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Театралізована вистава на англійській мові "Cinderella"

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Театралізована вистава на англійській мові "Cinderella"

Перегляд файлу

Cinderella,                       Stepmother (Lady Sybil),                Cinderella’s Father (Lord Basil)

Pam                                 Liz                                                       Prince

King                                Queen                                                  Fairy

Postman                          Herald                                                 Author



Scene 1

(Music sounds.)

Author. This is the story of Cinderella. She is a beautiful girl. She hasn’t got a mother. She has got a father – Lord Basil, a stepmother – Lady Sybil and two stepsisters – Pat and Liz.


Cinderella. Good morning, Daddy, dear!

Father. Good morning, my child. How are you today?

Cinderella. Fine, Daddy. And you?

Father. Oh, I’m OK, but, my child…

Cinderella. Yes, Daddy?

(Enter Lady Sybil.)

Stepmother. Cinderella, what are you doing? You’re not working!

Father. But…

Stepmother. Work, girl, work. Make the breakfast. I’m hungry. I want my toast, jam, cheese and a cup of tea.

Cinderella. Yes, stepmother.

Stepmother. And you Basil, what are you doing? Helping the girl?

Father. Oh, no…

Stepmother. My daughters are coming down and they want their breakfast, too.

(Enter Pat.)

Cinderella. Good morning, sister.

Pat. Good morning, Mummy, dear.

Stepmother. And how are you today, Pat, dear?

Pat. Terrible, terrible.

Stepmother. Oh, dear.

(Enter Liz.)

Cinderella. Good morning, sister.

Stepmother. Ah, good morning, my child.

Liz. Morning.

Stepmother. And how are you today?

Liz. Terrible.

Stepmother. Oh, dear, you too?

Liz. Oh, my head…, my teeth…, oooh…

Pat. Hmmmmmmmm! Cinderella! Where is my breakfast? I’m hungry and thirsty. I want two eggs, cookies, two cups of tea, milk, sugar and six pieces of toast.

Liz. I want a cup of coffee… Oh, my head…

Pat. …with cheese…

Liz. Coffee. Black. No sugar. I want my breakfast now, Cinderella. Oh, my teeth…oooh…

Pat. …and an apple.

Cinderella. Yes, sister. Coming.




Scene 2

(Cinderella is sweeping the floor. Her stepmother is sitting in the armchair watching her critically.)

Stepmother. Girls, girls we will go to the ball, we will go to the ball!!!

Показывает им приглашение от короля:

Stepmother. this is the invitation from the king

Pam. We will go to the ball!!!

Liz. We will go to the ball!!! In the King’s Palace!

Stepmother. Well, I know all, but where is… Where is my dress? (to Cinderella.)

Pam. And mine? I want a beautiful red evening dress, a blue hat and red shoes.

Liz. And mine? I want a beautiful pink evening dress, a white hat and pink shoes.

Pam. Cinderella, bring me a powder.

Liz. Cinderella, bring me a mirror.

Stepmother. Why can’t you find anything when I ask?

Cinderella. One minute. Oh, it’s not a difficult task. Your dress is there.

Your dresses are here…(She gives them the dresses.)

Stepmother. Be careful, dear. Don’t spoil them with your dirty hands.

Cinderella. Sisters, you are happy, aren’t you?

Pam (in great surprise). Do you also want to go to the ball?

Cinderella. Oh, I can’t dream of the ball! Besides, I haven’t got beautiful dress and shoes

Stepmother. Of course, you have much work to do. You must think about it, too.

Pam. First, you must mend my socks. (She gives Cinderella her socks with big holes.)

Liz. Clean the spoons, the knives and the forks. (She puts everything into Cinderella’s apron.)

Cinderella (in despair). Oh, yes, I’ll do everything, don’t worry. And then… can I go to the ball?

Stepmother. You can’t go to the ball.

Pat and Liz. You can’t go to the ball.



(Enter Postman)


Postman. Oh, yes, she can. Look here. The invitation card says: “To Lord Basil and Lady Sybil and their three daughters”. So she can go to the ball.

Stepmother. Oh no, she can’t.

Postman. Oh yes, she can.

Pat and Liz. Oh no, she can’t.

Stepmother. Oh yes, she can.

