Тестові завдання з граматики

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Пропоновані тести допоможуть учителю здійснити ефективний контроль над засвоєнням учнями граматичного матеріалу. Ці тести можна використовувати для взаємоперевірки, самоконтролю, поточного контролю навчальних досягнень учнів.
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Test 1

Passive Voice or Active Voice. Choose the correct variant (a, b, c or d) and write the answer in the box.

1. My relatives (to build) this house two years ago.

a) was built

b) are building

c) will build

d) built

2. A book (to leave) on the table yesterday.

a) leaves

b) was left

c) will leave

d) is left

3. Problems of polluting of the Black Sea (to discuss) every year.

a) are discussed

b) discussed

c) have discussed

d) are discussing

4. The book about Harry Potter (to write) by J.K. Rowling.

a) wrote

b) was written

c) write

d) writes

5. We ( to spend) our free time in the countryside every weekend.

a) spent

b) spends

c) spend

d) was spent

6. British children (to use) Ms, Mrs. or Mr. and their teachers' family name.

a) uses

b) use

c) will use

d) was used

7. These envelopes (to buy) by these students every week.

a) are bought

b) were bought

c) bought

d) is bought

8. English (to speak) in English-speaking countries.

a) are spoken

b) spoke

c) is spoken

d) is speaking

9. He just (to see) this schoolmate at school.

a) has seen

b) sees

c) is seen

d) will see

10. This dinner (to cook) by my mother every day.

a) cooks

b) is cooking

c) is cooked

d) was cooked

11. The British never (to kiss) when they see their friends.

a) kiss

b) are kissed

c) are kissing

d) will kiss

12. The flowers (to water) by me every day.

a) is watered

b) watered

c) are watered

d) waters



























Key: 1 d; 2 b; 3 a; 4 b; 5 c; 6 b; 7 a; 8 c; 9 a; 10 c; 11 a; 12 c.



Test 2

Past Perfect or Present Perfect Continuous. Choose the correct variant (a, b, c or d) and write the answer in the box.

1. I (to do) my homework before my mother came home.

a) have done

b) had done

c) have been doing

d) done

2. When I (to ring) home yesterday, my sister already (to return) from school.

a) ring, had returned

b) rang, had returned

c) rang, was returning

d) rang, have been returning

3. By the time my friend came, I already (to clean) my flat.

a) was cleaning

b) cleaned

c) had cleaned

d) have been cleaning

4. When I arrived at the party, Susan already (to leave).

a) leaves

b) left

c) was left

d) had left

5. Bob (to write) books. He (to write) books since he was 6 years old.

a) writes, is writing

b) writes, wrote

c) wrote, was writing

d) writes, has been writing

6. "Why are you tired?" I (to run) since 9 o'clock in the morning.

a) run

b) have been running

c) am running

d) had run

7. I (to take) the medicine by the time the doctor came again.

a) have been taking

b) has been taking

c) took

d) had taken

8. My sister's headache (to pass) when I found the pills for my sister.

a) passed

b) has passed

c) had passed

d) have been passing

9. Ann (to read) a book now. She (to read) for 3 hours.

a) reads, has read

b) is reading, had read

c) is reading, has been reading

d) reads, have been reading

10. My friends (to play) chess since 2 o'clock.

a) have played

b) has been playing

c) had played

d) have been playing

11. They (to do) their lessons before they went to the theatre.

a) have been doing

b) had done

c) has been doing

d) has done

12. How long you (to write) this letter?

a) has been writing

b) had written

c) wrote

d) have been writing


























Key: 1 b; 2 b; 3 c; 4 d; 5 d; 6 b; 7 d; 8 c; 9 c; 10 d; 11 b; 12 d


Test 3

Present Perfect or Present Perfect Continuous. Choose the correct variant (a, b, c or d) and mark it in the box.

1. He just (to finish) to repair the bicycle.

a) has been finishing

b) has finished

c) had finished

d) have finished

2. We (not to plant) all the streets yet.

a) didn't plant

b) hasn't planted

c) hasn't been planting

d) haven't planted

3. His brother (to write) his scientific work for 1 year.

a) has written

b) has been writing

c) have been writing

d) have written

4. My relatives (to travel) around Europe for the last three months.

a) have travelled

b) have been travelling

c) has travelled

d) has been travelling

5. I (not to see)  you for ages.

a) haven't seen

b) don't see

c) didn't see

d) have seen

6. They (to play) football since 10 o'clock.

a) have played

b) have been playing

c) has been playing

d) played

7. He just (to leave) Lviv.

a) has been leaving

b) has left

c) have left

d) left

8. John already (to visit) the museum.

a) visits

b) has been visiting

c) has visited

d) have been visiting

9. My mother (to do) shopping all day.

a) does

b) has done

c) have done

d) has been doing

10. Where is Nick? I (not to see) him today.

a) haven't seen

b) hasn't seen

c) don't see

d) saw

11. I (to know) about his problem for a long time.

a) know

b) have known

c) has known

d) have been known

12. I (to type) my portfolio all day.

a) typed

b) has been typing

c) have typed

d) have been typing



























Key: 1 b; 2 d; 3 b; 4 b; 5 a; 6 b; 7 b; 8 c; 9 d; 10 a; 11 b; 12 d



Test 4

Choose the correct variant (a, b, c or d) and write the answer in the box.

1. You (to buy) a new vacuum cleaner last month?

a) Does, buy

b) Did, bought

c) Did, buy

d) Have bought

2. He ever (to see) the Crimean mountains?

a) Did, see

b) Does, see

c) Has, seen

d) Will see

3. How long you (to study) German?

a) have studied

b) have been studying

c) study

d) has been studying

4. When I (to come) into the room, she (to clean) the window.

a) come, cleaning

b) came, cleaned

c) came, was cleaning

d) was coming, was cleaning

5. Susan was crying because she (to lose) her doll.

a) lost

b) was losing

c) had lost

d) has lost

6. They (to play) tennis since 8 o'clock.

a) played

b) have played

c) are playing

d) have been playing

7. This report (to write) two hours ago.

a) writes

b) wrote

c) was written

d) has written

8. Newspapers and magazines (to sell) in our town every day.

a) is sold

b) are sold

c) sells

d) has sold

9. My mother (to iron) her clothes since 7 o'clock in the morning.

a) has ironed

b) have been ironing

c) has been ironing

d) is ironing

10. I (to buy) the skirt at the supermarket lately.

a) bought

b) have bought

c) have been buying

d) buy

11. I (to enjoy) listening to music every day.

a) enjoys

b) will enjoy

c) have enjoyed

d) enjoy


12. They (to discuss) this book before she came back home.

a) discuss

b) have been discussing

c) have discussed

d) had discussed


























Key: 1 c; 2 c; 3 b; 4 c; 5 c; 6 d; 7 c; 8 b; 9 c; 10 b; 11 d; 12 d

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