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Підсумковий урок з теми" Спорт"

Про матеріал
Підсумковий урок з теми спорт та спортивні ігри з використанням мультимедійної презентації.
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Володимир-Волинська загальноосвітня школа І-ІІІ ступенів №1






Тема уроку: Спорт




                                                                                   Вчитель: Рибай О.І.











Theme:   Sport

Objectives: by the end of the lesson students will be able to speak about different kinds of sport  and their rules, to get to know more about extreme sports, to create posters about positive and negative sides of sport.

Form: 7


  1. Greetings
  • Good morning, children! I’m glad to see you. You look great today!
  1. Warming up

-Children, look at the blackboard. I’ve prepared something for you. Open one of its parts and answer the question. Is the task clear?

                                                           P: Yes, it is.

T: Then come up and take one.

     -Well done. What can you see in the picture?

                                                              P1: There are different kinds of sport s.

      T: Name them.


T: So, students, what are we going to talk today?

                                                P1: Sports, games and sportsmen/

T: You are right.


  1. Theme and objectives.

T: At this lesson you’ll enrich your knowledge about sport and try to design a poster about peoples’ preferences, revise grammar material (question tags) and have fun.


  1. The main part of the lesson
  1. “A Magic Box”

T: Are you fond of sports?

                              P1: Yes, I am.

T: Let’s see. Take one card and describe this kind of sport.

  • Well done. You’re so talented and sporty.
  1. Listening

T: -Do you like watching sports programs?

                                            P: Yes, I do. 

T: So, listen and try to guess what sport is it?

  1. Football
  2. Running
  3. Tennis
  4. Hochey
  5. Golf
  6. Basketball
  7. Wrestling
  8. Surfing

               T: I’m proud of you. Fantastic.

  1. Group work

We’re going to work in groups of thee or two. Your task is to write as much words as you can according to the title for 1 minute. Some of you will write winter sports…. Am I clear? Take any card.


Listening “ Water polo”

  1.      Pre-listening task

T: You know a lot of sports and what about their rules. –Do you know the rules of playing tennis? Football? Volleyball?

  • Great. But what do you know about water polo?

P: It’s a water sport.

T: Is this game popular in our country?

P: No, it isn’t. It’s not popular in our country.

T: We’re going to listen about this sport.

Look at the screen, this is a whistle( repeat after me in chores)

To blow a whistle, and now he is blowing a whistle)

  1.      While-listening task

T: I” ll give some cards,  your task is to  listen and complete the sentences with correct information.

  • Listen to it again. Let’s read, please begin…


  1.      Post-listening task

T: The next our task is in your workbooks page 52, ex.13. You’ve got 2 minutes

  • Are you ready? Let’s read and checkup answers on the screen.
  • Well done.
  1. Grammar

T: You like water polo, don’t you?

P: Yes, I do.

T: -Complete the sentences with question tags.

T: You are so clever.


  1. Homework

T: - What is the biggest sport event in the World?

P1: The biggest sport event is Olympic Games.

T: You are right. Your hometask was to prepare the projects about the Olympic Games.

  • What do you know about the history of Olympic Games?(P1+P2)
  • What are the symbols of the O.G?( P3+P4+P5)
  • Give us some information about Winter and Summer O.G.(P6+P7)
  • What is known about Paralympic Games? (P8+P9)

T: Great job. You are so creative!


  1. Quiz

T: And now let’s do a test about Olympic Games. Write your name and surname, circle the correct answer. You have 2 minutes.


  1. Extreme sport

T: There are a lot of sports that are loved by many people, some of them are really dangerous.

  • Watch the video and say what do these sports have n common?

P: They are dangerous and risky.

T: Would you like to try any of them?

P1: Yes, I’d like to try …Bungee jumping.

T: Would you like to add something?

P2: Yes, I’d like to try sky-surfing.


  1. Speaking “ For and Against sport”

T: As you can see many people go in for sports. But a great number of people don’t go in for sport.

-Let’s do a poster , write the arguments for and against sport.

You have got 3 minutes. Express your opinion .

T: Thanks for ideas. Great work.

  1. Summing-up
  1. Home assessment

T: For the next time your task is  WB ex 19 h.57

  1. Marks  T: Some students got gold, silver and bronze medals. Those who have got gold have 12, silver 11, bronze 10.
  2. A song

T: We don’t have any losers we’re all the winners.

So, let’s sing a song

  1. Conclusion

T: Thanks for being so active and creative. I’m satisfied with your work.








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