Презентація до уроку англійської мови “My last days off”

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Презентація до уроку англійської мови для 3 класу (за підручником А. Несвіт). Тема уроку: “My last days off” Вживання Present Simple та Past Simple.
Зміст слайдів
Номер слайду 1

Present Simple Past Simple. Elvira Pochkun. Ельвіра Почкун - вчитель англійської мови КУ Сумської ЗОШ І-ІІІ ступенів, №23, м. Суми, Сумської області

Номер слайду 2

How are you today? I am ... What season is it now? It is .... What month is it now? It is ... What day is it today? It is ... What is the weather like today? It is …

Номер слайду 3

What’s the time?

Номер слайду 4

Refresh your memory!playhelp get up make have go come do be start live jump

Номер слайду 5

What did you do yesterday?

Номер слайду 6

Name the pictures!At home, at the beach, at the shop, at the circus, at the cinema, at the theatre, at the playground, in the village. I was … yesterday last week last summer

Номер слайду 7

Present Simple. Past Simple He goes home. He went home. He didn’t go home. Did he go home? Yes, he did. No, he did not. Does he go home? He doesn’t go home. Yes, he does. No, he does not. ++-?-?

Номер слайду 8

Hello! My name is Max. I am 9. I like Saturdays and Sundays because they are days off (вихідні). I don't get up early. So I usually sleep until (до) 8 or 9 o'clock. Then I have breakfast and watch TV or listen to music. At about 11 o'clock I play at the playground with friends. Sometimes I go to the cinema, the theatre or to the circus with my parents. After that we usually visit a café and eat a tasty pizza. I usually go to bed at 10 o'clock. But now we stay at home. My last days off were not very interesting. I got up at 9 o'clock on Saturday. Then I made my bed, did my morning exercises, washed my face and cleaned my teeth. After it I had my breakfast. At half past ten I played chess (грати в шахи) with my father. Then I helped my mother about the house. At quarter past twelve my family had dinner (обідати). Then we watched an interesting film “Spider-Man Homecoming”. At four o’clock we phoned (зателефонувати) my grandparents by skype. I had supper (вечеряти) at six o’clock. In the evening I read the book and played telephone game “Brawl Stars”. I went to bed at nine o’clock.

Номер слайду 9

Answer the questions: When did Max get up last Saturday?What did he do in the morning?What did he do at half past ten?What film did they watch?When did he read the book and play telephone game “Brawl Stars”?

Номер слайду 10

It was interesting/boring/difficult/easy/exciting/useful/funny… for me.

Номер слайду 11

Thank you for the lesson!

Почкун Ельвіра
18 травня 2020
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