Pat and Liz. What?

Stepmother. Yes, she can go to the ball. Of course, she can. Thank you, postman. You have a very busy day today. Goodbye, postman.

Cinderella, you can go to the ball. But first there’s some work for you to do. Make beds, go to the shop and buy food and drink, make tea, wash my dresses…

Liz. Wash my dresses.

Pat. And my dresses!

Liz. My stockings!

Pat. And my socks!

Stepmother. And only then you can make your dress for the ball. And then you can go to the ball.

Cinderella. Oh no! I can’t do all that today! How can I go to the ball now?!

(They leave the stage with their dresses.)



Scene 3.

(Cinderella is crying. Music sounds. The Fairy appears.)

Fairy. Why are you crying, dear child? Why? Please, don’t cry!

Cinderella. I can’t go to the ball because my dress is dirty and old. Who can help me?

Fairy. I know you are kind and pretty, my dear. I want to help you.

Cinderella. But who are you?

Fairy. I’m your Fairy Godmother, Cinderella. Please, look here. (She waves her magic wand.)

One, two, three… (Cinderella has a new dress. The Fairy has beautiful shoes in her hands and gives them to Cinderella.)

Cinderella. Oh, what do I see? A dress and shoes for me…Thank you, you are so kind! I’m happy now. It’s really fine!

Fairy. The carriage is at the door. Don’t forget, at 12 o’clock you must be back! Te carriage, the dress and shoes will disappear!!! Come home before that time. Do you understand?

Cinderella. Oh yes, yes. Thank you, thank you. Thank you very much, Fairy!

Fairy. Bye, Cinderella. Have a good time. And remember – you must back home before 12 o’clock.



Scene 4.

(At the King’s ball. The Queen and the King are opening the ball. The guests dance.)

Queen. The ball is on, please dance and play!

King. We want to make a happy holiday!

(Music and dancing. Suddenly Cinderella appears and the music stops.)

Queen (to the King). Who is that girl? She is very beautiful!

King. She is nice…

Принц подходит к Золушке, знакомится с ней

The prince: Hello, what is your name?

Cinderella: I’m Cinderella and you?

The prince: My name is Richard

The king:  The prince is talking to the beautiful unknown girl! Let’s music play! Everybody dance!

The prince: May I dance with you?

Cinderella: Yes, I like dancing

(Music again, they dance. Suddenly the music stops again. The clock strikes 12 times.)

Cinderella. It’s 12 o’clock and I must run. Good bye, dear Prince. I really had a great fun!

(She runs away having lost one of her shoes.)

Prince. Where have you run, the dream of my heart? I want to dance with you all night!

(He picks up the lost shoe and looks at it.)


Scene 5.

(The stepsisters and stepmother are talking. Cinderella is sitting aside, knitting something.)

Pat. A beautiful lady was at the ball.

Mother: Who was that unknown girl at the ball?

Liz. The Prince wants to marry her.

Stepmother What is the noise?

Глашатай и два королевских гвардейца появляются под окнами (под сценой)  и читают королевский указ. Дочери с матерью и Золушка, застыв слушают глашатая.


Wanted a girl.

She is very beautiful. She has got blue eyes and long fare hair.

She has got very small foot. She has lost a shoe. Every girl in the kingdom must try on the shoe.

Stepmother. But where is this herald going?

(The herald and Prince enter the room with Cinderella’s father.)

Prince. Please, try on this glass shoe.

Herald (looking through the long list). We know you were at the ball.

Pat (trying the shoe on). It’s too small.

Liz. It’s small for me, too.

Father. But look at my daughter. She has small feet.

Prince. Come here, and, please, take it. (Gives her the shoe)

Stepmother. But she didn’t go to the ball. She is Cinderella and that is all!

Cinderella. I want to try it on, Mum. Besides, I’ve got another one.

Pat. You were that wonderful lady, I see. Oh, Cinderella, excuse me.

Liz. And me.

Stepmother. And me.

Father. Best wishes to you, my dear. I know, you weren’t happy here. Excuse me, too.

But what could I do?

Cinderella. I’m so happy today. Don’t cry. I forgive all of you. Good-bye!

Prince. Be quick, let’s dance, my dear.

(They all dance.)

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