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Презентація “Welcome to Great Britain”

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Презентація з англійської мови для учнів 6 класу на тему “Welcome to Great Britain"

Містить в собі загальну інфоромація про Велику Британію, граматичні вправи, а також нову граматику TO BE in PAST SIMPLE

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Objectives: to revise and enrich students’ vocabulary on the topic; to improve students’ listening, reading, speaking skills; to develop students’ interest in history, culture and traditions of Great Britain; to cultivate students’ aesthetic tastes, awareness and respect to the world culture; to enhance students’ cognitive abilities and memory.

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By the end of the lesson you are: To revise words and word-combinations, learn new grammar materials; To identify the main idea and details from the texts for reading and audition; Speak about Great Britain.

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United Kingdom; to be situated; the British Isles; to be washed; the Atlantic Ocean; the English Channel;

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to consist of; south-west; south-east; the capital; Edinburgh; Scottish; Irish; Welsh;

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the surface; Ben Nevis; Lock Lomond; the Severn; The Thames;

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Gulf-Stream; mild; foggy.

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St. Patrick’s Day (the seventeenth of March) is considered as a national day in Northern Ireland

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St. David’s Day (the first of March) is the church festival of St. David

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A Journey to Scotland The next long journey is to Scotland. The 1( ) is Edinburgh which we’ll see in a moment. Many people’s images of Scotland can be found as 2( ) Games – sport and culture event in the west of Scotland. Edinburgh is one of the Europe’s finest cities. It is hardly changed for 3 ( ). Every year for two weeks in the late summer the city is taken away by the audience. The Edinburgh festival is the 4 ( ) cultural festival in Britain. There is always an impressive programme of music and theatre, some of each takes place in the street. At the same time as the festival you can also see the Edinburgh Tattoo – a colourful 5 ( ) display on the ground at the back of the castle. Coming north out of Edinburgh you cross the Forth 6 ( ). The bridge is so long that it takes four 7( ) to paint it. For each time you have to start painting all over again. The Forth Bridge is the only main bridge to the Highlands – an area of outstanding beauty with the 8 ( ) past. At the same time it has a wild life of all kind. At its edge there is a nature 9 ( ) Aviemore – the most important winter resort in Britain. Not far from Aviemore there is a 10 ( ) lake which has an air of mystery. Its name is Loch Ness. Lock is a Celtic word for the 11 ( ). Lower its surface there is a loch 12 ( ). People swear that have seen and photographed it.

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To be in Present Simple

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To be in Past Simple

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Hometask: retelling the text about Inishmore

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