Розробка уроку для 6 класу з поглибленим вивченням англійської мови «Party Time»

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Розробка уроку для 6 класу з поглибленим вивченням англійської мови «Party Time» вчителя англійської мови НВК "Ліцей-СЗШ № 10" м. Марганця Дніпропетровської обл. Цикункової Я.В.

Використання інтерактивних технологій на уроці є основним інструментом для подачі навчального матеріалу, а також для перевірки його розуміння та засвоєння. Мета їх використання на уроці полягає у залученні учнів до творчої самостійної роботи, мотивації та залученнї учнів до невимушеного іншомовного спілкування та заохочення учнів з низьким рівнем знань англійської мови до роботи на уроці. Учитель подає до розгляду навчальний матеріал, допомагає учням відчути підтримку у сприйнятті та обговоренні, а потім виступає лише у ролі фасилітатора. Створені учнями матеріали використовуються на уроці для подальшого спільного опрацювання.

Розгорнутий план уроку, додатки та методичні рекомендації до проведення уроку додаються на блозі учителя


Перегляд файлу

Управління освіти виконавчого комітету Марганецької міської ради.

Навчально-виховний комплекс «Ліцей-спеціалізована загальноосвітня школа

І – ІІІ ступенів № 10» Марганецької міської ради Дніпропетровської області




Розгорнутий план-конспект уроку

у 6 класі за темою «Party Time», підручник О.Карп’юк «Bright English»




                                      вчитель англійської мови,

                                     спеціаліст  вищої категорії,


Цикункова Яна Вікторівна












 Lesson Aim

Pupils will apply lexical and grammar material in foreign communication.

Learning Outcomes

  • gathered information about party management ;
  • made responsible decisions relating to party routine to activate some words and word-combinations in speaking;
  • developing students` creative abilities;
  • developing students` speaking, reading, listening and speaking skills;
  • teaching students not to waste time at the lesson;
  •  focusing on advanced learning English;
  • practicing students in group activities.


Lesson procedure:


1. Greeting.

Good morning, children. How are you today?  I’m fine too. I’m your teacher today. It’s great. I hope our work to be very exciting. Let us begin with the poem. (picture)

2. Aim: Today we’ll speak about things you do having the party. I want you to guess our aim. So, you have to guess some letters to know it. So, what is the first letter of this thing? (pats). What is the first letter of this thing? (an album) And what is the last letter of this thing? (a rabbit), (a T-shirt), (yoghurt), (ice-cream), (a mouse), (an elephant) So, can we guess the aim of our lesson? What is it? Well, we’ll speak about our party time.

3. Check on Hometask

But before speaking about it, let’s check up your hometask for today. You have to answer the questions . We have joined into 3 groups; each of them gets 3 questions to check up. So, you have two min to be ready. Be ready to answer the questions in the group, then ask another group to answer.


1. Reading.

1) Pre – reading

Well done, thank you. But I have a question for you. Is it interesting to prepare parties?  Can they remember everything you do to prepare a party? Now we have a text to read. Be ready to answer these questions at the end. But at first look at the picture. What expressions do you know? Can you translate them?



Now read the text. Could you guess the main information about the parties?

2) Reading

“My own Party”

3) Post – reading

 Well. Have you discovered some party secrets? So, what time does the party start? Who takes care of food and drinks? Who comes to the party? What about cakes and fancy dresses? And now I suggest you to ask our guests a couple of questions. So, think a little what to ask. One question from the group.


2.  Writing 

1) Pre – writing

 Grammar revising

Oh, your questions are very amazing. I think, it is exciting to ask teachers some personal questions at the lesson, isn’t it?

So, let’s go on. I’d like to ask you too. What Tense do we need to describe actions from our teachers` childhood? Right you are, Past Simple. What ending do the regular verbs get? Where can we find the forms of irregular verbs. To revise everything you know, open you books at page 93. Look through the table with regular and irregular verbs and fill the gaps. Do it in groups. You have 3 minutes.

( pupils put them down)

2) Writing

 Well done. And finaly, we have a very exciting task. You have to make up the story about your own parties. Imagine you had a very funny party, you had dressed for. I`d like you to fill the gaps in the text with the second form of the verbs and pictures. Be ready to put down the names of the things you`ve taken with, if there are no pictures of them. Please, be helpful and patient with each other. You have 10 minutes to do it. Don`t forget to use tips. ( a text with gaps, pictures, a list of the verbs). CSo, exchange the texts and look it through.

3. Relaxation

Running dictation.

I see, you are a little tired. Let’s relax now.  Thank you.

4. So, we’ve done a lot of tasks today and now I want you to revise everything checking up the texts from another group.

So, you have 3 minutes. Now we check your tasks. How many mistakes have you?

Well, well. You are perfect Ss. Thank you very much.


1. Homework

So, revising everything you’ve learnt about your party routine, you should to complete the text similar to the one, we`ve worked at the lesson with.  Is it clear? Fine.

2. Summarizing

You were so active and creative at the lesson. Thank you for it. But we have some problems with grammar, we should practice it more. Could you remember the most interesting fact about parties? Oh, I see. Who was the most active today? What was the most interesting task? Fine, thank you. Your marks are …

The lesson is over. Bye!

27 червня 2018
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