) (Hand-out 2)

Discussion of the film .(Slide 23,28 )

7.Reading  Practice.

Its time to practice reading..(Slide 24-26 )


- Have we worked effectively today?

- What new things have you learnt at our lesson?

Home assignment


 Imagine such situation that your friend who doesn’t like sports is sitting next to you: try to persuade your friend to become a sporty person.
























Зразок 1


















“What sports do you like?”















“What sports do you do?”































Зразок 2

Match sporting venues and kind of sport:

  • Wembley                                   Cricket
  • Wimbledon                                Football
  • St.Andrews                                 Golf
  • Henley                                         Rowing
  • Lords                                             Tennis

Answer  the questions:

1. How many swimming pools are there in Britain?

2. How many  clubs belong to the British Cycling Federation?

3. How many  British people go walking?

4. How many  kilometres of national parks are there in England and Wales?

5. How long is the Pennine Way?

6. How many people go to see Manchester United play in Manchester?






Зразок 3


  1. This game is played by two teams. There are six players in each team. They play game on an ice field . ( Hockey)
  2. It is a team game. Two teams hit a large ball with their hands over a high net. The ball is not allowed to bounce on the ground. (Volley-ball)
  3. It is a game of two players. Each player starts with sixteen different playing pieces. They move the playing pieces on a board. The aim of the game is taking your opponent’s king. (Chess)
  4. You need a bat for it. (Cricket)
  5. A game with a white ball and two goals. (Football)
  6. This game has 15 players in each team. ( Rugby)
  7. You should hit a small white ball into holes in the ground. (Golf)
  8. This game is played on the court. ( Tennis)
  9. Sport in the water. (Swimming)
  10. Sport on the water. ( Boating)
  11.  Going on animal back. (Horse riding)
  12.  When you wear big leather gloves and fight. (Boxing)



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