Розробка гри " True or false"

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3 розділи, в кожному по 16 питань. Відповіді додаються. Надзвичайно цікава гра , а також пізнавальна.
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Ants              don’t sleep (2)




                The African

     elephant is   the biggest animal







Snow      is white





Rain        contains 






    The Amazon River     is the longest river  in the world (2)




         The Caspian Sea         is the biggest lake            in the world (2)




Nights are        very hot in 

    the Sahara (Africa)





       Winter in

     Australia comes in June







     An adult has  more bones

 than a baby






Our ears        never stop           growing  (3)






    A person can live a month

   without water





We are taller in      the morning than in        the evening  (2)




                  We can 

     sneeze with

   our eyes open




             Newborn      babies don’t

     see in colour






      The world’s         oldest

      person was 125





    The tallest person was

    almost 3 m tall






      A doorman       is a person,      who paints             doors    (1)




      A waiter is a person,           who serves you

         at a restaurant




Mother      tongue is 

   the tongue of        your mother (2)



         A father-in –law        is the father of 

    your wife or husband





 Children don’t  understand, before

  they begin to speak








     The head of         the UK is

     the president





         Big Ben is        a nickname

of the bell







The UK consists of 

2 countries (England and Scotland) (2)






Buckingham Palace  has its own police     station   (1)




     The British money is 

      called “dollars”




           The London      Underground is the     oldest in the world




                 The Queen

      lives in the        Tower of

          London (1)



The    longest

     river in the UK is             Severn (1)






   telephone boxes        are yellow (1)




 Prime minister   of the UK lives at 10, 

 Downing Street






       The British     drink less tea    than Americans




             There are    always 6 ravens at the

      Tower of

      London (3)





      The Queen celebrates

    one birthday




      The Queen owns        all the swans on the Thames

                 ( 2)




    The capsule No.13    of the London  Eye is the most

          popular (3)



Stonehenge is  older than

 the Pyramids

         of Egypt (3)






















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