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Сценка "The Birth of Jesus Christ" розповідає про Різдвяну історію, про те, як народився Спаситель, про пастухів та мудреців, що прийшли прославити Його та принести дорогоцінні подарунки. Сценка колоритна і святкова. Вона перенесе глядачів у стародавнє місто Віфлеєм і передасть атмосферу того часу. Автор: Паіс Юлія Валентинівна, м. Черкаси

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The Birth of Jesus Christ





NARRATOR: Welcome, friends. I’m so pleased that you have come to hear the story

 about the first Christmas.  Sit back and I will tell you about it…

A long time ago there was a man named Joseph who lived in the town of Nazareth. Joseph was a kind and gentle man. He was a carpenter. He was in love with a girl named Mary, who he was going to marry. One day an angel came to Mary and said to her: “Fear not Mary, you shall have a very special baby, a boy and you will call him Jesus”. After Mary and Joseph were married they had to make a long trip to Bethlehem to pay their taxes.


INNKEEPER: Phew! (cleaning the table and talking to herself) I’ve never seen this place so full. I don’t know how we are going to handle all these people. It’s late already, but I still have so much work to do: sweep the floor, do the dishes. And this is all because of the order of the great Augustus, emperor of Rome: “All people must go to their home towns to be counted!” Why should I suffer from this?


(Joseph and Mary approaching from the distance. A song “Silent Night”)


JOSEPH: Here we are. At last we came to Bethlehem. How are you, my dear?


MARY: I am so tired, Joseph. It was such a long journey for us. We’ve been traveling for many months. Why did we have to come all this way, Joseph?


JOSEPH: Well, everybody has to travel to their home towns. It’s an order…


MARY: There are so many people everywhere. Will we be able to find a room for tonight in this small inn?


JOSEPH: I don’t know, Mary. Let’s go and ask. (Knocks at the door)


INNKEEPER: What is it?


JOSEPH: We need a room for tonight. My wife and I are very tired.


INNKEEPER: Go away! As you can see there is no vacant room for you in this small inn.


MARY: But lady! I am expecting a baby. Is there any other place where we can spend the night?


INNKEEPER: Well, behind my inn there is a little stable. You can sleep there if you want.


MARY: Thank you. May God reward you for your kindness (Mary and Joseph disappear behind the curtain)


NARRATOR:  And during that wondrous night, in the soft glow of the lantern, the little baby Jesus was born. Mary put Him in a manger. The manger is the box where the animals. Joseph filled it with clean hay and Mary wrapped the baby in a blanket (A song “Away in a Manger”)


JOSEPH: Blessed are you, Mary! For you gave birth to the Son of God, the Saviour of the world!


MARY: Oh, Joseph! I’m so happy! Look at the baby! His face is shining! He is so beautiful!


NARRATOR: There were in the same country shepherds keeping watch over their flocks in the darkness.


SHEEP 1: We eat...eat...eat and we sleep, sleep, sleep
We live on the hills because we are fine sheep. Baaaah!

SHEEP 2: The gentle, kind, shepherds keep us safe at night
if there is a wolf, they will fight, fight, fight! Baaaah!

SHEEP 1: Our wool is curly and our ears are small,

SHEEP 2: And we have no tails at all, all, all. Baaaaah! Baaaah!

A song “The first Noel”

SHEPHERD 1:   It is a beautiful clear night for December. 

SHEPHERD 2:   Yes, it is. And there are a lot of stars out tonight.

SHEPHERD 1:  Have you checked the sheep?

SHEPHERD 2:   I did. They all are ready to sleep. I think I hear something.

SHEPHERD 1:  I hear something too. Look! The sky is growing brighter!

(An angel appears in the sky. The shepherds fall down in fear.)

ANGEL 1:       Do not be afraid! I have something wonderful to tell you.

SHEPHERD 1:  Who are you?

ANGEL:  I am an angel. I bring you good news of great joy for all the people. Today in the town of Bethlehem the Saviour was born, who is Jesus Christ! He will bring hope, love, joy to all who believe in Him. Go and worship Him! (Disappears after that)

SHEPHERD 2: Let’s go to Bethlehem and see that wondrous Child!


NARRATOR:   The shepherds went to find the baby in Bethlehem.  They found him in

 the stable and bowed down before him.  (The shepherds come to the

  stable. They see the Baby Jesus in Mary’s hands.)


SHEPHERD :   We, shepherds, came to worship you, our Lord!


SHEPHERD 2:  You came into this world and brought joy to all people!


SHEPHERDS 1 & 2: Glory to you! Glory to you! Glory to you!

NARRATOR: At the same time, three Magi from the East were approaching Bethlehem in search of the Lord. They were following the star for many months, because they knew, that it would bring them to Jesus Christ, the Saviour of the world.  

(Oriental music is played while the kings come onto the stage, following the brightest star. A song “We Three Kings of Orient Are”)

MAGE 1 Where is the one who was born the King of Jews, the Saviour of the world?

MAGE 2 We saw his star in the east and have come to give Him glory.

MAGE 3 What gifts shall we take to the One who is so great, that heavens announce Him?

MAGE 1 Gold is a good gift. It represents wealth, royalty and glory.

MAGE 2 And I am bringing frankincense. This loveliest fragrance will be a special gift for Jesus.

MAGE 3 My gift is special too. It’s myrrh, a very expensive perfume. It’s a gift fit for kings.

MAGE 1 Look at the star! It is brighter now! I think it is pointing to that poor stable. Let’s go there!

(The magi enter the stable. They bow to the Baby and present their gifts at the foot

of the manger).


MAGE 1: Oh, my Lord! Please, take this gift of gold.


MAGE 2: This frankincense is for you, the Most High God!


MAGE 3: I brought this myrrh, a perfume, for you – King of Kings and Lord of Lords!


(They give gifts and remain in the stable with everybody)


NARRATOR:    Everybody came to worship the little Baby Jesus that night. It was the first Christmas – the birthday of Jesus Christ, who later became the Saviour of the world.


May the Lord Jesus Christ, born to us on this Christmas morning, share with you the love that unites heaven and earth. And May God bless you all throughout this Christmas season!


A song “Joy to the World”




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Англійська мова, Сценарії
30 січня 2018
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