Тематичні контрольні роботи 9 клас за підручником Несвіт( І семестр)

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Тематичні контрольні роботи до підручника Несвіт , 9 клас допоможуть вчителям англійської мови у проведенні контрольних робіт. завдання розроблені згідно вивчених тем та програми

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          TEST  # 1 DISCOVER YOURSELF ( 9 grade – NESVIT)

I Find the adjective  to describe the person

1 She is friendly and enjoys being with other people.    She  is---

2 He wants to be successful, rich and powerful.     He is ---

3 He usually shouts to another people.    He is---

4 She always says- good  day, Thank you.     She is ---

5He is interested in different subjects.    He is ---

  1. He never lies.    He is---

II Choose the correct item to complete the sentences.

  1. I really like listening to music/the music.
  2. One of my legs is a bit shorter than another/the other.
  3. There are/ is many things I would like to do in future.
  4. Only some/a little people have been into space.
  5. Each /all child was given a present.
  6. I am going to print out/off an extra copy.
  7. The machine log on/off  automatically after a certain period of time.

III Ask for information

 The adults have to think about their inner world.

IV Write

  • About different youth cultures
  • About your personality
  •                   Your CV




















                     THEME: Nature Magic test#2 ( 9 grade , NesvitT)

I Translate into Ukrainian

1 the natural environment

2 all living and non-living things

3rare  animals and birds

4different species

5enchanting waterfall

6to protect the endangered animals

II Choose the correct item to complete the sentences

1Everything that/what they had promised to me was done.

2The research center which/where different spieces and animals  are studied is not far from here.

3That/ what they told us about came as a surprise to us all.

4Ascania Nova is a place  where/that   I’ve never been before.

5I know the girl who/ whose report was the best.

6Those people  who/ which  are interested in rock –climbing can find the best places there.

III ASK for information

Many problems were discussed at the meeting

IV Write a leaflet about  National Park.





















                         THEME : ENVIRONMENT  Test #3  ( 9 form – Nesvit- nova)

I Match

1Environmental                    A) solutions

2pollute                                B) fly-tipping

3 increase                             C) with fumes of cars

4 different                             D) away the litter

5 different                             E) protection

6 throw                                  F) paper, plastic bags

II Fill in the suitable words

1 Our planet is our A) home B) house C) dwelling     2A) pretend B) dream C) imagine a glass bottle to stay in the ground  for a million years.

3 What can everyone do to keep our planet home A) dustless B) clean C) etherized, to stop the  environmental destruction      4Here are some A) tips B) gifts C) hints      of actions that can reduce damage to the planet.

5 Learn as much as  possible about how to pollution  A) impress B) affects C) effects  the environment.                6A) keep D) hold C) preserve  our Planet clean!

III Use grammar  ( active , passive voice)

1 The planet (to  pollute ) with harmful substances.   2 There  ( to be) no place like home.

3 Many years people  ( to live ) in harmony with nature   4 We already ( to plant) a lot of trees and flowers .   5 We  ( to discuss ) the project next week.           6A new national park ( to found) last year.        7Ecological conference ( to hold) in London now.


IV Write a letter to the ecological magazine “ Help, the Planet is in danger”



Yankova Anna
До підручника
Англійська мова (9-й рік навчання) 9 клас (Несвіт А.М.)
19 квітня 2018
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