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Topic: Ukrainian Customs and Traditions

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Name the pictures 1 5 4 3 2

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Traditions and customs vary regionally in Ukraine. There are big cultural differences between city and village, West and East Ukraine. West - East – North – South -

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Traditions are neither "good" nor "bad". They just belong to another culture. People in the streets don't usually smile too much, but are well known for their hospitality. They love to invite people to their homes or to visit their friends or relatives.

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National traditions show the way people live: their language, religious belief, food, clothing, buildings, tools, etc. Valianki National Ukrainian Costume - Embroidered Shirts Khustka

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Ukrainian people like to cook. The most popular Ukrainian meal is "borshch." Holubtsi are Ukrainian cabbage rolls. Varenyky – national dish

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Winter Ukrainian Holidays FEAST OF ST. NICHOLAS (G)Dec.6; (J)Dec.19. UKRAINIAN CHRISTMAS The Christmas Eve Supper or Sviata Vecheria (Holy Supper) brings the family together (kuttia)

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New Year Day (December, 31). International Women's Day (March, 8). The Day of International Solidarity of Workers (May, 1st and 2nd). Victory Day (May, 9). Constitution Day (June, 28). Independence Day (August, 24). National Holidays

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Easter – the Great holiday The Sunday before Easter is called Willow Sunday. People decorate “pysanky” (Easter eggs). People bake “paska” (Easter bread).

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Placing a thin sliced salo on black bread with garlic and salt will make it especially delicious. "Salo is our national pride". salo (pork fat)

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"The Bread and Salt" tradition is very symbolic in Slavic culture.

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There are a lot of superstitions which are well-known: black cats, lucky horseshoe, broken mirrors, scattered salt, Friday the 13th.

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Home-task: pick up one town and prepare presentation

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