Тест з контролю навичок читання на тему "Здоровий спосіб життя" з граматичним завданням.

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Тест з контролю навичок читання та граматичним завданням на основі лексико-граматичних структур теми: розділові запитання, вживання часів Past Perfect, Past Simple.

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Test “ Sport and health”

Task 1. Read the text and fill in the missing sentences.

Modern life is very chaothic and stressful. That’s why we should keep to a healthy lifestyle in order not to get depressed and not to feel bad. A healthy lifestyle consists of active mode of life, healthy diet, avoiding of stress and absence of bad habits. If you are active, you feel better. 1. ___________________. Sport is a good way to reduce stress and improve your state of health and gruntle you. It is also possible to exercise or walk with someone. If you train with friends, you will enjoy yourself even more. 2.__________________ .You should eat regularly and choose fresh and healthy food. It is essential to eat enough fruit, vegetables, and meat. Don’t eat too much sugar or consume sweet fizzy drinks. 3._______________ Finally, you should try to avoid stress or at least take it easy and don’t be too nervous. Nervousness has a negative impact on our health and causes many diseases. So do the bad habits. 4.___________________. Thus, it is not so difficult to lead a healthy life. It may become your good habit. As soon as you improve your quality of life, regulate your diet and physical exercises, you will see good results and feel yourself much better. You won’t have an idea of returning to your previous lifestyle anymore.

  1. A diet is also very important.
  2. Sugar affects your heart and can’t fill you for a long time.
  3. You may go to a gym or a swimming pool, do some other sport or simply walk more.
  4. Smoking and drinking too much alcohol can be very harmful.

Task 2. Fill in the tags.

  1. Sharon hasn’t got a lot of toys in her room,_______ ?
  2. The cat sleeps in the blue basket over there, ________ ?
  3. Wendy is very good at playing the piano,_________?
  4. I’m ready to do this task,________?
  5. Bob won’t tell this anyone, ________ ?
  6. There aren’t many people there, ______ ?
  7. Tom and Paul were very hungry, ______?
  8. This is rather interesting,_______ ?

Task 3. Fill in the Past Simple or Past Perfect forms.

  1. My friend ____(eat) up all the biscuits we _____ (bake).
  2. The teacher ______ (give) the tests we _____ (write) before.
  3. When we _____ (get up) our mother _______ (cook) the breakfast.
  4. Before we _____(do) morning the exercises we _______ (wash) ourselves and _____ (brush) the teeth.
  5. I ______ (start) doing my homework after I ______(tidy up) my room.
  6. Before I ____ (take) my medicine I ______ (eat) my dinner.
  7. After the doctor ______ (examine) my throat he _______ (prescribe) some pills.
  8. They _____(help) us after they ______( do) their job.


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