Тематичні контрольні роботи 9 клас за підручником Несвіт( І І семестр)

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Тематичні контрольні роботи для учнів 9 класу ,складені за підручником Несвіт . Відповідають вимогам програми . Контрольні роботи включають лексико-граматичний матеріал з тем.

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            THEME: SCIENCE MAGIC        Test # 4 (Nesvit  9 grade)

I Make up word – combinations

1discover                              A) in the Internet

2an electrical                       B) technology

3 part and parcel                  C) the world

4 to change                           D) of our lives

     5 science                               E) impulse

6 to search information         F) new lands

II  Write the questions to the answers

1 Many inventions were discovered by scientists.

 2 People have been taking photos since 1837.  

 3 Many people hope that new medicine to cure AIDS will be patented this century.   

  4 Computers are very useful in our lives.

5 We can’t imagine our lives without inventions.  

 6 Yes, it is. The news is listened everywhere.

III Choose the correct form of the verb

1Yuriy Gagarin made / make a flight to the space in 1961.

2The photograph given bellow to take / was taken by the crew on the board during his last mission.

     3 Many changes will take  place / will be taken place in the nearest future.

4The Internet is used/ will be used nowadays.

5Am/ Do I being asked?

6Which objects can’t/ will  we  live without?

IV Write an essay “The importance of inventions(objects)














                              THEME:   AMAZING BRITAIN Test #5  ( 9 form Nesvit)

I Match the words with their definitions

1Mankind            A) a place where a building, town, etc. was, is, or will be located

2 to exist              B) consist of; be made up of.

3 heritage             C) be filled with wonder or astonishment.

4 to marvel           D) a special or individual possession; an allotted portion.

5 comprising        E)to live, to be real

6 a landmark       F)all humans, thought about as one large group; the human race

II Make infinitives (add “to”) or gerunds (add “-ing”) of the verbs in brackets to make the following sentences grammatically correct.

  1. When I’m tired, I enjoy ... television. It’s relaxing. (watch)
    2. It was a nice day, so we decided ... for a walk. (go)
    3. It’s a nice day. Does anyone fancy ... for a walk? (go)
    4. I’m not in a hurry. I don’t mind ... (wait)
    5. They don’t have much money. They can’t afford ... out very often. (go)
    6. I wish that dog would stop ... It’s driving me mad. (bark)
    III Write five questions to the sentence

We went sightseeing yesterday

IV Write an essay ‘’ I would like to visit Britain”




















              THEME:   INFORMATION MAGIC Test #6 ( 9 FORM  NESVIT)


1 Facts or details that tell you smth about a situation, person, event

2 A piece of electronic equipment shaped like a box with a screen , on which you can watch programmes

3 To send out radio or television programmes

4 Someone who watches television

5 A large thin book with a paper cover that certain news stories, articles, photographs  and is sold weekly or monthly

6 A statement that is untrue

II Complete the sentences with the Gerunds

1 I’m interested in (to hear)opinions especially from people who have learned a foreign language  to an advanced level.

2 (To watch) films is very interesting for me.

3 If the opinion of (to go ) abroad is not available to you , then ( to watch) TV in that language is the next best thing.

4 ( To broadcast) in any country should be controlled by the government.

5  Do you like ( to listen) to the news?

6 The TV viewers can’t help ( to wait for) new series of six-hour  long films.

III Ask for information

Broadcasting in any country should be controlled by the government

IV Write an essay

1 The influence of the mass media on our lives

2 Good and bad aspects of television



















Theme : CAREER  MAGIC test#7 (9 form, Nesvit)

I  Explain

Eg. A teacher-      it is a person who teaches students

1 A doctor

2 a mechanic

3 an accountant

4 a nurse

5 a fireman

6 a journalist

II     Fill in the suitable words, using modal verbs Can, have to/has to, should.

(tax laws, good at spelling, to communicate, good with numbers, repairing cars, to dance, a uniform)

1 A policeman---wear----.

2 A secretary --- be ----- .

3 Accountants ---- be ---and adhere to -----

4 Nick is good at ----. He ---become a mechanic.

5 You --- very well. You – be a good dancer.

6 You --- choose a career of journalist if you like---- with people.

III  Answer the questions

1What are you going to do after leaving school?

2 What would you like to be?

3 What kind of person are you?

4 Do you like to work with people?

5 Who helps you  choose the right choice in your life?

6 Is it important to get a good  education?

IV Write an essay about the choice of professions in the modern world.

Yankova Anna
До підручника
Англійська мова (9-й рік навчання) 9 клас (Несвіт А.М.)
19 квітня 2018
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