Quiz time (Past Simple)

Про матеріал

Позакласний захід на основі змагання між командами.(для 6-8 класу)


узагальнити граматичну тему "Past Simple"

- повторити, як правильно утворювати стверджувальні речення (правильні, неправильні дієслова);

- закріпити утворення негативних речень;

- попрактикувати утворення запитань у Past Simple;

Перегляд файлу




The theme: The SMARTERS (Past Simple)

The aims:

  • Practical: to practice using Past Simple in everyday situations.
  • Educational: developing pupils’ memory, attention and imagination.
  • Cultural: bringing a sense of respectful attitude to classmates

Audio-visual aids: pictures, games, worksheets.


Теасher: Good afternoon dear pupils!

Today we will have a great competition between two teams. I prepared a lot of tasks based on Past Simple. You should be active and accurate to become a winner.

 I am going to divide you into 2 teams, choose one piece of paper. Who chooses a blue circle – will be in the first team, and a red circle – will be in the second one. Now teams choose your leaders and name of your team.

Teacher: Who is the captain of the first team?

Pupil  I am a leader. The name of our team is  …..

Teacher:  Today all of you have a good chance to improve your English during the game.

A magic square

Before we start let’s have a little warm up, to get prepared for a great contest. Are you ready?











Look at the square, each team will take turns in answering questions. Choose any number!

1.Name 5 colours.

2. Name 5 parts of body.

3.Name 5 school subjects.

4.Name 5 sorts of vegetables.

5.Name 5 school things.

6.Name 5 professions.

7.Name 5 sorts of fruit.

8.Name 5 buildings in our city.

9.Name 5 months.

Contest 1 “Regular/irregular verbs”

Now you are ready to start our competition. It is really difficult to learn all irregular verbs, but I hope that you did it. You can see one sheet of paper on your tables. You should highlight regular verbs blue and irregular verbs yellow. You have just one minute. Have a look and hurry up, guys!

How many correct variants you highlighted as many points you get.




Contest 2 “Story”

You can see some pictures on your tables. Have a look please. You should make up a story using these pictures.














Contest 3 “Crocodile”

We are going to play a game , you can get a lot of points, it depends on how many correct variants your team will guess. Well, one member comes to the blackboard and chooses a piece of paper with a word. He or she should show it for his/her team.

If your friends guess the word, you get 1 point, then you make up a negative sentence , a positive one and a question with this word. If you do it correctly, you get 3 points more.


Bed, house, squirrel, rainbow, turtle, policeman, vegetables, lemon, kite, teddy, shark, camel, hospital, fireman, giraffe, elephant, parrot, cinema, pilot, doctor,

Contest 4 “Remembering yesterday”

Captains choose 2 people from your teams. One will choose a piece  of paper from this hat. You can choose one of the topics for your question (for example FOOD, Weather). And another person should answer. Of course, questions and answers should be in Past Tense.

I will give you an example:


When did you go to bed yesterday?

I went to bed at 10 pm.

Topics are “Sport”, “Food”, “Weather”, “Clothes”

Each pair of people will have 2 questions and 2 answers. You can get 4 points.

So, team 1 , choose people for this task.


Contest 5 “Lie”

This is a contest for captains. You should make up 3 statements/sentences about yourselves. Two should be a lie and one is correct. Your team should guess which statement is correct. Make up statements in Past Simple.

For example: I was in Africa. Is it true or false?

                      I was fond of snakes.

                       I hated tomato juice.


Teacher. I am really pleased with your work today. It was great. Now let’s count your points and we will find out who is the winner in this big fight. The winners get the medals.








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