План-конспект уроку "Сім'я"

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План-конспект уроку до теми "Сім'я"для учнів 1 класу, складений для узагальнення та використання знань лексичного матеріалу на практиці. Для розвитку пізнавального інтересу до вивчення англійської мови наймолодших школярів, розробка уроку складена з використанням ігрових та інтерактивних вправ з метою повторити та активізувати лексику теми, створюючи здоровий образ лексичної одиниці та практикувати учнів у монологічному та діалогічному мовленні. Виховувати почуття поваги і любові до членів своєї родини.

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                                             Lesson plan 15                                      Forms 1-A

                                                                                                               Date: October 3  

                                          Theme: My family


 Мета: Повторити та активізувати лексику теми, створюючи здоровий

            образ  лексичної одиниці. Узагальнити та систематизувати

            лексико- граматичний матеріал до теми «Сімя».

            Практикувати учнів у монологічному та діалогічному мовленні.

            Сприяти формуванню та розвитку памяті, уяви, мислення та мовлення.

            Виховувати почуття поваги і любові до членів своєї родини.

Обладнання: роздатковий матеріал ( кольорові квіти та листя), картинки ( члени сімї), картки до лексики, мультимедійний диск, відео гра, звукозапис

Тип уроку: урок узагальнення і систематизації знань




1 Greeting.        Hello, girls, hello, boys!

                          I think you left at home your toys

                          Let’s our lesson start

                          And we’ll be clever and smart


2 Aims: T: Today we are going to finish speaking about topic “ My family”

   and  we’ll revise all vocabulary and grammar structures, which we have

   learnt  during the theme. Also you’ll have to demonstrate the ability to use

   your  knowledge and skills in practice. And you’ll be given a chance to take

   part in different games and interactive activities.



3 Warming up. Small dialogues

- Hello! What’s your name?

- How are you today?

- Are you fine?

T: So, I can see that all of you are in good mood. May be you’re fine, because the weather is very fine today. Look out of the window. Who can tell me “What season is it today?” OK. Today is autumn.


4 Oral practice. Do you like autumn? Let’s go for a walk.

Imagine that we’re in the park now and there are many trees around us. You can see many beautiful leaves in the trees. They are different colours( music) But the leaves are falling.

T: Yellow, red and green, and brown

     Look! The little leaves come down

     Dancing, dancing in the breeze

     Falling, falling from the trees

Pick up them. And now turn each other, show your leaves and tell “What colour are they?”( work in pairs)

So, let’s go through the park and now, look! What a beautiful flowerbed. Do you like these flowers? We should make bunches of flowers for your mums.

Let’s play a team game.( Pick up a red flower…)

Count “How many flowers has each team got”


5. Vocabulary work. T: We are going home now, who is waiting for you there?

Pupils answer. Ok, the members of your family. Let’s remember all of them, playing a ball game.

1) A ball game (mother, father, uncle, aunt, sister, brother, grandpa, grandmother, niece)

2) A song “My dear family”

My mother and your mother

My sister and your brother

My father and your father

Grandmother and grandfather

I love my father Dan

I love my uncle Ben

I love my granny Emily

I love my dear family!

 3) Video game “ Guess. “ Who is this?” ( Team game) T: When the picture begins

 to appear and you know what the members of the family this is, rise your hand and tell me. If your answer will be right- one point for your team!

4) Dora’s family P. b. p.28


6. Physical activity

 Miming game. (One, two, three, hop-mother, one, two, three hop-sister…)

7. Grammar

a) Str. “I have got a…”

Pupils show a picture or a photo of their family and say “I’ve got …”

b) T: Look at the cards and let’s remember what features of the character have got members of your families( clever, kind, brave, big, small)

Answer the questions:

Is your dad big? Yes, he is.

Is your granny kind? Yes, she is.

Tell me about him.

He is brave and clever.

c) Describe your family.

e.g. My family is small. I have got mother…

My mum is kind, my dad is…, my …

I love my family.

8. Summing up. T: Nowadays you are sisters, brothers, but in your future  you will be mothers, fathers, aunts or uncles, grandmothers or grandfathers. Take the cards and imagine that you are different members of the family now.

Stand up and come here sisters, dads…

And all together “We are –family!”

All of you work very well, but the best were…

The lesson is over. Good bye








відкритого уроку з англійської мови

для учнів 1 класу

Тема: Моя сімя



                                            вчителя англійської мови

                                            вищої категорії

                                            Харківської гімназії №12 

                                            Пивоварової Л.І.                                                                                                                                   











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