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Safety Tips for Defeating Coronavirus -19

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Choose T(true) or F(false)The majority of confirmed cases of Coronavirus has been reported from mainland China…The Coronavirus has managed to affect lots of countries….. The prevention of its spread can’t be prevented…. People infected with Coronavirus experience mild fever and manage to recover in some time…. Coronavirus is an easy illness which can be cured in a couple of days…..

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Choose T(true) or F(false)6. The main problem with the Coronavirus is that it is constantly looking for new victims…7. A few simple safety measures will help you defeat Coronavirus…..8. You don’t need to worry if you have a mild fever, cough and sneeze…..9. If infected you have to take your medicines on time….

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Choose T(true) or F(false)If infected you don’t have to stay at home…. You don’t need to wear a face mask when you leave home…. You should throw your used tissue into a dustbin…. Diseases and viruses that cause them have the same name……If you don’t have soapy water at hand , you can use alcohol-based sanitizer….. You mustn’t help your parents to disinfect the frequently touched surfaces with cleaning spray….

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19. Choose the answer that suits most: What was NOT mentioned in the video?The infected person can have : Cough. Fever. Indigestion. Acute respiration infection

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20. While coughing or sneezing you should(you can tick 1-2 answers)Call a doctor. Cover your mouth with a flexed elbow. Take aspirin. Use a tissue

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21. What should you do with a used tissue?Use it once more. Call a doctor for advice. Throw it into a closed dustbin. Send it to your friend

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22,What was NOT mentioned?You must wash your hands with soapy water : After going to the bathroom. After watching TVAfter blowing your nose. After coughing or sneezing

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23. What was NOT mentioned?When you are infected you should: Wear a mask at home. Take the prescribed medicines. Stay at home. Share information with other people. Visit a doctor

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24. What was NOT mentioned? In the video it was said that you must share the information with your…. Neighbours. Family. Teacher. Friends

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25. What was NOT mentioned? The advice for those who want to defeat Coronavirus is: Reduce the amount of water drunk during the day. Raise awareness. Stay calm. Do not worry

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Another name for Coronavirus

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26. Choose two answers: People that….do not pose a risk of infection. Have taken a course at a medical college. Completed quarantine. Are released from isolation. Have taken medication

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27. People have survived the pandemics of all those illnesses except…Plagues. Swine flu. Bird flu. Diabetes

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