План-конспект уроку з ангмови у 1 класі НУШ Урок №2 "My Pets" вчителя ангмови Литвиненко Надії вікторівни

Про матеріал
Урок №2 за темою "My Pets" активізує роботу дітей в парах та групах. Використовуючи флешкарти та іграшки, діти вчаться задавати загальні запитання та Wh- questions один одному та відповідати на них. Діти вчаться виготовляти міні - флешкарти та грати у гру "What's this?". Урок буде корисним для вчителів НУШ.
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Unit 4

Lesson 2

The topic : My Pets


  • to introduce and practice new vocabulary: dog, cat, pig, bird, turtle.
  • Practice Yes/No –question “Is it a…? and answer  ”Yes, it is. No, it isn’t
  • to practice a  Wh-question
  • to review the structures “Look! It’s a …”
  • to review and practice Yes/No –question “Is it a…? and answers “Yes, it is /No, it isn’t.

Materials: Pupil Book, Activity Book,  flashcards of animals, toy animals, scissors, envelopes, a ball.

Outcomes: By the end of the lesson pupils will be able to ask and answer questions about pets, to ask and answer question “What is this? And answer it, play games about pets.



I. Greeting

T. - Good morning, children!

    - Good morning, teacher!

T. Let’s sing song “Hello! Hello!

                                Hello, my friends “Hello!”

                                 Hello, Hi! Hello, Hi!

                                 Hurray, Hello! Hi!

Warm -  up

T. Let’s revise the name of the animals. Look at the cards and repeat after me:

 - Look! It’s a rabbit. P. It’s a rabbit.

-Who wants to be a “teacher” and ask pupils?

P1----Class, P2------Class

  • It’s a mouse. Class: - Wow! It’s a mouse.

1. T. I have a “Magic Box“today. Oh, do you hear? – Mayo, Mayo (teacher make this sound) and take a toy cat out of the box.

- It’s a cat (a dog, a pig, a bird, a turtle).

2. T. Now open the book on p. 48, ex.1.  Listen, repeat and point to the animals. (2 times).

(You may use the Multimedia Player. Unit 4.Presentation 1.)

3. T. Let’s practice sound in the words: Bird, turtle, girl.

4. Let’s practice these words with flashcards “Quickly, Quickly”

(Teacher sticks the words on the blackboard and repeats them very quickly. The children repeat after the teacher. Then she turns one card by one out and continues.

5. Teacher ask pupils to go to the blackboard and practice a question

P. - Is it a bird?  Cl. – Yes, it is.

P. Is it a pig? Cl.- No, it isn’t.

P. What is this? Cl.- it’s a turtle.


  1. T. Now we are going to play a game using Multimedia player. Unit 4 .Game 1.
  2. T. Let’s play with flashcards “Slowly, slowly”. Teacher covers the card with a piece of paper. Then move it very slowly and the pupils try to guess an animal.

P. it’s a dog. It’s a cat. T. –Yes, it is.

3. Work in pairs. Ex.4, p. 49 and then act out mini-dialogues in front of the class.

4. Guessing game with mini – flashcards.

 T. Before playing game let’s make flashcards. Open your activity books on p. 87 and cut out the pictures with pets. Put them into the new envelopes. Take a picture and ask your partner:

P. - What’s this? P.1- It’s a bird. P. –Yes, it is. Change the roles.

P1. What’s this? P. It’s a mouse. P.1 - No, it isn’t.

                           P. – It’s a dog. P.1 – No, it isn’t.

                           P. – It’s a turtle. P.1 – No, it isn’t. Don’t change the roles.

IV. PRACTICE with Activity Books p.35

  1. Work in pairs. Practice question “What’s this? “
  2. Trace and colour the pets.
  3. P-----------Cl.

Cl. – three. What’s this?   P. It’s a dog.

Cl. – four. What’s this?   P. It’s a fish.

V. Summing up the lesson.

T. – Good-bye, children. See you



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