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Нетрадиційний урок " Жінка і суспільство "

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Нетрадиційний урок А woman and a society’

(11 form)

The aim of the lesson: to develop a logical thought, language confecture, creative abilities; to use reporting speech during discussions and a game.

The procedure:

I. The introductory part of the lesson.

  •        Good day ! Sit down, please. Our theme for today’ lesson is a woman in a

society. For more productive work I’ll give youthe plan of thelesson with

problems or steps, that I ask you to discuss withme. I callour lesson ‘step

by step’

(giving plans for each person)

A woman and a society

(plus Direct speech - indirect speech using reporting verbs: to ask; to answer; to want to know; to explain; to offer; to say; to promise and others)

  •        woman and religion;
  •        woman and engineering;
  •        woman and man’s destiny;
  •        woman and politics;
  •        woman and changes;
  •        a game «a business-lady or a house - wife»
  •        woman and travelling
  •  I ask you to do everything with pleasure and smiles, on the other hand I promise not to terrorise you with prayers about glory, strength and weakness, power of woman. I have another point of view. At the end of the lesson you’ll say if you agree or disagree with my opinion which is as


follows: it doesn't matter what sex you belong to, but only your abilities, character, knowledge, wishes, all you can achieve in life as a human being.

  •  This year I visited England twice and while staying in a cosy small house in Greenwich 1 found and copied nice framed words from the wall in one room. Here they are:


Woman was created from the rib of man, not from the head to be above him, nor his feet to be walked upon, but from his side to be equal, near his arm to be protected and close to his heart to be loved

II. The basic part.

  •  Now as for our plan. The 1st step. Do you know anything about religion in connection with women? Religion in England? How did the English church appear?


(a story about Ann Boleyne and Henry the VIII). He wanted to marry Ann but he already had a wife, Catherine. The Rome Pope didn’t give him a divorce, so Ann insisted on his being the head of the church in England with possibility to decide everything himself. She was clever, but managed to be his wife only for 3,5 years.

Both Catherine and Ann were later beheaded in the Tower.

(photos of Ann Boleyne and the place of beheading the noble persons in the Tower).

  •      The 2nd step. Do you think women are really good at engineering? (discussion)
  •  Do you know who wrote the first program for a computer or so called the Analytical Engine?

(Ada Lovelace, Byron’s daughter)

  •  As you noticed in this connection I’m not modern at all, I’m afraid of any eguipment and it doesn’t like me at all, though I’m interested in reading about engineering.
  •  The 3lJ step. Do you know any examples in history of any country that prove woman’s love can make wonders and even change man’s destiny?

(a story about Edward the III and Wallis Simpson. After his father’s death Edward became the King of the UK. But the English church didn’t allow him to marry an American woman who already had 2 husbands still alive. Loving Wallis so deeply he gave up the crown to his brother in 1936. They left England for France and lived their happily till their death).

(a photo of this couple)

  •  And another famous woman, princess Diana, who changed not only one man, but the image of a princess for the whole country.

(photos, a bit about her, discussion)

Why was she so famous, loved, and even now being dead for 11 years she is still loved?

  •  The 4th step. Now I ask you to work with some material from the Houses of Parliament about:
  •  Woman ministers;
  •  Woman Prime Minister;
  •  Woman speaker;
  •  Woman in Commitees;
  •  Woman in the house of Commons;

After reading you’ll tell us about the work of women in the English Parliament (the pupils read different information, then discuss)

Just to this . Who was stronger during V. Putin’s visit as a president last year to England, he or the queen, Elizabeth II?

(a story about his visit)

Do you know what country was the 1st in the world to let women vote?

(It was New Zealand, in 1893)

- The 5 th step. Comprehension.

After listening be ready to answer my questions using reported speech.

Women hold up half the sky. This is an old Chinese saying. However, research shows that perhaps women do more than their share of‘’holding up the sky”.

In 1996, the United Nations organized the Decade for Woman. In 1999, it publisher a report on the conditions and rights of women throughout the world. Some of the news in the report is very good. For example, 90 percent of all countries now have official organizations to improve the lives of women. More than half the countries have laws to protect the rights of women. Ninety percent of the countries have passed laws to give women equal pay for equal work.

The report also has bad news. Although most countries have official organizations to improve women’s lives, many of these organizations don’t do anything. Fifty percent of the word’s population are women, but in nearly two- thirds of all working hours the work is done by women.

Only 6 percent of places in government are held by women. Sixty percent of the people who can’t read and write are women. It is these illiterate woman who are the most frightened of trying to improve their lives. Being illiterate doesn’t mean they are not intelligent. It does mean it is difficult for them to change their lives.

This is only a small part of the information in the UN report. Will this report help change the life of woman? Should there be a change? Are women supposed to do the housework? Should they work outside the home? Will the UN report help improve women’s lives? Do they need improvement? Different people have different answers to these questions.





  •  The 6th step. Now enough about politics. Let’s relax and play a game. ‘’A business - lady or a house - wife”

(different pictures of 2 women are drawn. Pupils write their opinions about the duties, roles, rights of a business-lady or a house-wife on flowers which they stick in a form of a bunch near each woman. Then two pupils come and read opinions making them reported speech).

As for the last 7th step, it’ll be your homework. I’ll give you 2 texts for 2 groups about 2 famous women: Mary Kingsley, an English explorer at the end of the

19 th century , and Alexandra David-Neel, a French woman, a traveller of the 20lh century. You’ll prepare your stories about these women.

III. Summary.

  •      I am satisfied with your work at the lesson. As god created the Earth for 7 days, so we discussed the role of a woman in all spheres of a society for 7 steps. Now let’s say a prayer ‘’One day at a time” together. These words also were brought by me from the same cosy English house:

Help me believe in what 1 could be and all that I am Show me the stairway I have to climb;

Lord, for my sake Teach me to take One day at a time

Урок розробила вчитель англійської мови середньої загальноосвітньої школи № 83 Святошинського м. Києва

Федькова Галина Анатоліївна «Спеціаліст вищої категорії»


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