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Сценарій позакласного заходу з англ. мови для учнів 7-9 класів"St Valentine's Day "

Про матеріал

Дана розробка містить сценарій позакласного заходу з англійської мови для учнів 7-9 класів, присвячена Дню Святого Валентина. До сценарію включені вікторини, ігри та розваги. Метою є розширення знань учнів про свята в англомовних країнах.

Перегляд файлу

St Valentine’s Day


Saint Valentine's Day lesson (the lesson of love)



1: Dear pupils and teachers! Happy St Valentine’s Day!

St 2: Welcome to the warmest English party!

St3: Tell me, please, why is it going to be the warmest  one?

St2: Because it will be devoted to the best holiday - St Valentine’s Day!

St 1: Today is February 14 – a very important holiday to anyone who loves and who is loved. So what is love?

St 2: Love is a magic feeling. It makes people better, stronger and kinder. People are happy because they love.

St3: Love fills us with beauty, joy and light.

St 2: Love is a bright feeling. If you feel the sunshine and warmth from every side, you know that you love and you are loved.

St3: Love makes us smile. When we love, we are in ‘’the seventh heaven’’.

St 1: Well, each of us needs people who love and support us. So St Valentine’s day is a good chance to show them our love and care. These people are our parents, friends and even teachers.

St 2: This holiday has its own signs and symbols. Do you know all signs? Let us see.  presentation

(2 teams : Sweethearts and Romantics) words!

St3: Fill in the letters. Sheets of paper for writing!


Candy Relay

Printer Friendly

What You'll Need:

  • Two Pairs of Mittens
  • Several Pieces of Wrapped Candy

At The Party:

Divide the class into two equal teams. Have the members of each team line up, one behind the other. Give the first player in each line a pair of mittens to put on. Give every player a piece of wrapped candy.

When you say, "Go," the players with the mittens must try to unwrap their candy as fast as possible. Once a player has unwrapped his/her candy, he/she must eat it, and then pass the mittens to the next player in line. Play continues until every player in line has successfully unwrapped and eaten their candy. The first team to finish wins the game.

St1: Love is like poetry.  Look at the screen. Match halves of the poems. Can you recite any?

Students recite poems!

Try to guess who am I?

My dear boy,
I am not your toy.
If you are Valentine,
It means that you are mine. Roses are red,    
Violets are blue.
Sugar is sweet
And so are you.

-Lilies are white,
Rosemary's green.
If you are King,
I am your Queen

-I love you so much,
I need your every touch,
Every sight, every sigh

St2: One more task is to find the right pictures and to stick them near the corresponding words.

Copies of pictures and the words stuck on a sheet of paper!


At The Party:

Ask the players to sit in a circle on the floor. Place an adult near a radio or CD player so that he/she can start and stop the music periodically. Hand one player the heart and start the music. While the music plays, the children pass the heart around the circle. When the music stops, whoever has the heart is out. Play continues until only one player is left and is declared the winner.

For younger children that may not like elimination games, award a small prize (a sticker or piece of candy) to the child holding the heart when the music stops. The adult controlling the music should ensure that each child wins a small prize.

St1: On Valentine’s Day people give presents and cards to each other. The cards are called valentines. presentation

St2: Because Valentine’s Day is about love, many people give roses to the person they love. Presentation

St3: You can also see a lot of hearts on Valentine’s Day. People make pictures in the shape of a heart. They buy balloons and other things in the shape of a heart. You can even find a candy in the shape of a heart. Pictures balloons candies hearts!

Cupid: Hello! Who am I? Do you know me? I’ve got valentines from your friends and sweethearts! Happy Valentine’s Day!      


True or false?

  1. St. Valentine’s Day is 14 February.
  2. This is the festival of flowers and spring.
  3. One of the earliest popular symbols of the day is Cupid.
  4. People of all ages love to send and receive telegrammes on St. Valentine’s Day.
  5. You  can sign St. Valentine card “Your Secret Admirer”

Be my Valentine    I love you more      A rose for you    I love you too           










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