Конспект уроку з англійської мови "Appearance.Check yourself"

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Завершальний урок з теми "Appearance",який можна використати в 3-му класі за підручником А.Несвіт як для узагальнення так і для перевірки вивченого.
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Lesson 4

Form :3

Theme: Check yourself

Objectives : 

Educative : to fasten the use of lexical structures, form lexical skills and skills of pronunciation, perfect the competences of reading, listening, verbal broadcasting, to form skills of the use of new lexical units;

Developing: to develop verbal communicative abilities with support on evidentness, to generalize and systematize lexical units after a theme "Appearance. Parts of body", to develop intellectual and cognitive flairs, different types of memory - auditory, visual, operative;

Educational : to bring up the personal interest in the spread of learning, general culture of students.

Equipment: task “Boy’s parts of the body” ,drill, rhyme, listening task, cards


Type of lesson: lesson of generalization and systematization of knowledge 



Organizational moment. Greeting .

I wake up in the morning

Ready for the day-

Hello! Hello! Good morning!

What a lovely day!

Phonetic limbering-up.  Read  a tongue-twister so quickly as able. 

That handsome man standing with his back to the track has a hat in his hand.


Read and learn the rhyme.

I am tall  like a house,

I am small like a mouse.

I am big like a tree.

And now,look at me.

Describe yourself.


Aims:  Our main task is to control your knowledge on the topic “Appearance”.

II. Main part.

Vocabulary practice

Match words with corresponding boy’s parts of the body .



Read the text and correct the mistakes.

My name is Pam. I have got blue ears and long dark hair. My small mouse is pink. I’ve got two heads? Two legs and ten toys. My foot are small. I am a pretty little girl.




Look  left, look  right

 Look  up, look  down

Look  around.

Look  at  your  nose

Look  at  your  neibour’s  nose.

Close  your  eyes

Open, wink  and  smile.

Presentation.Do  ex.1 p.66.Choose and complete. Read the words in a bubble (big-small,long-short,brown-green,oval-round). You can see the first column of the words on the blackboard . Take  the following card and combine it in suitable pair. Complete the pairs with the suitable nouns. Find the true part of face on the cards.


Do ex.2 p.66. Look at the toys and recollect their names. Say what toys     you have at home.

https://lh6.googleusercontent.com/KJST88IwQo8S-nH-I7NOwoCdK-TLnnX-PEmw26-6kD9W6HZZJmyOonyItz8lynJuu0KOo6l_f-KRaFUvhh7MA_AkU8EVTY36UXFYUtoc2SND_-4IUN2IyyQXgHYvzIoXlQ https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/Ureq--YpF08iqNifTMoKDt5ypNpAqLW3hmBTb6nXjSZoradK0ruZA9lFG1iJwOjFhLiaatCFhTQE4X7C0Yj_JUhjzGngD3N4it2z8ViZ3z_9oJBzqaBIybS0ynUPXePzjQ https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/mTeb9-PsLyP7C5007tJVlgMry66G0OuvzlIY6c0iYbHqXDxFro5m60EaD8SEwClRn7hwThC0RV_ZB9JIjm4KF30kQzfT04PXAxokfrscL5NDAuBB0hHqICup-hyGQaPjOg https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/d2eXcF0DUYSdooRgYQrxL31Gr77T7R2WLF14goA5OVnOZfZhS-04FxpXl28FanSERnTrhGAfY7ER5IWr3MWlZMT-rIsu0o2Ujx2ABQK0DumSd283dX3OHov4AWVW3Ge4qAhttps://lh4.googleusercontent.com/AVkRCj-uvp2uUOZRrleECrDQql7SNh8H-Pw9mkQ15p8yI6tvMD-rUAP4_q64TRf80ovFd7Z2jYeIOIo1GcKHDFMdB8Rsd6AKT3EaHtWoe6dMJC1wEzdnUQsKQhXmIZwamQ


Read the describing and find the true toy.

Writing. Do ex.3 p.66. Look at the picture and complete the story. Write it down.


Speaking . Do ex.4 p.67. Look at the pattern and describe the people. Work in pairs and retell about Betty/Simon and Peter/You. Some students present the results of this cooperation before the class.


Listen to the dialogue and  put the numbers on your sentences according to the text.

--Ha, ha, look at me. I’m very tall and thin.

--Oh! Look here! Where is my body?

--You are so funny! What a big head you’ve got?

--Come here! Look at my nose! It is big and fat.

--My ears! One ear is small and one ear is very big. Ha, ha!

--Oh,look! Can you see that monster? It’s got a big head and big eyes!

--Ha,ha, it’s not a monster. It’s Vicky! Hi ,Vicky!


Oh,look! Can you see that monster? It’s got a big head and big eyes!

Ha,ha, it’s not a monster. It’s Vicky! Hi ,Vicky!

Ha, ha, look at me. I’m very tall and thin.

Come here! 

My ears! One ear is small and one ear is very big. Ha, ha!

You are so funny! What a big head you’ve got?

Look at my nose! 

It is big and fat.

Act the dialogue  about crooked mirrors.

III. Ending the lesson 


Count and record the number. Your toes+your hands+your eyes+your nose+Your legs+your arms+your feet+your ears+your mouth= (24)

Home task.Describe your favorite cartoon character.

The  results...


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