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Test. 8 form II variant Sport using the verbs do, play, go. Present or Past Simple Passive Voice

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Test. 8 form II variant Sport using the verbs do, play, go. Present or Past Simple Passive Voice
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7 form

 Test V IІ

  1. Complete the text using the verbs do, play, go.


 We like different kinds of sports. We watch a lot of sport on TV and most mornings I (1) ________ jogging. On Saturday mornings my brothers (2) _________ football and I (3) _________ gymnastics. My brother and I (4) ___________ aerobics every week and my father and mother (5) __________ golf at the weekend. 

  1. Choose and complete the sentences.
    1. The international lawn tennis championship is held …
      1. in every country
      2. at Wimbledon near London
      3.  at Wembley Stadium in London.
    2. Britain invented and developed …
      1. football, tennis and cricket.
      2. rugby, skiing and football.
      3. football, ckicket and skating.
    3. The first three sports that will come to every Englishman’s mind are …
      1. football, boxing and tennis
      2. rugby, cricket and tennis.
      3. football, ckicket and tennis..
    4. … existed even in saxon times.
      1. horse-riding
      2. boxing
      3. cricket

3. Put the verbs in brackets into the Present or Past Simple Passive Voice.

  1. Golf (not to play) yesterday because of the bad weather.
  2. A gold medal (to win) by British cyclist Chris Bernard every year.
  3. The national championships in volleyball (to hold) in 1933.
  4. The game (to lose) yesterday.
  5. The British (to believe) to be reserved.
  6. The Ukrainians (not expect) to greet the friend every time.

4. Choose the right word from the brackets to complete these sentences: [ Boxing, boating, football, championship, Wimbledon, world].

  1. Swimming, _________and sailing are enjoyed by millions of people.
  2. _________as a British sport is one of the oldest.
  3. The first __________ tennis _________was in 1877.
  4. The most popular sport, ________ is spread over the_________.

5. Choose the right form of the verb.

1) … you work on Sunday?

  1. have
  2. shall
  3. will
  4. does

2) The article … … yesterday.

  1. is written
  2. was written
  3. didn’t write
  4. is writing

3) His work … … by 3 o’clock.

  1.     was finished
  2.    were finish
  3.     had finished
  4.    are finished

4) I … … to the country next summer.

  1. was going
  2. shall go
  3. didn’t go
  4. will go

5) They … … chess when he came.

  1. do play
  2. were playing
  3. are playing
  4. were played

6) He … write a letter yesterday.

  1. do not
  2. does not
  3. did not
  4. is not





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