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How to make a presentation & arrange a conference

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Aims. To persuade people to do something. To inform about the results of a research. To inform/ raise awareness of an important issue

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Before you start: Why are you making the presentation?How are you going to make it interesting?What do you want people to learn?

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Tips for a good Power. Point

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The Characteristics of a Good Slide1. One slide, one message2. Simple3. Tighten up the explanation4. Strong visually5. Use the text with a brief6. Avoid bullet points7. An orderly flow

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Tips to Make a Good Slide and Good Presentations The use of key words and images. VS

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Replace the text with pictures and figures. VS

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Summarize the Text. VS

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 Change the slide structure to be more interesting    VS

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The placement of the image position. VSr

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What you SHOULD DODo practice beforehand Do ask your friends for feedback. Do face the audience and make eye contact. Do show enthusiasm and vary the tone of your voice. Do relax and enjoy your presentation!r

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What you should NOT do. Do not read your slides•Do not talk to the screen•Do not use too many videos•Do not pace up and down but also don’t stand rigid!•Do not wave your pointer all over the slide•Do not use ummh or ahhh to fill transitionsr

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How to get motivated to study English. Make a presentation plan style.colorfillcolorfill.type

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As. If. However. Whatever. Whichever

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Beginning. Linking. Useful phrases while presenting. Conclusionsstyle.colorfillcolorfill.type

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Beginning. Let’s start with. Firstly. To start with. Useful phrases while presentingstyle.colorfillcolorfill.type

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Linking. Useful phrases while presenting. I’d like to turn now to. As I said before. Secondly. Thirdly. Then. As I mentioned beforestyle.colorfillcolorfill.type

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To summarize. Thus. In conclusion. All in all. For these reasons. The bottom line is. To sum up. To conclude. In a nutshell. Useful phrases while presenting. Conclusionsstyle.colorfillcolorfill.type

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How to get motivated to study English. Brainstorm the ideas & try to present themstyle.colorfillcolorfill.type

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How to get motivated to study English. If your listeners could remember only three things about your presentation, what do you want it to be?(1)_________(2)_________ (3)_______style.colorfillcolorfill.type

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You are the council of your region. Many streams are drying up because water is being used for industrial and agricultural uses. This has resulted in fish kills and low water levels. Furthermore, people who use the river (fishermen, tourism groups, and boaters) have complained about the lack of water. Industry and agriculture are major sources of income for your city, but you are also trying to increase its reputation as a beautiful, natural tourist destination. What action will you take? Problem solving: Dilemma

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1. Ask water users to stop using water.2. Locate and publicize other rivers around the state where people can fish and kayak.3. Establish a committee to study the problem.4. Propose constructing a dam and reservoir to store water for release when needed.5. Buy out the water users so they will have to move to new locations.6. Other?Problem solving: Dilemma

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So Many Perspectives. You are a mayor of Balta. Make a short but powerful speech to encourage your citizens to vote for Balta. Focus on the perspectives & benefits it will result in the future

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