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Даний конспект уроку допоможе вчителям повторити та збагатити лексичний запас учнів з теми "Їжа", а також систематизувати знання учнів про їжу у Британії, США та Україні.

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Theme: Food. The national cuisine of Ukraine, Britain and the USA


Objectives: to revise and enrich student’s vocabulary on the topic; to practice listening for specific information; to develop student’s quick reaction; to teach pupils to co-operate in group work; to systematize student’s knowledge of food in Britain, Ukraine and the USA; to develop student’s ability to learn and understand  English language


Equipment: textbooks (О.Д. Карпюк, 10 клас), pictures, tasks for group work, proverbs, presentations: “British food”, “American food”, “Ukrainian food”, video “Food in Britain”, notebook, TV.



Lesson procedure

I. The beginning of the lesson 

  1). Greetings.

     Good afternoon, dear pupils! I’m glad to see you today. I hope you are fine and ready to work hard at our lesson.

    2)  Warm-up

- Let’s start out lesson with the riddle.

What is greater than God?

What is more evil than devil?

Poor people have it.

Rich people need it,

If you eat it

You will die.


 There is one thing in our life that we can’t do without. Otherwise we’ll simply die. It’s food, of course, which plays an important role in our life. First of all it keeps us alive. But it can also make us feel good, bad or sick.. Some people pay very much attention to it and some practically neglect it. But one thing is obvious: food is an essential part of our everyday life.

The theme of our lesson is “Food. The national cuisine of Ukraine, Britain and the USA” Today we are going to talk about food, discuss the problems of healthy food and speak about national cuisine of different countries.


 Look at these quotations (on the blackboard) and say: you agree  or disagree with them. Why and why not.

“We may live without poetry, music & art;
We may live without conscience, and live without heart;
We may live without friends;
We may live without books;
But civilized man cannot live without cooks.”

                                                                          Owen Meredith

 “There is no love sincerer than the love of food.”

                                                   George Bernard Show


- There are  a lot of  sayings and proverbs about eating in English language. And now let’s see the new ones and try to match them with Ukrainian equivalents.

Work in groups.


1. The appetite comes with eating

a) Голодний чоловік –   сердитий чоловік

2. After dinner sleep a while, after supper walk a mile.

b) Не живи, щоб їсти, їж - щоб жити.

3. An apple a day keeps a doctor away.

c) Після обіду поспи, після вечері пройдись.

4. Don’t  live to eat but eat to live.

d) Якщо яблуко з їдають, то хвороби обминають.

5. A hungry man is an angry man

e) Апетит приходить під час їжі.



II. The main part of the lesson

    1. Vocabulary revision.

            a) Activity “Name 5”

                Name five:

  • things to eat;
  • things to drink;
  • red fruits;
  • yellow fruits;
  • vegetables;
  • things made from milk;
  • things vegetarians do not eat.


        b) Work in groups.

Each  group is a separate café with its own name : Funny vegetables and Fruit, Useful Milk and meat dishes, Delicious drinks.

Each group receives a set of words related to food, they have to choose 10 related to their name. The group which is the first – wins.


tomatoes, carrots, lemons, coffee, bread, oranges, meat, bananas, apples,    pears, tea, cheese, milk, onions, spaghetti,  sour cream, compote, peaches, oil, cookies,  ice-cream, butter, yoghurt, chicken,, sandwiches, sausages, beef, pork, lemonade, potatoes, juice, porridge, cutlets, mushrooms, fish soup, cocoa, tea with milk, mineral water, hot chocolate, salad, rice, herring.


Ps present their answers, following the structure:

Our café  serves___________________


2. Checking hometask  (Presentations)

   - And now let’s check the hometask. Your hometask was to prepare the presentations about the national cuisine of Ukraine, Britain and the USA.


