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Матеріал можно використовувати як і для контролю знань, так і для розвитку навичок читання у середній школі!

Приклад одного з завдань додаю!

Read presentation of restaurant, then agree or disagree with the statements below.

Hello. Welcome to my restaurant. I am Luigi and we serve traditional Italian food. My grandparents opened this place when they came to England and they brought with them their secret recipe for the best pizza. And not just that. Sit down at the table and look around. There is a big map of Italy on the wall and a small one on every napkin and tablecloth. On each plate you can find a picture of a different type of pasta. The wine list tells you what region your wine comes from. And the menu, which offers typical Italian starters, main courses, side dishes and desserts, give you a lot of information about Italia culture and cuisine as well. Would you like to order anything?

  • 1.Luigi opened his restaurant when his grandparents came to England.
  • 2.His grandparents brought with them a secret recipe for pizza.
  • 3.There is a map of Itaty eаch menu.
  • 4.The napkins and tablecloths are small.
  • 5.The wine list shows pictures of different tapes of pasta.
  • 6.The menu offers information about information about information about information about Italian culture and cuisine.
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