Семестрова контрольна робота з письма для 6 класу ( 2 семестр).

Про матеріал

Контрольна робота з письма для 6 класу за підручником А. М. Несвіт. Містить лексико-граматичні завдання на перевірку навичок утворення минулого тривалого часу та творче завдання.

Перегляд файлу


Variant 1

1. Circle the correct modal verb.

1) You mustn’t/ can’t skate very well. 2) She must/could phone me as soon as she arrives home.

3.) May/must I take your pen? 4) When my sister was three years old she had to/could speak rather well.


2. Look at the pictures and write down the sentences as in the example.


 The first bag is not so heavy as the second one.

1460476789_5.jpg  u8Dtysi9mAQ.jpg1) dangerous/so…as



boldom4.jpg   boldom6.jpg

2) large/as…as

2) ________________________________


11111888.jpg   2071938.jpg

3) old/so…as

3)____________________________ .


3. Put the verbs in brackets into the Past Continuous Tense.

e.g. My brother was playing (to play) computer games all the evening yesterday.

1) Some children _____(to run) in the park when it started rain.

2) Mark ______ (to wait) for you near the office at

6 o’clock yesterday.

3) She ____(to eat) a cake and _____(to drink) a cup of coffee.

4. Put the verbs in brackets into the Past Simple or Past Continuous Tense.

1. Mother _______(to look) out of the window and ____ (to see) that her son ________(to go) home.

2. When the parents ____ (to come) back home Lizzy _______(to wash up) and her little brother _______(to play) with the cat in the living room.


5. Imagine that your pen friend from England has asked you to write about your school. Write a letter (6—7 sentences) using the plan below:

1) give general information about your school;

2) write about your school subjects and activities;

3) describe the subjects you are good at; subjects you like/don’t like;

4) ask your friend to write back about his/her school.

Dear   !__________________________________

Hi! How are you?__________________________



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