Контрольна робота по темі "Public venues"

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Контрольна робота до підручника М.А. Нерсисян, А.О. Піроженко для учнів 11 класу
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Тематична контрольна робота «Public venues» для учнів 11 класу

І. Match the word below to their definitions

1. to boast

a) a house with no stairs

2. a loft apartment

b) event in which people, usually in costume, are walking or riding down

a street in front of a crowd

3. a bungalow

c) mobile event featuring amusement park rides and games

4. a parade

d) a house which was an industrial building

5. to get around

e) a location where a film is shot

6. a carnival

f) a company or person that sells goods to the public in a shop

7. a backstage

g) persuade someone to do or allow something that they initially do not want to.

8. a film set

h) a work of outstanding artistry, skill, or workmanship.

9. a masterpiece

i) the area in a theatre out of view of the audience, especially in the wings or dressing rooms.

10. a retailer

j) a label attached to a product which shows it’s price

11. a price tag

k) talk with excessive pride and self-satisfaction about one's achievements, possessions, or abilities.


ІІ. Complete the sentences with the most suitable words

to treat, venus, historical heart, keep eyes off, reviews, splash out, shopping center, go and check, a bland of styles   


  1. The City of London is …
  2. I like to entertain guests and …. them to something tasty.
  3. I cannot find the style for this new design it seems ….
  4. The Nutracker is one of my favorite…. – the Detroit Opera House. I couldn`t … my … of it.
  5. They had a big Santa exhibition at the ….
  6. We can`t afford to …. that much money for luxuries.
  7. I `ll just ….it the stockroom. You are luck. This is last pair.
  8. His book received excellent …. in the newspapers.

ІІІ. Turn the following sentences into Reported Speech

  1. “It is time they moved to a new house”, Ann said.
  2. “I was reading the children a story last night when the lights went out”, she said.
  3. “I`ll help you to repair your car tomorrow”, he said to me.
  4. “I didn`t understand the meaning of the film”, he said.
  5. “You can come to me if you have any problems”, she said to him.
  6. “Did you pay the electricity bill?” he said to his wife.
  7. “What size shoes do you take?” the shop assistant said to him.

IV. Some days ago you ordered a yellow woolen sweater, large size, and light blue jeans, medium size, in an Internet shop; however, when you got your order, you found out that there was a red woolen sweater, medium size, and light blue jeans, large size. Write a letter of complaint to the manager of the shop:

• say why you are writing;

• complain about the order;

• mention that you are extremely disappointed as you wanted to take those things on holiday with you;

Write a letter of at least 100 words.

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