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Контрольна робота з аудіювання "Listening" для учнів 8 класу

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Контрольна робота для перевірки навичок аудіювання учнів 8 класу. Текст "Using colours to do homework" та два завдання за змістом прослуханого тексту.
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                Text  «Using colours to do homework»


Girl: My presentation is about how you can use colours coding to organize your homework.

 To start you need a few things from the stationery shop. This photo shows the things I use. They aren`t expensive. They are all cheap. I`ve got coloured pens and pencils, sticky notes, page markers, glue and folders.

 First, I choose a different colour for each school subject. The colour I choose has to be easy to remember so I make sure it means something to me. Maths is green because my ruler is green. PE is yellow because my trainers are yellow.

 Here is a photo of my folders. I use the chepeast kind and I add a coloured sticky note to the top and to the front. I keep all my notes inside the different folders.

 This is a photo of some more sticky notes. I wrote them in the library when I was studying. The blue notes are for history. My history teacher has got a blue car! The black notes are for geography. One day I want to visit the Black Sea.

 This photo shows the pages I need to read  for homework. I use two coloured page markers to mark where it starts and ends. Those blue ones mark the pages I need to read for history.

 Finally, this last photo shows my wall calendar. This green star shows I have a Maths test on Friday. This pink circle shows I`ve got French homework for Monday. It`s pink because «pink» is «rose» in French… and the rose is my favourite flower.

 Has anyone got any question?














Task 1.

Read the sentences and write True or False



You need to buy some stationery to organise your homework like this.




The things you need are not cheap.




The colour you choose should mean something to you.




PE is yellow because she doesn`t like yellow.




She keeps all her notes in the same folder.




The blue notes are for history.




She uses red for geography notes.




She uses flags to mark pages she has to read.





Task 2.

Read the sentences and choose the correct variant A,B or C


9.This presentation is about how you can use colour coding to organize your _____________

 A.free time           B.homework C.holidays

10.You need a few things from the ______________

 A.market      B.Kitchen  C.stationery

11.First, she chooses a different __________ for each school subject.

 A.pen      B.book  C.colour

12.Maths is green because her __________ is green.

 A. ruler    B.calculator  C.copy – book

13.PE is yellow because her _________ are yellow.

 A. T-shirts    B. trainers  C.socks

14.Her history teacher has got  a blue _____________!

 A.bag     B.dress  C.car

15.The black notes are for ____________.

 A.History    B.PE                             C.Geography

16. The green star shows she has a Maths test on ____________

 A.Monday    B.Friday  C.Saturday

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