Презентація для учнів 8 класу з англійської мови, тема: "Музика. Музичні стилі"

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Презентація для учнів 8 класу з англійської мови, тема: "Музика. Музичні стилі". Метою презентації є формування та вдосконалення вмінь учнів з даної теми завдяки застосуванню різних форм завдань та використанню технічних засобів навчання.
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Music. Music Styles Topic:

Номер слайду 2

music. Motivate you to listen and Understand music Styles, because it`s. Interesting and amusing and may be one day you`ll. Create your own song or melody

Номер слайду 3

We are going to:activate the key-words of the topic;practise the usage of Passive Voice; practise the usage of Past Simple (regular and irregular verbs); develop examination techniques;develop reading, listening and speaking skills using the vocabulary;promote broadening of general pupil outlook ; work out positive attitude to music ;

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Номер слайду 5

Match the words with their definitions: CD is short for ‘compact `…The music written to accompany a film is a …A play in which the actors sing the words to music is … Elvis Presley was the king of …When two singers sing together it’s a …A small electronic piano is a …A story which is told with music and dancing but without words is a …An artist who writes and performs his or her own songs is a …An electronic instrument that can produce many different kinds of sounds is a …In a pop group this person is the lead, bass or rhythm …A person who writes classical music is a …The pop music revolution of the 1970s was called … A – ballet B –punk C – composer. D – rock ‘n’ roll E – opera F – keyboard G – disk H – singer-songwriter I – synthesizer J – guitarist K – soundtrack L – duet

Номер слайду 6

Keys:1-G 7-A2-K 8-H3-E 9 -I4-D 10-J 5-L 11-C6-F 12-B

Номер слайду 7

Listen to music and match it with its style: Blues Jazz. Country music. Electronic music Rock music Popular music Rapping Folk music Classical music 

Номер слайду 8

Keys1. Blues2. Electronic3. Popular4. Country5. Folk6. Rapping7. Classical8. Jazz9. Rock

Номер слайду 9

Match the music styles with their representatives. Elvis Presley. Led Zeppelin Jazzb)rock3. Will Heisec) hard rock4. B. B. Kingd) heavy metal5. Louis Armstrong6. Bob Marley e) Countryf) rock’n’roll7. Pink Floydg) blues8. Deep Purpleh) pop9. Eminemi) art-rock10. Madonnaj) rap11. Iron Maidenk) reggae

Номер слайду 10

Keys1.f 8.i2.c 9.j3.e 10.h4.g 11.d5.a6.k7.b

Номер слайду 11

Music Music brings joy, to all of our hearts, It's one of those, emotional arts. Sounds of melodies, that we truly adore, Brings us pure pleasure, as our spirits do soar. Music that touches us, we can't help but smile, We're free to choose, genre or style. Music clearly, enlightens our days, Makes us happy, in so many ways.

Номер слайду 12

Favourite Group or Singer I`m crazy about… I`m fond of… I like…I enjoy…I`m keen on…

Номер слайду 13

ІІ. Listen to the song and complete the lyrics of the song with the verbs given below. Use the past simple form of the verbssay come be seem have. Yesterday, All my troubles __________so far away, Now it looks as though they're here to stay, Oh, I believe in yesterday. Suddenly, I'm not half the man I used to be, There's a shadow hanging over me, Oh, yesterday __________suddenly. Why she _______ to go I don't know, she wouldn't say. I _________, Something wrong, now I long for yesterday. Yesterday, Love ________ such an easy game to play, Now I need a place to hide away, Oh, I believe in yesterday.

Номер слайду 14

Номер слайду 15

ІІІ. Reading. Read the text and choose from (A-F) the ones which best fit (1-6)“Sgt. Pepper`s Lonely Hearts Club Band”

Номер слайду 16

Homework Do ex.6, p.145 Make up 8 sentences using Passive Voice and lexical units of the topic

Номер слайду 17

Lesson Summary. At the lesson I`ve known (learnt) about …It was interesting for me to know that…I`m satisfied with the lesson because…

Номер слайду 18

. Music is the soul of language

Номер слайду 19

Thank you for the lesson

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Англійська мова (8-й рік навчання) 8 клас (Карпюк О.Д.)
20 лютого 2019
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