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Презентацiя "Travelling around London"

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Презентацiя "Travelling around London"

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The Houses of Parliament

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The British Parliament sits in the Building which is called the Palace of Westminster. It’s also called the Houses of Parliament because there are two Houses: the House of Lords and the House of Commons. You can go in the buildings , if you make arrangement.

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The palace lies on the north bank of the River Thames in the London borough of the City of Westminster, close to other government buildings in Whitehall.

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Jewel Tower The Jewel Tower in London is one of only two surviving sections of the medieval royal Palace of Westminster. It was built in approximately 1365 to house the treasures of Edward III and its alternative name was the "King's Privy Wardrobe".

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George IV coronation banquet Westminster Hall Westminster Hall, the oldest existing part of the Palace of Westminster, was erected in 1097. The Hall has a huge wooden roof decorated with carved angels. If has been used for Royal banquets and State trials.

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Victoria Tower is the tallest (98.5m) square tower at the south-western end of the Palace. Now it is home to the Parliamentary Archives. Millions of government documents are kept here. A flag flies on the tower when Parliament is sitting during the day. Victoria Tower

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The bell may have been named after Sir Benjamin Hall, who supervised the rebuilding of Parliament. The booming 13.5-ton bell first rang out in 1859. Big Ben

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Victoria Tower Gardens There are a number of small gardens surrounding the Palace of Westminster. Victoria Tower Gardens with Buxton Memorial Fountain is open as a public park along the side of the river south of the palace.

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Black Rod’s Garden Black Rod's Garden (named after the office of Gentleman Usher of the Black Rod) is closed to the public and is used as a private entrance.

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Old Palace Yard Old Palace Yard, with bronze stature of Richard I, is paved over and covered in concrete security blocks. A square of grass opposite is often used by television journalists to interview Members of Parliament.

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Royal Robing Room The first room you enter is called the Royal Robing Room. This is where the Queen puts on a special robe and the Imperial State Crown, which has been brought here from the Tower of London.

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Heads of State from other countries sometimes give speeches in this room while they are visiting Parliament. Royal Gallery Next you will pass through the Royal Gallery. There are two large paintings on either side .

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House of Lords The Chamber of the House of Lords is located in the southern part of the Palace of Westminster. The benches in the Chamber, as well as other furnishings in the Lords' side of the Palace, are coloured red.