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Контрольна робота з теми "National cuisine"

Про матеріал
Дана контрольна робота містить завдання на перевірку знань лексичного матеріалу з теми, вміння правильно доповнювати речення пропущеними словами, а також на перевірку граматичних тем (countable and uncountable nouns, conditionals).
Перегляд файлу


Name and surname_______________________________Group____________Mark______

1.Translate into English:

Холодець________________________               Млинці__________________________

Заморожений____________________                 Сирий__________________________

Гострий_________________________                Печена картопля_______________________

Їжа на виніс_____________________                  Нежирний_________________________

Овочі на пару____________________                 Креветки__________________________

Лосось_________________________                   Персики__________________________

2.Can you name:

  1. One red fruit, three yellow fruit and two green fruit?


  1. Three kinds of food which are made from milk?


  1. Five things people eat between meals?


3.Complete the sentences with the adjectives from the box and translate them.

Fresh      home-made     sweet     frozen

1.Food which is kept very cold is ___________________________.


2. These eggs are ____________, I bought them today.


3.I like my mum’s cooking. ____________________ food is always the best.


4.This tea is very _______________. You’re put too much sugar in it.



4.Complete each sentence choosing a correct word ‘food’, ‘dish’ or ‘meal’ in a correct form.

  1. The __________ in my country is delicious.
  2. Too many people eat ready _________ which they buy from supermarkets.
  3. It’s difficult not to cook good _________ when the ingredients are so fresh.
  4. I’ve got such a little food in the house that I think we’d better go out for a _____________.

5.Write C (for countable) or U (for uncountable) and translate into Ukrainian.

Water________________          soup ______________            orange _______________

Potato _______________           cheese_____________            ice cream _____________

Sugar _______________            nut _______________            egg __________________

Butter ______________             cream _____________            juice _________________

Pasta _______________             salt _______________           yoghurt _______________

6. Open the brackets to form conditionals. Mind mixed conditionals!

1.If Felix (to be) ______________________  here I would have seen him.

2.Michael would not agree even if you (to ask) _______________________  him.

3.If they (mention) _____________________ this yesterday, everything would have been done.

4.If I (to find) _____________________  that letter, I’ll show it to you.

5.If I meet him, I (to invite) _____________________  him.

6.If the plane had left on time, they ________________________  (be) in Minsk now.

7.If they hadn’t walked 40 km, they ________________________  (not / be) exhausted now.

8.What would have become of us, if I __________________  (come) to you then!'

9.Molly (be) __________________  a splendid woman, if only she didn't talk so much!

10.You (can) ____________________  do it if you try

11.You (can) ____________________  do it if you tried.

12.You (can) ____________________  it if you had tried.

13.We (go) _____________________  if it does not rain.

14.Fred (come) ____________________  if he has time.

15.If you (take) __________________  a taxi, you'll be in time.

16.If Mark (have) ___________________ enough money, he will go to the university.

17.They won't unless you (ask) _________________  them to come

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