  • The first will be the group I. This group has prepared the presentation “The national cuisine of Ukraine”. (№1)

Pre-viewing activities

  • Answer the questions
    •            What are the most popular Ukrainian dishes?
    •            What is your favourite Ukrainian dish?
    •            What do you usually have for breakfast?
    •            When do Ukrainian people prepare 12 symbolic dishes?


While- viewing activities

- Work with textbooks, page 57. Read and guess what a Ukrainian specialty each paragraph mentions about.


Post – viewing activities

  • Name what dish is it?
  • Potato, an onion, eggs, some flour, sour cream (deruny).
  •  Some flour, eggs,  some water and cherries (varenyky with cherries).
  • Some water, meat, an onion, a carrot, a red beet, sour cream, cabbage (borsch)


  • The second  will be the group II. This group has  prepared the presentation “The national British cuisine ”.

 Pre-viewing activities

  • Name traditional Britain dishes

While- viewing activities

  • Answer the questions:
  • What are the most common food in England?
  • When do English people eat their meal?
  • Name the ingredients of the traditional British breakfast.
  • What is the traditional drink in England?
  • Name the ingredients of the Christmas Pudding.
  • What English dish would like to try?

Post- viewing activities

  • Work in groups. Discuss  the following
  1. What is the difference between meals  and meal-time in England and Ukraine?
  2. Do national Ukrainian dishes differ from those of English?



  • Group III  has  prepared the presentation

“The national American cuisine ”.

Pre-viewing activities

  • Do you know what is the most famous bird in North America? (Turkey)
  • What is the traditional sweet dessert for Thanksgiving and Christmas in the United States and Canada ? ( Pumpkin pie)
  • What kinds of restaurants do most of  Americans visit? ( Fast Food Restaurants).

While- viewing activities

  • Finish the sentences

    1) American breakfast consists of… (jam, bread or a roll. They also eat cereal with milk, some cheese, fried eggs, bacon, drink orange juice, tea or coffee.)

    2) … is one of the most famous birds in North America.  (Turkey)

    3) The pumpkin is a symbol of … (harvest time and featured also at Halloween)

    4)…. : what could be more American? (Apple pie)

    5) Most of Americans go to the … (Fast Food Restaurants)

    6) The most common menu of Fast food Restaurant  consists of (apple-pie, hamburger, cheeseburger, sandwiches and Coca-Cola.)


Post- viewing activities

 - Look at the pictures of other British and American foods and match them with the names below.  Work in groups and present the answers.


  Peanut Butter

  Full English Breakfast

  Christmas Pudding


  Bangers & Mash


  Pancakes (with maple syrup)


  Beans on toast



3. Watching video Food in Britain”

Pre- viewing activities

  • Answer the questions:
  • Do you know what should you take to prepare English breakfast?
  • P1 : To prepare English breakfast you should take_________.
  • P2……
  • Would you like to try it?

While- viewing activities

Pupils receive  handouts with tasks and work in groups.

Complete these sentences

a)  The ingredients of the traditional English breakfast are: bacon, egg,

………….…….., tomato and ………..………..

b)  Lunch is at about …………… or ……………. At lunch-time people usually only have a break of ………………………., so they often just have a ………………………. or a ………………………..

c)  You …………….…… prepare convenience food, you just ……………. .

           d)  Most people have their ……………….………………. in the evening. 

               It is called …………………….and it is usually at …………… o’clock.

e)  Chinese and Indian restaurants are very popular, as well

as …………… and ……………………

f)  British people eat …………………………. servings of fish &

chips a year.

Post – viewing activities

 Pupils check  their answers


III. Summarizing

    1. Hometask.  Do the project  on the theme: ”My Favourite Dish of the Ukrainian Cuisine”.


    2. Evaluation

      You have been working hard and your marks are…


   3. Summing up: So, friends, now you know a lot of  interesting things about Ukrainian, Britain and American cuisines. There are proverbs:

    “Every country has its customs,

      Every country has its cuisine”

And now compare traditional Ukrainian, British and American meals.  What is different? What is common? What do you think? Why?


















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