Свято для учнів початкової школи Spring Is Coming

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Конспект заходу в рамках Тижня іноземних мов Spring Is Coming для учнів початкової школи. Містить вірші, пісні, посилання на відео
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Spring Is Coming


Свято для учнів початкової школи



Фрищин М.Ю.,

Учитель англійської мови






P 1.   Good morning, dear children, teachers and parents.

We have come this party to talk about our favourite season — spring.


P 2. Spring is coming and bringing us sunny weather, merry holidays a beautiful flowers.

The biggest holiday of the year — Easter — is also in spring.


Spring is coming, spring is coming,
Birdies, build your nest,
Weave together straw and feather,
Doing each your best. /

       Spring is coming, spring is coming,
       Flowers are coming too,
       Pansies, lilies, daffodilies
       Now are coming through/

Spring is coming, spring is coming,
All around is fair,
Shimmer and quiver on the river,
Joy is everywhere! 

       Spring is coming, spring is coming,
       How do you think I know?
       I see a blossom on the tree,
       I know it must be so.

Spring is coming,

I can feel  it in the air,

Like a new and shivering

Flower that is growing.


Spring is coming,

I can  see it in your eyes,

Like a fresh and  lovely

Early summer morning.


Spring is coming,

I can feel it in my heart,

Winter time is gone

And spring is here again.


Spring will bring rain.
Spring will bring sun.
Spring will bring fun for everyone!


The winter’s gone.
It is spring time now.
Boys and girls,
Let’s go out and have some fun!


Song ‘Rain, Rain, go away’


I love the spring.
For every day
There’s  something  new
That’s  come  to stay.

Another bud,
Another bird,
Another flower
That comes from the earth.

Good bye, snow!
Good bye, sled!
Good bye, winter!
Spring’s ahead.


Hello, sun!
Hello, swing!
Good bye, winter!
Hello, spring!


In the spring, in the spring

Sweet and fresh is everything.


April weather,

Rain and sunshine both together.

In the spring, in the spring

Sweet and fresh is everything.


We are happy, we are happy!

We sing all day. It's spring again!


Song ‘If You're Happy’



If you're happy and you know it, clap your hands,

If you're happy and you know it, clap your hands,

If you're happy and you know it,

And you really want to show it,

If you're happy and you know it, clap your hands...


P.1  Spring months appear on the stage...



March wind goes out  to play.

He will have such fun today!

When the boys and girls come out,

He blows their caps and hats about!



Rain, rain, rain, April rain.

You are feeding seed and grain,

You are raising plants and crops

With your sparkling drops!



'Winter days are far away.

Welcome, welcome, merry May.'

In the merry month of May

All the little birds are gay.


Song  ‘I Like to sing…’


I like to sing when

The sun is shining.

I like to sing,



I like to sing when

The wind is blowing.

I like to sing,



I like to sing when

We are together.

I like to sing,



It is spring time.
Leaves are growing on the trees.
All the grass is turning green…

See the birds build their nests…
Watch the flowers start to grow…

Spring is here,
In the air,
You can smell it coming,

On the trees,
Leaves are green,
Caterpillars sunning.

Birds are back,
Grass is out,
Busy bees are humming,

P1. Listen! What are the sounds?

The flowers are singing!

Spring makes the world a happy place.
You see a smile on every  face.
Flowers come out
and birds arrive,
Oh, isn’t it great  to be alive? 

Queen of flowers

My dear flowers!

Spring is here.

When are you coming to the gardens and fields?



We are coming! We are coming!



Who is coming first?



I am the first to come.

I have a white shirt.

My name is Snowdrop.

I come when the snow is on the ground.



I come next.

I don't like snow.

I like warm days.

So my name

is Violet.



I think you all like my small white bells.

My name is Lily-of-the-Valley.



I come next.

I'm yellow like the sun.

I like to dance in the wind.

My name is Daffodil.



I am the last to come in spring.

I have a pretty yellow dress too.

My name is Buttercup.



Here comes summer.

What are the flowers of summer?



My name is Sun-flower.

I am like the golden Sun.

You can find me in the fields.



I come in summer too.

My name is Poppy.

I have two dresses — red and yellow.



All of you know me very well and like my sweet smell.   I am Rose.

I have a lot of beautiful dresses — yellow, pink, white. I come when the sun is hot.



Our flowers like to sing too!

Let's sing song with them together


Song   ‘Fly, Fly, Butterfly’




Hurry up, dear flowers!

Go to the gardens, fields and woods.

Children are waiting for you.

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