20 червня о 18:00Вебінар: Особливості організації навчальної діяльності учнів, що мають розлади аутистичного спектру

Урок англійської мови 3 клас (Fly High).I’ve got a camera.

Про матеріал

Даний конспект допоможе вчителеві англійської мови ознайомити дітей з темою I've got a camera. Дана тема розроблена по підручнику Fly high 3 клас.

Перегляд файлу

Topic: I’ve got a camera.

Vocabulary: mop; shorts; sunglasses; shirt; swimsuit; smile.

Review: learn the words, read and translate the dialogue.

Grammar: I’ve got; I’m - I am; You have got, We have got, They have got are - You, We, They’re; He, She, It is - He, She, It’s;

Materials: Cards with flags; with words, song.                   

                                                  Lesson Plan

I. Organizing pupils

- Good morning, children. My name is Victoriya Yuriyivna. Today, I will be your English teacher.

II.  Phonetic drill “Jingle Bells”

  • Listen to the song and sing it along with the Fly High.

III. Speech practice

-      Answer my questions, please.

1. What is your name?

2. How old are you?

3. Where are you from?

4. What colour is your flag?

IV. Activating the pupils’ knowledge

- What country is it?

-What colour is its flag?

- When is dinner time?

 - Do you eat cheese for breakfast?

- Who else likes ice cream? Why?

- Do you like ice-cream?

- Do you like spaghetti?

- Is Sasha (he) shy?

V. Homework

-Tell me about yourselves

Answer your deskmate’s questions, please.

1. Is your mum a dancer?

2. Is your dad a police officer?

3. Are your friends funny?

4. Is your grandpa tall?

5. Are your aunt and uncle teachers?


Read Karla’s story and tell us about yourselves and your country.

VI. Presenting the new material and its objectives.

- Our today’s topic is: “ I’ve got a camera?”. You will learn new words, read the text and learn grammar.

VI. Learning the new material.

  1. Learning new words.
  • Listen to the words and say them all together (one by one), please.





- Match the words and the pictures.

- Insert the missing letters, will you?

m…p,  sh…rts,  s…ngla…ses,  s…irt,   swi…suit,  sm…le

map, shorts, sunglasses, shirt, swimsuit, smile.


- What is the name for this group of words? (clothes)

- Make a spidergram.

Come up to the blackboard and write down the articles of clothes you remember.


Small Talks

Listen and speak

1. - Give me shorts, please!

- Here you are.

- Thank you.

- You are welcome.

Ask each other to give you some clothes.

- Give me a shirt, please!

- Give me a swimsuit, please!

Listen and speak

2.- Look at the boy.

- Is he smiling? Smile, please.

- What country is he from?

- He is from Turkey.

- Is the boy wearing sunglasses?

- Yes, he is.


2) Physical exercises

- Children, stand up, please. Do the movements, will you.

- Jump, jump, jump to the party music.

Dance, dance, dance to the party music.

Shake, shake, shake to the party music.

Clap, clap, clap to the party music.

But when the music stops,



- Sit down please.

3) Reading the text “I’ve got a camera”

- Have you got a camera?

- Do you like to take photos?

2. Reading


-Listen to the dialogue and say who speaks in it.


- Read the dialogue. Choose your card and play your role.

- What have the animals got in the dialogue?

Choose and write

1. Ziggy has got lots of new clothes.

2. They’ve got a map of Turkey.

3. Ziggy has got black and white shorts.

4. His cousin has got a new swimsuit.


Answer the questions, please.

- Who has got a new swimsuit?

- Who has got a camera?

- Who says “cheese”?

- Who has got sunglasses?

- Who has got black and white shorts?

- Where did Ziggy go?

- Who smiles for camera?

Smile to me, please.

Smile to your groupmates, please.


4. Grammar

Let’s learn with Tag.

1) Explanation

I /you/we/they have got---‘ve got

He/she/it has got ---‘s got

2) Training

Ex. 2. Open your books at page 11, please.


1. I’ve got two swimsuits.

2. She’s got twenty stickers.

3. They’ve got twelve balls.

4. He’s got five presents

Ex. 3 Read and write. Then colour.

1. She’s got a yellow T-shirt

2. She’s got a blue skirt

3. She’s got brown shoes.

4. She’s got white sunglasses.

5. Summing up

- Insert the missing letters

- What can you see?

- Have you got …?

- Has Sasha got a shirt?


-You worked well, the best pupils today were … .


6. Explaining the home assignment

Your home task is to:

- Learn the words;

-read and translate the dialogue into Ukrainian.



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