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Тест, контрольна робота "Читання"

Про матеріал
контрольна робота з англійської мови для контролю навичок читання як тематичного так і семестрового у 5 класі.
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Test  Reading.


Task1. Read the text

Jimmy lived in the country and he loved to play in a small river near the house. But then his Jimmy lived in the country, and Jimmy went to live there with his family.

Their new house had a garden, but there was very small. Jimmy wasn’t very happy.

“Is there a river near there?” he asked his mother on the first morning.

His mother answered, “No, there isn’t, but there is a beautiful park near here, Jimmy, and there is a pool in it. We’ll go there this afternoon.” Jimmy was happy.

After lunch, Jimmy and his mother went to the park. Jimmy wanted to come near the pool, but there was a warning in front of it. His mother read it to him. “This pool is very dangerous. 157 people feel into it.” Jimmy looked into the pool and then said, “I can’t see them.” 

Task 2. Are these sentences true or false?

  1. Jimmy and his parents lived in the country.
  2. There was a forest near their house.
  3. Jimmy’s father got a new job in a big city.
  4. Their new house had a big garden.
  5. There was a small river in the park.
  6. Jimmy and his mother went to the park after lunch.
  7. Jimmy looked into the pool and saw 157 people.

Task 3. Which of the answers to the questions are correct?

  1. Where did Jimmy live?
  1. in the country.
  2.  in a small town.
  3. In a big city.
  1. Where did Jimmy like to play?
  1. In the forest
  2. In the yard
  3. In the small river.
  1. What did Jimmy’s father get?
  1. A new job
  2. A new shop
  3. A new car
  1. Who took Jimmy to the park?
  1. His father
  2. His mother
  3. His granny
  1. How many people did Jimmy see in the pool?


b) 7


Task 4. Write the sentences in the correct order to get a story.

  1. There was a pool in the park. A
  2. Jimmy looked into the pool and said “I can’t see any people there.” b
  3. Jimmy liked to live in the country. c
  4. Jimmy went to the beautiful park with his mother. d
  5. But his father got a new job in a big city .e
  6. Jimmy’s mother read a warning :”157 people fell into the pool”. f
  7. Now Jimmy lived in a new house with a small garden. g

Task 5. Answer the questions.

  1. Who is Jimmy?
  2. Is the text interesting?
  3. Did you like the story?














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