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                                             LESSON  11 grade


T: To sum up everything on a theme  ‘’Love. Wedding. Marriage’ it should be said and remembered  that love is one of the best feelings. It is unique and eternal as our life. It rules the world go round. It’s beyond the age and time. Let’s love and to be loved by others. And our Earth will become more beautiful and kinder.


P1     I shot an arrow into the air

It fell to earth , I knew not where

For, so swiftly it  flew , the sight

couln’t follow it in its flight.

I breathed the song into the air

It fell to earth , I knew not where

For who has sight so keen and strong

That it can follow the flight of song?

Long, long afterward, in an oak

 I found the arrow , still unbroken

And the song , from beginning to end,

I found again in the heart of a friend.

У.2       Я по вітру стрілу пустив,

Вітер відразу її підхопив.

Стрілу цю шукаю я декілька днів

Не знаю, де вітер стрілу цю подів

Навздогін я  пісню пускаю

Чи знайде стрілу? Не знаю, не знаю

Шукаю тепер і пісню й стрілу

Місця я їх не знайду

Стрілу шукав і я знайшов

У дубі, до якого довго йшов

А пісню від початку й до кінця

Знайшов у серці друга- стрільця.

У.3  Стрелу пустил я в небеса,

 Мне ветер дул в глаза,

 Она исчезла в вышине

И недоступна стала мне.

Я песню тихо напевал,

Ее я ветру отдавал-

Пускай несет ее во тьме

 На встречу Солнцу и Луне

 Я долго шел и я страдал

Но песню все же напевал,

Как вдруг увидел сквозь слезу

В старинном северном лесу

Мою стрелу. Ее века

Не истерзали. Ну,  а я

Продолжил путь и снова шел,

И много дивного  нашел.

 И песню я искал, как вдруг

Ее пропел мой лучший друг.

( The boys sing a song’’ Yesterday’’ )


T. Have you ever thought what is love? How does love help us?

P1   Love is a stream of living

P.2       Love is the sun that gives the light

P.3       Love is the wind that gives power

P.4       Love is one of the best and magic feelings

 P.5      Love is the most mysterious feelings people have ever cherished

 P.6      Love gives light on a daily road and power to sail along the river of life, it gives   inspiration, encouragement, strength and hope

 P.7     Love helps people can be compared with sun and the first rays of the sun

 P.8     Love helps people to take care of them and to feel good

P.9      Love fills our life with beauty , joy , light

P.10      Love makes the world go round.


T. The theme of our lesson today  is ‘’LOVE MAKES THE WORLD GO ROUND’’

Objectives:- To develop  and stimulate speaking skills;

  • to improve listening and reading skills;
  • to revise the main language points on the topic’
  •  to  develop cognitive and creative skills;

                   -     to widen pupils’ scope.

Remember , please,  nouns, adjectives, verbs and adverbs  associated with the words of  Love.

Group I  writes nouns:  beauty, charm, devotion, hope, happiness, marriage,

                                      wisdom, promise, respect… 


Group II writes  adjectives;  Beautiful, endless, faithful, hopeless, married,

                                     peaceful, optimistic, sincere, universal


Group III writes verbs:  hope, love marry, prize, promise. respect, unite,

                                      value, inspire.


Group IV writes adverbs: dearly, gloriously, forever, loyalty, happily,

                                        entirely, honestly, really, purely, sincerely.

T.    Who is the Patron of Love?

P.   –Cupidon or Cupid- the son of Venus, goddess of Love. He could cause people

     to fall in love piercing them with one of his magic arrows.

T.  What  is the colour of Love and what is the flower of Love?

P.   –Red is a  colour that stands for strong feelings. This is why the red rose is a flower of Love. The rose was a fovourite flower of Venus, the Roman goddess of Love.


T.   When you are in love you try to give your heart to a loved person and  we have a splendid opportunity to do this on the 14 of February- when we  celebrate St. Valentine’s Day. And on the eve of this wonderful holiday  I want you to write down loving messages to someone you love or to someone you admire.

For this  purpose you have bought your Valentine’s cards. Here they are. Write.


Would you mind reading them to us? ( the children are reading their messages)

 Some of them  are charming, delightful  the others- crazy, funny and interesting.


I’m going to be a millionaire  when I grow up.

Now, will you be my Valentine?


Dear, Max!

I think I love you, but I won’t know for sure until I ask my mother


Dear. Maryna!

Let’s get married so  we can do our homework together


I can’t love you any more I have a dog now.


Happy St. Valentine Day. I wanted to send you a long love letter but I don’t spell so good.


Roses are red

Violets are blue

 Sugar is sweet

And so are you.


Love, love me do

You know I love you


My pen is black

My ink is pale

My love for you

Will never fail


I hope that Valentine’s Day

Will bring lots of love.


To you with love from  me.


  Oh my darling, Valentine

Will you one day be mine?


I choose you from among the rest

 The reason is I love you best!

( Here is a song )


T.   Love is not usually the bouquet of roses, sometimes  it has some difficulties.  Read  the text ‘’ The love letter” and try to understand why a loved pair was very happy and what was the secret way of writing.

  Here is the beginning of the story.

Once there was a boy who loved a girl very much. The girl’s father,  however, did not like the boy and did not want their love to grow.  The boy wanted to write a letter the girl a love letter, but he was sure that the girl’s father would read it first.  At last  he wrote the letter to the girl.




                                         THE LOVE LETTER         

    The great love I said I have for you is done, and I find my dislike for you increases every day.  When I see you I do not even like the way you look, the one thing I want to go is to look the other way.  I never wanted to marry you. Our last conversation was very dull  and in no way has  made me anxious to see you again.

   You think only of yourself. If we were married, I know that  I  would find very difficult

and I would have no pleasure in living with you. I have a heart to give, but it is not a heart

 I want to give you. No one is more demanding or selfish that you and less able to care

for me and be of help to me. I sincerely want you to understand that I speak the truth.

 You will do me a favour if you consider this the end. DO not try to answer this. Your letter

are full of things that do not interest me. You have no true  concern  for me. Good-bye. Believe me, I don’t care for me. Please do not think I am still your loving friend.

T.  The girl’s father read the letter. He was pleased and then gave the letter to his daughter. The girl read the letter and was very happy. The boy still loved her.

  • Why  a loved  pair was very happy and pleased , and what was the secret way of writing?

P. The boy and the girl had a secret way of writing to each other. She read only the first line and then the third and then the fifth line and so on, to the end of the  letter .

FILL in the prepositions

1 I find my dislike ---- you increases  every day.

2 I would  have  pleasure --- living ---- you.

3 I have a heart --- give.

4 Take care --- me

5 Your letter is full ---- love

6 The great love  I said  I have --- you is done

7 Love me little, love me long.   Is the burden ---my song.

T.  There  are the words from a good old ballad.

    What slogans and quotations about love have you prepared?

( Children hand their colored  placards on the board and explain their thoughts)


T. When we are in love we can do impossible things – create poems  and compose songs.

    ( They are listening  to the song about love)


T. I  highly appreciate your poems and songs. Your slogans were rather attractive and beauty. And in conclusion I want to remember the words by Pushkin

    A magic moment I remember

    I raised my eyes and you were there

    A fleeting vision, the quintessence

   Of all  that’s beautiful and rare…


So, I wish you love and to be loved because  WHERE is   LOVE there is  LIFE!







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