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Існує багато презентацій щодо визначних місць Лондону, але я пропоную вам незвичайну презентацію "Welcome to the V&A", яка розкриває основні особливості і цікаві факти з історії музею та його унікальних експозицій.

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Places of interestin London

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The Victoria and Albert Museum in London is the word’s largest museum of decorative arts and design. It was founded in 1852 and named after Queen Victoria and Prince Albert.

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Queen Victoria and Prince Albert were the royal couple. Victoria was Queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland from 1837 to 1901.

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The V&A Museum is home to over 4.5 million objects from around the world. Its collection from ancient times to the present day includes the art objects from North America, Europe, Asia and North Africa. The V&A Museum can truly be called a museum that represents all of humanity. The holdings of ceramics, glass, clothes, textiles, silver, jewellery, furniture, sculpture, drawings and photographs are the largest in the world.

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Lots of exhibitions are held in the museum. For example, The Wedding Dresses Exhibition includes the wedding dresses from 18th to 21st century.

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The exhibition shows the luxurious clothes worn at the coronation of Queen Elizabeth and Queen Victoria. National Plants of Great Britain are embroidered on the dress of Queen Elizabeth: the Rose, the Thistle, the Daffodil, the Shamrock. Queen Elizabeth coronation dress

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The V&A Museum of Childhood in the East End of London is a branch of the Victoria and Albert Museum. The Museum was founded in 1872, but only in the 1920s the museum began to build a collection focused in childhood in Britain, and childhood objects were collected.

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The V&A Museum of Childhood has the collection of toys and games, children’s clothes, nursery furniture and baby equipment. The museum is filled with all kinds of toys you can imagine, from vintage items to the most popular modern hits.

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The museum has the collection of dolls and doll’s houses from the past 300 years. We can learn a lot about how people used to live by looking into these miniature worlds.

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These are Queen Victoria’s dolls she was playing with when she was a child. Little Princess had a collection of 130 dolls. The dolls were made in 1830s, when Princess Victoria was 11-13 years old. She named them and sewed clothes for them by herself. Gertrude. Sir William Arnold. Lady Maria Arnold. Miss Arnold. Rebekah, Duchess of Mountjoy Mrs Dudley. Monseur Anatole. Mademoiselle Rosalie Taglioni

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V&A Museum of Childhood is large space with much to see and do. There are large doll’s houses to explore, microscopes to use, rocking horses, building blocks, train set displays, two theatres complete with puppets in the museum. The visitors can try their hands at various sensor games, a gear-driven robot, “painting” with magnetized iron pen.

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A lot of campaigns are held in V&A Museum of Childhood for children. A group of 60 children were asked to describe their imaginary friends in as much detail as possible. Then the imaginary friends were brought to life. Here we can see some photos of children and their own imaginary friends (three-eyed girl with a pet cloud, a monster, a dinosaur, a lion, a cat).

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Thank you for watching!

14 липня 2018
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