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School Education in Britain

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Education is compulsory from 5 till 16 years

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Schools State schools - are free (parents don’t pay money) -schools provide their pupils with books and equipment for their studies about 93 percent of all children Private schools (Independent schools) -parents pay money for these schools about 7 percent of all children

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Schools For boys Mixed For girls

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Schools Pre- Preparatory 2-7 years old Preparatory Primary Junior 7-11 (13) years old Secondary Senior 11 (13)-16 years old Sixth Form 16-18 years old

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Pre- Preparatory school Infant schools (5-7years old) 2-7 years old play learn to read write learn the basis of arithmetic

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Preparatory school Primary school Junior school 7-11 (13) years old learn geography history religion a foreign language are prepared for the Common Entrance Exam which they take at the age of 11

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Secondary Senior 11 (13)-16 years old various subjects in order to have a qualification 1. G.C.S.E. (General Certificate of Secondary Education) 2. "O level" (Ordinary level) the end of compulsory education

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G.C.S.E. (General Certificate of Secondary Education) can leave school if they wish: go to a college of further education to study for more practical (vocational) diplomas relating to the world of work, such as hairdressing, typing or mechanics work About two thirds of the pupils continue their studies in the sixth form (2 years) About one-third

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Sixth Form 16-18 years old choose 4-5 subjects, which are necessary to pass the advanced level exams have further examinations which are necessary for getting into university or college are prepared for a national exam called "A" level (advanced level) (after the first year) "A 2" level (after the second year) IB (International Baccalaureate)

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The school year (190 school days) is divided into three terms with the intervals between them during Christmas and Easter. Holidays last about two weeks each but summer holidays are usually six weeks.

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The first term September – December (Christmas) two - week holidays

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The second term January – April (Easter) two - week holidays

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The third term April – July Summer holidays (six weeks)

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“Comprehensive” Most children – over 80 percent – go to a comprehensive school. “Comprehensive” means all-inclusive. They admit pupils of all abilities.

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10 main subjects English Mathematics Science History Geography Art Music Physical Education Information Technology Religious education

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Attainment tests Attainment tests are given at the ages of 7, 11 and 14 At the age of 16 students have exams in as many subjects as possible. Weak students may only have three or four subjects. Better students take ten subjects.

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