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Контроль письма 2 семестр 7 клас

Про матеріал
Матеріал для перевірки знань в кінці навчального року. Вживання артиклів, вживання дієслів, вставити пропущені слова в речення, написати лист по темі.
Перегляд файлу

FORM 8С                               NAME


I.Fill in the blanks with the or ---.

1.___UK                  5.___Buckingham Palace                        9.____Independence Square

2.___Ukraine         6.___Trafalgar Square                            10.____Big Ben

3.___London         7.___Globe Theatre                                11.____St.Andrew’s Church

4.___Kyiv               8.___St.Sophia’s Cathedral                    12. ____House with Chrimeras

II.Choose the correct answers.

 At the beginning of the 16th century, Ukrainian Cossacks starts/started to live in big groups. We called/calling the territory where they live/lived ‘’Zаporiz’ka Sich’’. It started from a fortress on the Khortysia island in the middle of the River Dnipro/Danube. To travel be water the Cossacks use/used light boats. Such a boat are/ were called a ‘’chaika’’. The boat had/has  two steering oars and could/can easily sail in any direction. The Cossacks sail/sailed down the River Dnipro to the Black Sea. Then they crossing/crossed the sea. We can’t/couldn’t tell exactly how many/much time it took them to travel to what is now/long Istanbul but they got/are there!

III.Complete the sentences with such words youth hostel, excursion, suitcase, hotel, unforgettable ,  luggage, historic building, tourist attraction.

1.You had an … experience in one of  the most beautiful cities of Europe .

2.We went on an … to the Cave Monastery in Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra.

3.it’s usually cheaper to stay in a  … than in a… .

4.The Golden Gate of Kyiv is the oldest … in the capital.

5. I don’t take much … when I travel, just a small … .

6.St.Sophia’s Cathedral is a famous national … .

IV.Write a letter to your friend about the best  place in Kyiv for you( 80 words).







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