Quiz "What do you know about the UK?'' for pupils of the 8th or 9th form

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Підбірка питань по темі "What do you know about the UK?". Ці питання можна використати для брейн рингу, вікторини, для мбільного додатку Plickers. Метої цієї вікторини є збагатити знання учнів про країну, мову якої вони вивчають.

Перегляд файлу

It is a flag of .......


A England

B Ireland

C Wales

D Scotland


What is the name of this flag?


A The Union John

B The Union Josh

C The Union Tom

D The Union Jack


It's a symbol of ......


A Wales

B Scotland

C Ireland

D  England






It's a symbol of......



A England

B Wales

C Ireland

D Scotland


When were the Olympic Games last held in London?

A 1984

B 1988

C 2008

D 2012


Where is Parliament (The House of Commons and The House of Lords) located in London?

A Kensington

B Oxford Circus

C Westminster

D Kennington

Who will become the next King or Queen of England after the Queen Elizabeth?

A Prince Phillip (her husband)

B Prince Charles (her first son)

C Prince William (her first grandchild)

D Prince George (her first great-grand child)

Which is the longest river in the UK?

A Severn

B Tay

C Spey

D Thames

Which country is the UK's closest neighbour?

A France

B Ireland

C America

D Ukraine

In which continent is the UK?

A Africa

B Asia

C Europe

D North America


What is the capital city of the UK?

A London

B Liverpool

C Glasgow

D Brighton


How many parts does the UK consist of?

A three

B two

C five

D four


What is the symbol of England?

A a yellow tulip

B a red rose

C a white daisy

D a blue bellflower

Keys 1) C; 2) D; 3) B; 4) C; 5) D; 6) C; 7) B; 8) A; 9) B; 10) C; 11) A; 12) D

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Англійська мова (9-й рік навчання) 9 клас (Карпюк О.Д.)
9 лютого 2018
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