Тест з англійської мови на тему "Food. Present Simple and Present Continuous"

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Тест з англійської мови на тему "Food. Present Simple and Present Continuous", розроблений спеціально до теми "Mood food" за підручником English File 3e. Складається з двох частин: Vocabular and Grammar
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Test 1. Food. Present Simple & Present Continuous

Name: ____________________________________



Part 1. Vocabulary

Task 1. Match the words with the pictures                                                       Score:___/2

  1. Squid

Картинки по запросу pork picture for kids

  1. Aubergine
  1. Похожее изображение
  1. Raspberry
  1. Картинки по запросу pear picture for kids
  1. Courgette
  1. Картинки по запросу baked picture for kids
  1. Prawn

F)Картинки по запросу squid picture for kids

  1. Baked

G) Картинки по запросу aubergine picture for kids

  1. Pork
  1. Картинки по запросу raspberry picture for kids
  1. Pear

H)Похожее изображение

Task 2. Match definition with word                                              Score:___/2

  1. Seafood
  1. plant, root, seed, or pod that is used as food, especially in dishes that are not sweet
  1. Lamb
  1. a small, round, purple or pale green fruit that you can eat or make into wine
  1. Vegetables
  1. to cook food in an oven or over a fire
  1. Grapes
  1. a young sheep, or the flesh of a young sheep eaten as meat
  1. Fried
  1. an oval fruit that has a thick, yellow skin and sour juice
  1. Fruit
  1. animals from the sea that can be eaten, especially fish or sea creatures with shells
  1. Lemon
  1. cooked in hot oil or fat on the pan
  1. Roast
  1. usually sweet product of a plant or tree that contains seeds or a pit (= large hard seed)

Task 3. Fill the gapes                                                                               Score:___/2


Cut out


Cut down




Eat out

  1. We can _______________ if you like, but I would prefer to stay at home and cook something together.
  2. ________________ is served in the dining room from 8.30 till 10.00.
  3. Vegetable foods are rich in _____________________ while meats contain none.
  4. Most ___________  yogurts are about 40 calories per 100g.
  5. I'm trying to _______________ on caffeine.
  6. Do you like ____________ food?
  7. Sweets should be ____________ of diabetics diet.
  8. A vegetarian gets ________________ not from meat but from its analogues.

Part 2. Grammar

Task 4. Open brackets and write correct form.                                             Score:___/2

  1. He ________________ (usually\get) back home around midday.
  2. You _________________ (always\forget) about my birthday! What kind of friend are you?
  3. More and more people ______________ (leave) Ukraine. They ______________ (want) to live and work abroad.
  4. Our family _______________ (usually\spend) summer in the Polish countryside but this year we ______________ (go) skiing on the glacier in the Alps.
  5. In this comedy, Julia _________________ (meet) Howard at a bus stop. They _____________ (start) chatting about the weather and soon she ______________ (realise) that he _______________(know) her twin brother Julian.

Task 5. Use Present Simple or Present Continuous                                     Score:___/2

  1. What ________ elephants __________ (eat) for breakfast?
  2. We _____________ (live) in a little village near Gdansk.
  3. They usually ____________ (spend) their holidays at the seaside but this year they _________________ (go) to the mountains.
  4. _________ monkeys ___________ (like) bananas?
  5. Look! What _________ this boy _________ (do) on the roof?
  6. What _________ your father _______ (do) ? He’s a doctor.
  7. Palm trees ___________ (grow) in Brazil.
  8. At the moment the children _________________ (tidy) their room.

Task 6. Answer the questions:                                                                          Score:___/2

  1. On a typical day:
  1. What do you usually have for breakfast? _____________________________________________________________________
  2. Do you drink Coke or fizzy drinks? How many glasses do you drink a day?______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  3. Do you ever cook? What do you make?_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  1. At the moment
  1. Are you needing to buy food today?________________________________________________________________
  2. Are you wanting anything to eat right now? What?_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  3. Are you trying to cut down on anything at the moment?___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
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